Mango Lassi Popsicles

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Mango Lassi Popsicles  | Easy Japanese Recipes at

I really really enjoyed these Mango Lassi Popsicles and if you love mango, you will love these popsicles.  And I wish that I can taste these again…  Recently, my relationship with my beloved mangoes ended, and it came all of the sudden without warning.

It may happen to anyone, just like it happened to me, so here’s the story.

Mango Lassi Popsicles | Easy Japanese Recipes at

It happened on one Thursday night.  My family is really into mango, so we always have mangoes at home during mango season. I cut three mangoes after dinner and my children ate some while I was cleaning up the kitchen.  After they went to bed, I came downstairs and saw some leftover mangoes on the plate, so I ate a few pieces and kept the most of them for my husband.  Shortly after, all the sudden I felt a big knot form in my throat.

I knew something was strange was happening.  It seemed like a lump had grown out of nowhere in my throat and I couldn’t really swallow my saliva.  I informed my husband about discomfort and he told me to take allergy medicine right away.  We looked up on Internet and found out that some people can get allergic reaction to mangoes that their lips get swollen.

My lips were fine, and I looked normal from outside.  But when I opened my mouth, it looked like my inside cheeks were also swollen and I couldn’t feel my mouth when I brushed my teeth.

Mango Lassi Popsicles | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Next day I went to see my doctor to make sure I didn’t get food poison, and she told me the worst news ever: I am now allergic to mangoes.  In fact I was the second patient that week who came to see her due to mango allergy.  Really?  I am now allergic to mangoes all of the sudden after eating mangoes for YEARS!?!?

The doctor told me, “No more mangoes for you.  You were lucky this time.”  She said the condition could be deadly if my throat got too swollen and blocked the airway for breathing.

I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe that I could have been dead just from eating my favorite mangoes and that I cannot eat them anymore, for the rest of my life.

So long, my favorite Mango Lassi Popsicles!  I really wished that I had 100 of these before I got allergic to mangoes.  Big mistake.

So try making these and have them as many as possible while you can… :)   Yes, they are worth it!

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Mango Lassi Popsicles
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 9 popsicles (6 popsicles + 3 paper cups)
  • 2 mangoes
  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup plain simple syrup (Use 1 cup water : 2 cups sugar)
  1. Cut the mangoes into chunks and put in in the blender. Add 1 Tbsp. of simple syrup and puree until it turns creamy.
  2. In a large measuring cup, add ⅓ cup of Greek yogurt. Then pour the mango puree on top.
  3. Add enough simple syrup to the mixture so that you have 2 cups total.
  4. Pour into a large bowl and whisk it all together.
  5. In a separate bowl, whisk together ⅔ cup Greek yogurt and the leftover simple syrup.
  6. Now you have yogurt mixture and mango mixture. Place both mixtures in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes until they are a little more firm (for nice marbling).
  7. Add the mixture to your popsicle mold/cup, alternating between the mango mixture and the yogurt mixture. Wrap each mold/cup with plastic wrap.
  8. Snip the plastic wrap on top of molds with scissors and insert craft sticks into each mold/cup. Place in the freezer for 4-5 hours until firm.
  9. To remove the Popsicles from the molds/cups, run under hot water until they are easily released. Enjoy!
Recipe adapted from Cooking Stoned.

For popsicle molds, I use these Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds and paper cups.

Recipe by Namiko Chen of Just One Cookbook. All images and content on this site are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without my permission. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. Thank you.


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  1. What? Oh my gosh, I am glad you are okay and that you weren’t alone when this happened. What a horrible experience. And how sad that you now have to forego mangoes!!!! Anyway, glad you are ok, back in SF and can write this post. Take care and thanks for sharing. I will make this recipe in your behalf, Nami !

  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve developed this food allergy. It seems a shock that after all these years of enjoying mangoes you can no longer eat them. Especially as these popsicles look like they are both tasty and refreshing.

  3. Poor you! I’m so sorry about your allergy. I’ve known people who have that, and it’s no joke – for some it really can be life-threatening. I love mangoes, and fortunately I’m not allergic. At least not yet – so I better make and eat some of these right away! These look wonderful – thanks.

  4. Oh wow, that crazy – the sudden allergy. I never knew that such strong allergies could come on so suddenly, how scary! I’m very happy you are o.k. though.

    The popsicles look delicious. But it’s been such a cold summer out here…hard to imagine eating popsicles :(

  5. Lily Kozai

    I’m sorry to hear about your allergy. My son has peanut and fish allergies so I need to be careful with him. My daughter loves mangoes and other fruits also and we found out she is now allergic to them. It will be hard for her because its not only mangoes but nectarines, cherries, all melons and lychee. She is very sad but she has a lot of other things to eat! Take care!

    • Thank you Lily! I’m so sorry to hear about your children’s food allergy. I shouldn’t complain as I enjoyed the fruits for years already. We need to be optimistic that there are other great foods to eat. :) Thanks again!

  6. Oh no!!!!!! :( I’m so glad you are OK! I hope one day, the allergy goes away (some say having small amounts of the food you are allergic to once in a while could help make the allergy go away. Happened to some of my friends). Mangoes are my ultimate favorite fruit, being a Filipino, summer and Christmas means mango shakes and mangoes after each meal. I’ll try these lassi popsicle soon! :)

  7. As mangoes are my most favourite fruit, I’m devastated for you. I had no idea someone could become allergic to a fruit, just like that. I wonder what it is in the mango that is giving you that reaction. So strange. And your popsicles look so pretty xx

  8. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about this allergy (and I’m sure you are even more sorry!) Especially with pictures like this! These pops look so very good. But I am glad you’re okay…that is the most important thing! We’ll all just have to enjoy mangoes for you :)

  9. What a huge bummer Nami!!! It’s strange how our bodies suddenly change like that. I was allergic to avocados for years, and now I’m not. Hopefully you’ll grow out of your mango allergy. In the meantime, I’ll eat these popsicles for you. In fact, can I just spend the summer at your house. I love ALL of your creamy cold treats! YUM!

  10. Linda | The Urban Mrs

    Oh no, hope you are doing well now. I’m so sorry to hear about you developing allergy now. Hope it doesn’t get too serious. These popsicles are the best, look very refreshing and colorful!

  11. I absolutely love mango! I used to be allergic to it (can you believe that?) but somehow that allergy went away with time. I’ve used mango so much this year, especially with mango salsa recipes. These Popsicles look like summer, so I am pinning this recipe to my Summer Board. :)

  12. :( That is such a bummer to become allergic to something out of nowhere. Especially something that you enjoy so much. I just recently, as in this year, discovered that I do quite enjoy mangoes. I’ll have to try this recipe next!

  13. I was just talking to my hubby about your experience last week when we were talking about our little boy being allergic on three kind of trees all of the sudden. I am so glad that you had allergy meds in the house at that time….it could end up even more scarier. I will eat all the mangoes instead of you! :) And those popsicles look so, so good! Yummy pics as always! Oh and welcome back!!!!!

  14. I feel so bad for you Nami. -_-, Hopefully one day it would get better. I’ve had that experience several times in my life and once thought I’d die. Thankfully the anti-histamine in the house helped tremendously and I survived those instances. But unlike you, I never figured out what caused those episodes. Shrimp? Fruit? Milk? I never knew. But I’ll be making these popsicles in your behalf and share it on my blog too. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Lyn

    I’m so sorry to hear about your allergy, Nami. Lucky that you’d allergy medication at that time and alright now.
    My family loves mango a lot too and these will be a big hit in my house! 😀
    Take good care and have a wonderful week ahead! :)

    • Hi Lyn! Are you back in blogging? (the link wasn’t working…) Yes, I thought so too, I’m really glad that we had allergy med and I could take it right away. If my husband wasn’t around, I might have not realized about potential allergy about mango… Hope you enjoy this recipe. Thanks for stopping by!! xo

  16. so sorry about the allergy…we never knew that mangoes can cause such a deadly allergy…thank goodness u r all right…apart from that these lassi popsicles will brighten up any gray day…u have made them so perfectly…Nammi, try out some new flavors in this instead of mangoes…we r quite sure one of the new favorites will not make u remember the one with mangoes…Take Care & Have A Great Day!!!

  17. oh Nami, what a sad story!! Sad AND scary!! However, those lollies look too good to be true, so when I make them I’ll think of you as I enjoy them (with a teeny bit of trepidation thrown in!)

  18. かわいそうに。Glad to hear you are all right…Sorry about the loss of your beloved mango. But thank you for sharing your delicious recipe for mango lassi popsicles. おだいじに=)

  19. Nami,

    I am shocked to know about the Mango allergy. Never thought about mango as an allergen food. These days they use Chemical fogs to ripen mangoes and give the yellow & red color for mangoes. I am glad that you caught the allergy at the right time.

    I love mangoes and the popsicles looks irresistible.

  20. Ellie

    Same thing happened to my Mom too a few years back. :(
    It sucks cuz mango is basically our blood right! Lol.
    But I’m glad you’re better! Now to discover tasty new fruits to replace the delicious mangos, no? :)
    The recipe looks like it’ll be another hit! I need to find me some of them popsicle trays though….

    • Hi Ellie! So sorry to hear your mom can’t eat mango too. A reader below (ML) mentioned some info that you might be interested in reading for your mom.

      Also, you don’t need popsicle trays – use paper cups like I did. It works just fine. :) Thank you!!

  21. I can’t believe you’re allergic to mangoes! They are my favorite too, so I can’t even imagine that happening. Food allergies are so strange sometimes…even as adults, we can develop them. These Mango Lassi pops look so fun! Hope your kids enjoyed them!

  22. Oh my goodness. That was scary and I am glad that you’re okay. Sometimes we don’t know that we have reaction to something until the actual event. Beautiful pops, Nami. Have a good week. :)

  23. Candice

    Oh no! Sorry to hear you’re allergic to mangoes, Nami! I’m glad you’re okay though. It’s quite strange how food allergies develop. My dad used to be able to eat shellfish, but now he can’t touch it anymore as he gets an allergic reaction.

    These popsicles do look yummy! I bet it’s hard for you to make it without feeling tempted to have one.

    • Thanks Candice! My dad is also allergic to shellfish but I’m okay till now (but no crab anymore). It’s sad to get allergic all the sudden, especially when we start enjoying all kinds of food as adult. :/ Thanks for your comment! xo

  24. Awww I can not believe you only figured it out now, it must be so painful!
    We have bar like called the weis bar in Australia and I have been dying to recreate it. So wonderful, I can not wait for my mango tree to give us fruit again!

  25. Mmmmm mango lassi! I would love to veganize them, perhaps with a vegan Greek yoghurt! Now I would love to hunt for more cute molds in Japan and be able to create animated pops, hehe! Nice to meet another Asian food blogger! x

  26. Oh nooooo, I am so sorry to hear that, Nami! I’m glad you’re ok, though!! An allergy to mangoes has to be one of the saddest allergies ever, but at least you found out so now you know about it and you can stay safe!

    It’s crazy that it could develop so quickly, though, and after you’ve eaten mangoes for years, like you said. Did the doctor tell you if anything specific could have caused it or if it’s just bad luck?

    Anyway, you are a selfless saint for still sharing this recipe on your site. :) Take good care of yourself and stay away from mangoes from now on!

    • Hi Allison! The doctor said it’s “common” (although I didn’t hear about it before) and I just became allergic to it. I asked if I could avoid it but she said not really. I still have all the summer fruits I love…so good bye mangoes for now, at least… :)

  27. Oh no… :( that`s terrible. Thankfully, your allergic reaction wasn`t bad. It`s quite crazy how you`re not allergic to something and then become allergic! My two younger sisters became lactose intolerant a few years ago, but my family drinks milk regularly!

    These mango popsicles look beautiful and yummy!

    • and Im so sorry you are allerguc to mangos!! yes I Heard sometimes you are not allergic to something, but one day happens… OMY Im glad you are ok Nami!

  28. These particular pictures of yours are like dazzling gold mine! And the mango-lassi popsicles idea is as precious as….um….a…gold mine :)

    Wishing you good health and happiness, sweetheart. Keep on rocking!

  29. I’m glad to hear that you are okay! I love your recipes and frequently make them with my daughter who is 13. You’ve inspired her with your easy to follow recipes! I’ll be careful with mangoes – we’re big fans of them too.

    • Hi Charlotte! Thank you so much for trying my recipes with your daughter! I’m really happy to hear you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by! xo :)

  30. Patty

    Glad you’re ok! That stinks you now can’t eat mangoes. :( I’m wondering now if I’m allergic to mangoes. A few weeks ago I ate one and I developed a rash around my mouth. I’m not sure if it’s from that or not. I’m kind of afraid to try another mango. These lassis looks so good too!

    • misamori

      Washing around your mouth and face after eating manges is a must, or you will get a rash. Learned this early in life here in Hawaii where mangoes are abundant.

    • Hi Patty! I think that’s a typical reaction for mango allergy – rash around mouth and swollen lips… I wish I can say you should eat just small amount, but this happened to me when I only ate a few small cubes of mango… We need to be careful just in case. Mangoes are definitely hard to resist! Thanks for your comment! xo :)

  31. Oh man, that’s such a sad story! I mean, obviously it’s good that you’re not dead and all, but a life without mangoes…! Poor you! At least you had these delicious popsicles as a last hurrah. I love mango lassi whenever I go to get Indian food, but I think I need to try them in popsicle form!

  32. Lara Laverne

    Wow. This is just awesome. Never thought of this. I have been making avocado popsicles which are great but this is next on my list. I’m inspired now! Great post.

  33. Oh dear. That will be my nightmare if I am allegic to mangoes! I wonder how that happen after all the years of having mango! I guess your family is enjoying the portion that is supposed to be for you now. These popsicles look so refreshing, healthy and fresh!

  34. Mags

    I’m so sorry you’re allergic to mangoes now! I had a similar experience with tomatoes a few years ago. I can’t say I don’t miss them at all, but it did get less with time.

    • Hi Mags! I also developed some little allergic reaction to tomatoes too. When I eat a lot of tomatoes, my tongue gets irritated. When I was younger, I could eat a lot of tomatoes (I love them!) but now I cannot anymore. I suddenly seem to have a lot of food allergy at this late age. xD

  35. Thank goodness you are okay! That is very scary. It is sad you can’t have mangos anymore. These Popsicles look beautiful and so delicious, I am sure. I made a similar yogurt parfait recently. Now you have me thinking about what I love that I might potentially not be able to eat one day. Yikes!

  36. カゼ気味で、熱があるからこれちょうどいいかも。あはは、バカでなくても夏カゼをひくことを実証した私ですよ。親戚が遊びに来てたから、なかなかブログを覗けなくて、、、ああ、おいしそう!とーってもカラフルな写真がいいね、

  37. You know I often feel a little uncomfortable after having a mango. Nothing severe but hey as long as I’m not dying I’m eating mangoes!! This looks great. I wish you can have mangoes soon :(

  38. I can see that these are really worth it! Nami, you have the art of making things so presentable. Look at these popsicles…these look beyond gorgeous! Mango lassi is one of the most sought after summer drinks in India and my family loves it too.

    I am sorry to hear that you have a mango allergy suddenly. Take care!

  39. Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction to mangos and glad that you’re okay. Your mango lassi popsicles look so good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  40. How scary. So glad it was okay. Good you know though. I can’t believe you are back from that amazing trip and back in the kitchen. I don’t know if I could have left. I bet these would be really good with peaches.

  41. Oh my gosh Nami! I’m so glad you’re okay. That is terrifying. My mom and grandma have both gone through reactions like that. One to advil and another to shellfish. Just out of the blue. It’s such a shame it is with one of your favorite foods too. That just doesn’t seem fair. Still, I’m glad you found out and are okay. That’s so scary! I do love the color on these popsicles and the kids love mango. These would definitely be a hit here. Thank you for sharing. :)

  42. ML

    Like you, my husband ate mangoes since he was a child. Then 4 years ago he ate a few slices from 1 mango and his lips puffed up HUGE. This year he started eating mangoes again, and no problem. No puffiness, now swelling, nothing. He has fresh sliced mangoes on top of his oatmeal about twice a week now and he even eats mango plain, simply sliced.

    We believe his initial allergic reaction 4 years ago had more to do with some enzyme in the mango skin or seed pod that got in contact with the same knife that was used to slice it.

    We now thoroughly wash the mangoes with soapy water. Peel the mango thoroughly with a separate peeler. Then use a clean knife and slice around the seed pod to get the meat off. We’ve had boxes of mangoes this year and no problem with allergies doing it this way.

    • Hi ML! Thank you so much for your comment. You gave me a hope! I think I read about mango skin and pod that could be the cause too. I’ll skip trying this year (just in case?) but I hope one day I can enjoy eating mangoes.. thinking about it makes me drool. Thank you for your great suggestion and hope. Was so happy to hear from you. 😀

  43. Yelena

    Dear Nami, so sorry to hear you story about mango. That’s so terrible! But I am glad you are safe now.
    Welcome back Nami!


  44. Oh, no, Nami! That really stinks. But I’m relieved that you are OK…what a scary experience.

    PS…your popsicles look magnificent. I think they’d taste fantastic with all sorts of fruits :)

  45. Such a shame. Maybe you can eat mango flavored items? =( I found that I’m slightly allergic to all types of fruits now. I think it’s from all the chemicals!

  46. I’m so sorry to hear you are allergic to something so delicious… On the other hand I am sure that with your creativity and imagination, you are perfectly able to recreate such gorgeous popsicles with other fruits, such as peaches or maybe apricots? Thank you for being kind to all those who can eat mango and posting these popsicles in spite of your allergy because they will inspire many of your readers.

  47. Sorry to hear about your allergy. I still cannot believe this, esp knowing that you did not have mango allergy before. I mean, you have enjoyed mangoes many times in the past and everything was alright. How can that be? Maybe it is caused by this particular mango which might have turned bad and released “something” (?) that cause your allergy?

  48. Ina

    My dear girl, what a terrible scare you have had, and how very sad that you can now never enjoy mangoes anymore. It is very sweet of you to share this recipe with those of us who can!
    I enjoy your blog tremendously, so many many thanks for all the other interesting stories and recipes.

  49. Ohhh Nami, I’m so glad you’re okay!!!! So dangerous if it was more serious…please take care! Didn’t know that u can develop allergies as an adult!

    Like you, I’m a HUGE fan of mango. WHen its not in season like now, I buy the frozen ones or I ask my mum to send me dried ones from Taiwan 😛

    Oh your popsicles are beautiful! At least ur family will get to enjoy them!

  50. These sound delicious! Why do you call them “Lassi” pops though? When I saw this on Foodgawker I thought it was because the colors remind me of the dog’s coat on “Lassie,” but I don’t think that’s the actual reason! Lol!

    Either way, they look and sound delicious, thank you for sharing!!!

    • Hi Brandon! “Mango Lassi” is a popular yogurt-based drink originated in India. If you haven’t tried this drink, I hope you have a chance to try it one day. It’s SOOOO delicious!!

  51. Hah…missed seeing this post of yours, Nami….else I could have set my yogurt and mango Popsicles (latest post) in the similar way you did here. What a beautiful idea this is!

  52. Oh my God – you poor thing! I can’t believe such an allergy can come on so fast? That’s crazy… I’d be devastated, they’re my favourite fruit… my wife would go nuts too, she’s already allergic to a lot fruit with pits and stones in the middle which means she can never enjoy delicious summer peaches!

    I’ll take your advice Nami – enjoy as many of these while I can – they look fantastic. Normally I like to eat my mango fresh by itself, but this looks like a wonderful use for it!

  53. Nami, thank goodness you are fine and the worst has been averted – that is too bad though that you are allergic to mangoes – how unfortunate since you really enjoy these fruits so much! But thank goodness there are so many other delicious fruits out there!
    Your Mango Popsicles look so amazingly delicious – I love their color and the way you presented them is so very pretty!
    Also glad that you had such a wonderful time in Japan!

  54. Oh my gosh Nami I am so sorry to hear about this allergy :( But I am so glad that you are okay! I had no idea that mangoes could cause a deadly allergy!! I would also find it so tough to give up mangoes as well as I am a total mango addict!

  55. What? Oh my, Nami, I am so glad you’re ok. I can’t believe this news and I’m sorry to hear it. We adore mango lassi and I know we’d devour these beautiful popsicles. I’m thinking of you.

  56. Goodness gracious, thank God you were fine. But ‘allergic to mangoes’ , I can’t believe it and I bet you can’t either…hmmm!
    Those popsicles look too good Nami and I’m so sad you can’t enjoy them anymore :( But thank u for sharing it. Pictures are gorgeous!

  57. Dawn

    Hi Nami,
    Thank you for sharing your story and recipe! Mangoes are my favorite food in the world…I’d have to eat it and take my chances. Lol My mom has had the exact same thing happen t her though. She grew up eating mangoes off the trees in Honolulu. I still do. But one summer, she came for a visit and she ate some mango and got very sick…just like you described. Her throat swelled and she had difficulty swallowing and breathing. We quickly gave her anti-histamines and an inhaler (which also have a histamine blocker effect) and she was okay. We were all surprised by it but had figured it had to be the juice in the mango. Since that incident, I know of one time that my mom cooked with mango (not from Hawaii, but from South America) and she was fine. So it is an odd, inconsistent allergy…

    I have a zoku Popsicle maker that has yet to be christened. I’d love to try these! I’m assuming you’re using a plain Greek yogurt (not the vanilla) for the pops?

    Thank you again and I hope you find another fruit that works just as well as mango for these lovely pops that you can eat!

    • Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’m sorry to hear your mom has the same reaction. I think it can be just a certain kind of mango too, not all mango like you said. I will try different mango one day (small amount) with anti histamine with me. 😀

      Yes, plain Greek yogurt, not vanilla one. Thank you so much for writing!

  58. charlotte

    I think you should try an organic mango and have some allergy medication at the ready just in case. I honestly think it would be more likely you are allergic to the chemicals they use rather than developing an allergy overnight. The things Americans do to produce is shocking.

    • Hi Charlotte! Thank you for your recommendation! Yes I’ll try organic kind next time. I am aware of horrible pesticide used and we try to eat organic food as much as possible. :)

  59. m

    I had that reaction a while ago after having eaten mangoes for years. I went online (I don’t have the link) and learned that there’s something just under the skin of the mango that irritates. You should peel and then peel again to make sure there’s not even a bit of peel left then wash wash wash in water. As long as your mango is very ripe–it has to be ripe–it shouldn’t irritate you anymore.

    It’s the same with other fruits too. They have to be ripe and whatever irritates, it’s generally concentrated at the skin. If you get used to eating only ripe fruit with the peel removed (even if it’s an apple or pear), you’ll generally find you feel better.

    That being said, some food just needs to be cooked. You could try peeling, washing then cooking your mango a little bit. The texture will be different but it’s easier to digest. Maybe a chutney.

    If it’s a food sensitivity and not a food allergy (which is deadly), generally you should keep testing over time. Check with your doctor.

    • Hi m! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I also believe my case is exactly you mentioned. I will definitely give it a try again and be extra careful handling it. I really appreciate your detailed explanation and I’m sure it helps/helped others who read your comment. Thank you for sharing!

  60. ACWN

    These sound divine! My family loves mangos so I may have to give these a shot this summer when it starts getting blistering hot here on the border between New Mexico, Texas and Mexico!

    I’m sorry to hear about your allergy! My mom went through something similar with nuts. She’s 62 and has eaten nuts ALL her life, but a couple years back she was given a batch of home made biscotti with pistachios in them. Something about the cooked nuts made her system go “AH!! NO! GET AWAAAAY!” and she ended up in the ER in anaphylactic shock. She has to carry an epipen now, just in case. Its THAT bad in some cases.

    There are a few nuts she can have one or two of before she starts to itch, but over all.. she cant even LOOK at them any more!

    From what I read in the past, apparently the body can suddenly just decide it no longer likes something – like it did for you and my mom – and go crazy. This results in an allergic reaction.

    I hope for you its just a case of something causing the irritation, like the last poster suggested. But please do be careful!

    • Hi ACWN! Thank you so much for your kind comment. So sorry to hear about your mom with her new nuts allergy. That is so scary. It’s really strange that body all the sudden has a reaction to some kind of food. I hope I can eat fresh mangoes one day (I haven’t yet tried), but I’ll need to make sure to eat tiny bit and prepared to take a allergy pill….. at this point, I feel it’s not worth a try, and my kids become so worried when there is mango ice, mango candy, mango everything around me. They are more concerned about me than myself. :) Thank you once again!

  61. Amy

    If using sweetened Greek yogurt is it still necessary to make simple syrup? I’d rather avoid the syrup and rely on honey sweetened yogurt instead.

  62. Laura

    I am sorry you got allergic to mangoes! The same happened to me with pineapple. If I eat or drink some I get terrible tummy cramps and get really sick. I can eat mango, though (so far at least!) so I will try your popsicles. They look yummy!

    • Hi Laura! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m sorry to hear you can’t eat pineapple anymore. :( I hope you enjoy these popsicles for me! 😀