Matsutake Mushroom

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    Matsutake mushrooms (pine mushroom) is prized by the Japanese for its distinct aromatic odor and flavor.  Its place in the Japanese cuisine is very similar to black and white truffle for the French.  In Japan, top quality domestic Matsutake mushroom could sell for as much as $1000 per pound.  Supermarkets sell import Matsutake mushrooms for less expensive price, but people still try to buy domestic as long as price is not too expensive.  Luckily, even though we live in the US, we are able to get fresh Matsutake mushroom at nearby Japanese supermarket (grown in the US) for about $40 per pound.

    Matsutake mushroom is typically enjoyed in a soup, takikomi gohan (rice), and chawanmushi.

    Recipes Using Matsutake

    Matsutake Clear Suimono is a classic Japanese autumn soup with fresh matsutake mushrooms, tofu, and mitsuba herb in clear dashi broth. | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Matsutake Clear Soup

    Matsutake Gohan

    Matsutake Gohan

    Chawanmushi with Matsutake Mushroom

    Chawanmushi with Matsutake Mushrooms

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