BBQ Beef Short Ribs

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Beef Short Ribs Recipe |

This past weekend was really hot in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and had fun celebrating Father’s Day.  As the next big holiday, US Independence Day (July 4th), is coming up soon, I’ll try to squeeze in some easy and delicious barbecue recipes that my family enjoys.

Beef Short Ribs Recipe |

We’ve been using this marinade for quite some time and my family loves it.  It’s really easy to put together and most of ingredients can be found in your Japanese/Asian pantry if you cook Japanese/Asian food often.

In this particular marinade, I used a fermented Korean condiment called Gochujang which is made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt.  I use this Japanese brand Gochujang which is not so spicy compared to a typical Korean brand.  I used 1/4 cup but please feel free to adjust the amount according to your taste preference.  This marinade is not spicy, so children can enjoy it as well.

Lately my husband is on a mission to perfect his charcoal barbecue skills after grilling on gas for many years.  He first tried to look for Japanese grills (Shichirin 七輪) in our area in order to do Japanese style Yakiniku (焼肉).  After driving around for a day in the Bay Area looking for grills, he finally gave up and started searching for a substitute.  We settled on a Weber’s Smokey Joe instead because of the similarity in size to a Japanese style Yakiniku grill and it’s also large enough to prepare a meal for 2 adults and children.  He has also purchased several different brands of charcoal to experiment with different flavors and temperature, but so far he has not found a favorite yet.  Until he does, it’ll be a lot of barbecue meals this summer which means…I don’t have to cook as often (Yay!).  I think the food tastes a lot better when charcoal grilled compared to gas, but gas is definitely more convenient as you can start grilling right away.  Do you prefer to grill on gas or charcoal?

Beef Short Ribs Recipe |

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Beef Short Ribs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4
  • 3 lb beef short ribs with bones
  • 1 cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup mirin
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup gochujang
  • 6 large garlic cloves, minced or garlic-pressed
  • 2 Tbsp. sesame oil
  • 1 Tbsp. sesame seeds
  • 1 green onion, finely chopped
  1. In a medium size bowl, whisk all the Seasonings ingredients together.
  2. Marinade the meat for 4 hours to overnight.
  3. Start grill. For the best flavor, go with charcoal grill.
  4. Grill the meat for 2-3 minutes each side depending on thickness.
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  1. Hi Nami, thanks for this recipe, the marinade sounds yummy, my MIL just gave me a big pack of pork ribs, will try it with your marinade, though not using bbq as the weather here is notnconducive for bbq, i will grill this in myoven. Yum, cant wait!

  2. Charcoal grilled definitely is best but we always grill on gas barbie with lava rocks. No sweat and tastes good, too. Love short ribs but that’s another thing I can’t get here. Mad about that Korean spicy paste but never knew what it was called. Love your barbecue ribs! You are making me want another tattoo, Nami.

  3. Nami this is a great recipe and one I would love to try.

    I had a Weber smoker/grill for years when my kids were younger and loved the flavor especially when I used it as a smoker and smoked a turkey. However I decided to purchase a built in TEC Infrared grill for 2 reasons:
    1. After running my kids around to their sporting events and getting home right at dinner prepping the grill took a good 30 minutes. By that time everyone was getting fussy so a gas grill seemed like an ideal solution.

    2. Health reasons. Cooking with charcoal isn’t as healthy e en though it taste fantastic. Using infrared heat was how many restaurant kitchens grill. Although it took a while to get use to not having the charcoal flavor I lovely now. It tastes fresher. That’s my opinion.

    • TEC Infrared Grill is nice!!! Yeah eating charcoal grilled food all the time is not very healthy. We’re trying to use the Webber sparingly (usually we don’t have the time to cook on charcoal anyway). Thanks for your feedback! 😉

      • Nami if I still had a charcoal grill I would still use it. But I did find after reading that it was an easy choice. It took quite sometime to get use to eating from the TEC grill since it didn’t have the same flavor. Now I love it and my food is always juicy.

  4. Caroline

    Yum, these look absolutely delicious! I have the regular Korean gochujang so I will try with that (we love spicy food!). I guess I prefer gas grills because we are lazy and will only grill if it’s fast and painless :) Also I must say I can’t really tell much of a difference in taste. I am glad that it’s summer too so my husband will do the grilling which means less cooking for me..yeahh! :)

  5. Would love to try this recipe, no chance getting short ribs here though so will have to go with standard ribs. I doubt I’ll be able to get hold of Gochujang either, wondering if I could sub with chinese hot bean paste?

  6. When I saw the marinade I already knew it would taste fantastic and then you went and cooked it over hot coals which would have turned it into something epic!! My dream dish.

  7. These ribs sound so delicious. I love ribs on the BBQ. I am going to be in the states this year for July 4th and Im so excited to be able to have a big party with all my friends and family. We use a charcoal grill here and love it!!

  8. There it is again “gochujang” a condiment I’ve never heard of that I now see coming up in this blog and several others. I must find it in my Asian grocer so that I can see what all the rage is about! The short ribs look really delicious Nami, I love the contrast of the green lettuce against the grilled meat; beautiful colour and texture.

  9. Ora

    This looks so delicious! I never had the chance of having a gas or charcoal before, due to living in apartments. Is baking/broiling in oven, okay?

    • Hi Ora! Yes you can use an oven. Place under the preheated broiler about 4-5 inch below the heat source and cook 3-4 minutes each side. Adjust the time according to your oven. :-)

  10. We have a propane grill, but charcoal has it’s advantages, too. But since our grill is on it’s last leg, who knows what we will get next? I tried Korean short ribs once and found it super tender. You always make me hungry, Nami, even after I’ve eaten!

  11. Interesting marinade, Nami!
    I prefer charchoal, especially for pork meat, but for steaks and cevapcici (sort of meatballs) I prefer gas 😉
    Never had short ribs, too (I know, never had a lot of things), and here in Italy we don’t usually marinate meat for BBQ.. very different from USA BBQ, uh?!

  12. I love beef short ribs but haven’t had any in ages. I’ll have to check this out the next time I go to the market as this recipe sounds SO good. Don’t know where I’ll find the Gochujang though. :(

  13. I love barbecue! I’ll eat any and all. My wife and I have fantasized about doing a pie and barbecue tour of the US, and maybe someday we will! Anyway, your recipe looks super. I’ve never used gochujang – but now I need to! Really nice post – thanks.

  14. This is a killer recipe!!!
    My hubby will go absolutely ga ga over this.
    Beautifully clicked as well…

    P.S I have been totally MIA due to million thing happening last few weeks, sorry for that.
    But I am here all done and ready to drool over the posts I missed.

  15. Yum! The ribs looks delicious and I bet they tasted great because somebody else cooked them, right? We have both gas and charcoal; charcoal for taste and gas for convenience. I like to grill my Thanksgiving turkey and it’s really easy on a gas grill. Sometimes though, we have both grills going..that’s some serious bbqing :)

  16. donna mikasa

    Perfect summertime recipe! Thank you for sharing the marinade–it sounds delish! I prefer charcoal over gas grilling any day. It’s worth the wait to get the coals white hot and I love it when the food gets “koge”! So good!

  17. Even though i am an out and out vegetarian, I can;t help but admire the way you have presented this dish. You have even made the brown look so attractive :)

  18. I love the idea of just keeping this marinade in the pantry. Great recipe for beef short ribs–I almost never see recipes for those, just the pork ones. My mouth is watering!

  19. Grace

    Looks good. Lazaro Mesquite Charcoal, which you can get at Orchard Supply Hardware, is my favorite. It gets really hot and imparts a nice mesquite flavor. If I want less mesquite, I mix the mesquite hardwood chunks with other hardwood chunks – from Trader Joes or Wholefoods.

    Briquets imparts flavors I don’t really care for.

  20. Eri

    Hello Nami! Besides the marinade the charcoals give a magnificent smoky flavor to the meat, oh I just love summer!
    Have a nice week my friend..

  21. Dear Nami,

    This is one of my favourite dish whenever we go to Rengaya restaurant in Sydney. It has one of the best short ribs in town but comes in wagyu so it’s also not cheap either :( The charcoal really gives the meat that smoky flavour and if I were to do this at home, thankfully my BBQ has a charcoal plate layer on top of the gas burners below so it’s a lot easier for me to get the charcoal going first, then turn off the gas below.

    The best part of eating this is dislodging the pieces of bone around the tasty meat.

  22. These beef short ribs look so good! I’m hiding these pictures from my husband because we are having chicken tonight and I know he will be sad if he sees this amazing looking plate of food on your blog,lol! This recipe is on my recipes to try this Summer list, they look just scrumptious Nami;-)

  23. short ribs are my husband’s favorite and I just so happened to buy some last week. they are in the freezer and I am so excited to use this recipe to make them! They look amazing my dear and once again = you rock

  24. i love korean kalbi and I have the tendency to eat way much each time I make it. I unfortunately live in an apartment so don’t have the luxury to grill on a real grill but with my cast iron I can still bang out reasonably tasty “grilled” ribs. Thanks for the recipe on the marinade!

  25. Anything from grill is #1 in my book, and Shen did amazing job. We are using charcoal, I like it more and my family too. Like you said gas is more convenient, but you can defiantly see the difference when it’s grilled on charcoal.
    Your photos making me crave something from the grill to push my hubby to make some soon! Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week ahead!

  26. This is a winner marinade and trying for sure really soon. Hope you stayed cool over the weekend – it was certainly toasty for sure. Left for a vet appointment and farmers market, then hung in the air conditioning. This is such a tasty dish and worth making super soon! Thank you for sharing!!!

  27. That’s one of the things I love about summer is that a lot of the cooking moves outside and done by the husband! :) Bobby loves to grill so I take advantage of it and just let him do his thing. Sounds like you’re going to have a good summer as well not working in a hot kitchen. If this is the start of that, then you’re off to a good start. The marinade sounds SO good and uses an ingredient I’ve never use before – gochujang. Thanks for sharing that and the information about it. Tasty, tasty short ribs!

  28. Beef short ribs are sooooo delicious! If I can make this all the time, I will. I’m also in the path of perfecting a short rib recipe, choosing and trying other people’s recipe and deciding what I like. Will definitely try your marinade recipe!

    I like the taste of charcoal, but you are correct: gas grills are so much easier and faster to heat! The charcoal grill, to us, is reserved for when we go to the cottage or camping when we have nothing else to do but relax and cook. Hehehe…1

  29. Eha

    These look most moreish, but I too am a stranger to ‘gochujang’. Since I see Lorraine from ‘Not Quite Nigella’ having some in her fridge, must ask her from where she sourced it: we only live about 100 km apart :) ! Otherwise a lovely marinade. Charcoal – of course it tastes best, but ’tis not for me . . . . The marinade will make the meat taste almost as good on a health grill :) !

  30. These ribs looks divine! I always love charcoal better than gas grills. I guess a weber grill is just as nice. :) It’s nice that your hubby man the grill for you…lol…believe it or not, I’m the one in charge of the grill in my house….and I don’t think he wants to take over the role any time soon. 😛

  31. The ribs look just perfect – it’s a carnivore haven! I have to try this marinade – I think I can feel the taste from the photo, even though I have never tried gochujang (I can’t even pronounce the word 😉 ). I guess it will be another ingredient I learn form you, Nami :-). Thank you for sharing!

  32. Hi Nami, I have never had beef ribs! Now I will make it my job to find some at the butchers, because those look just so delicious. In South Africa we use only charcoal, which they call a braai. I don’t want to talk to soon, but summer and barbecue weather could have arrived

  33. Now I wish I had bought ribs yesterday when I was at the butcher shop! I hope to get this delicious recipe made this summer…it sounds fabulous~

  34. We also had a hot weekend here, finally. When I lived in the US I always looked forward to the 4th because of all the BBQ parties. These ribs would have me going crazy. The really look amazing!

  35. What a luscious grilled dishs! And there is also some gochujang! What a coincidence!
    I wish I could have a real grill… but for that I would have to live in a house, not a flat. Lucky you! I’m looking forward to see next grill recipes and will try maybe reproducing them on the grill pan or in the oven.

  36. Oh these look delicious! I think we’re making some BBQ sauces for our cookout. I may give this one a try! And we’re totally charcoal grillers. :)

  37. These look so good, Nami. Would satisfy the cravings I’ve had lately. I bookmarked a Korean condiment that I’ve been wanting to try–not sure it’s this one but if this is Nami-recommended, I’ll add it to my list. Would love to try this. Got all the other ingredients!

    We’re the opposite around here. For years we grilled on charcoal instead of gas but I’m still not an expert on either! :)

    BTW, I made another sorbet this week. As I was adding the lime juice, I realized that 6T may have been a lot (remember our pineapple sorbet conversation). I can’t find that measuring spoon now but I’m wondering if it was mislabeled, LOL! :)

  38. Oh Nami, my stomach growls (very loudly) the moment I see these juicy ribs. No kidding! I’ve been dreaming of summer outdoor grilling before we arrived in Minnesota. I can now fulfill this little dream of mine. My vote goes to charcoal grilling anytime. It may takes a bit more work, but charcoal makes a world of difference! Like you say, we don’t need complicated ingredients to make scrumptious BBQ. This recipe is fabulous!

  39. Your ribs look perfect and I love the marinade that you used. I have bookmarked it. I have used a charcoal for years now. I am on my second Brinkman smoker/grill. Yours looks so new. I was just about to post some chicken kabobs that I grilled and I thought my grill looked so….shall I say used! I am going to have to get another one soon, the charcoal pan is wearing out again. It is small, but like yours perfect for our family. I use a chimney to start the coals and like to use wood charcoal, make sure you stay away from the quick light ones with a lighter fluid in it. I have used Kingsford Hickory, or the regular (when they have the buy one get one during the grilling holidays) and if I can’t find any other, I do find it burns even and all the way down when it’s done. I like Stubbs 100% All-Natural Charcoal Briquettes for when I use the smoker, you can find it at Lowes. :) But I guess charcoal is kinda like pizza…everyone has there favorite for one reason or other! :) I have always done the grilling, and lucky my husband has never had any interest in it. My father taught me how to grill when I was young…he didn’t have any sons. :) I know, I know…I’m talking too much! ;D

    • Hi Lyndsey! Thanks for all the great information about charcoal! Our Webber is still relatively new as we got it less than 2 months ago. Our gas grill is more…”used” look. :-) I sent the information to my husband. Thank you so much for sharing your input!

  40. Ok, the same time we were at the grocery store debating whether or not clams could be grilled, we were debating grilling short ribs. I’ve only had them braised before. These look delicious! I love short ribs, and we love to grill. I’ll have to check out one of the Asian markets to see if I can find that marinade. Thanks for the recipe!

  41. 美味しそう!いつもだけど。今日の私のブログポストもバーベキューです。同じレシピでなくて良かったと思います。すっごい数のコメントで、羨ましすぎるよ~。このレシピで作ってみようっと。こげたところがいい感じ。

  42. These look soooo mouthwatering! I m literally drooling here Nami! We dont eat beef but I would love to try that marinade with lamb or mutton.I dont have an outdoor grill, just a small electric one in inside the kitchen but I guess that cannot stop me from making these.Absolutely love that charred look.
    Please do no talk about hot weather infront of me LoL! I m burning here in Vegas!! :(

  43. Oh my! These look superb! I’m craving short ribs, but luckily tomorrow night we are going to a Korean and Japanese BBQ restaurant (on the request of the 10 year old, well, tomorrow he will be 10), so I shall have some ribs there… but I am sure already yours are so much better. Bookmarking for summer.

  44. We too did a bbq party last saturday and it was like 100F that day! I love summer, you know that but now I wish for some rain. It feel just too dry.

  45. This looks delicious Nami – a much more interesting version of short ribs and I’m sure so good when grilled over charcoal. Frankly, I prefer the flavor that comes from charcoal but the easy that comes from a gas grill. Before we move into an apartment, I owned a Weber and tried all different kinds of charcoal, but it was just so difficult to build up enough heat to quickly cook burgers, ribs, steaks, etc. My friend had a gas grill and could be finished in 15 minutes 😉

  46. As everything else that you have made, your ribs looks fantastic. I agree with you: although a charcoal grill should be used sparingly,there is nothing like a bbq made on one of this. I love bbq smoked meats! If one day you visit San Antonio, please let me know. I’d love to invite you to a Brazilian BBQ (homemade or at a Brazilian Steak House). We have 3 great ones in town.
    P.S: I don’t know wheather you have received my twit or not, but I made the sushi fusion dish. It was published yesterday, the 19th. I talked about you and your blog in the article. Thanks a lot for the sushi recipe. Your recipe itself is a class worthy of praise! Have a great week, Nami!

  47. I could eat grilled food everyday and my hubby loves short ribs. We have a charcoal grill and absolutely love it. I’m not very good with starting the charcoals and would love to have a small gas grill for quick meals. However, nothing beats the taste of charcoal grilled!

  48. Nami, I found this recipe quite interesting. Because typically Koreans DON’T use gochujang in beef dishes, especially in BBQ short ribs. You mentioned the Japanese version. How different is it from Korean?
    I would definitely go for charcoal if someone else is doing the work. If I have to? I will pick the gas. :)

    • Hi Holly! When we make Korean short ribs at home, we actually use a store-bought Korean BBQ marinade (I love the one with a pear picture on it. We add a little bit of honey to the marinade.). So I’m hesitant to call this marinade “Korean” because I think it’s not…

      I love Gochujang sauce and it’s very popular in Japan that we can get Japanese brand Gochujang sauce (link in this recipe). We make a lot of dishes with Gochujang sauce, for example, stir fry with Gochujan, or in Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) recipe like this.

      Have you been to Yakiniku restaurant? Yakiniku is influenced from Korean BBQ, but I think now it became quite different from Korean style. We don’t usually marinade meat, and we dip in the sauce to eat after grilling.

  49. Karen (Back Road Journal)

    Your short ribs sound delicious with your marinade. The short ribs at our market are cut totally different. They have a short bone but are cut into individual thick chucks of meat and would need slow braising. Must be a New England thing.

  50. I really need to see if I can find flanken cut short ribs where I am. I only ever see the typical English cut style. Love the marinade, I’ll have to see if I can track down that Korean paste, it sounds yummy.

  51. How did I miss this post? I’ve been in love with Korean barbecue since I was a kid, and I love short ribs. They’re so flavorful, and it’s like the meat almost melts in your mouth. We grill with gas. I think it’s just easier in terms of prep and cleanup, and so far we really like our new gas grill!

  52. KJ

    I tried this as written. First, the marinade was fantastic… I saved the extra and boiled it down, then froze to use later. YUM!
    Regarding cooking method: I think this would be better either cooked on the grill (I used gas) low and slow for much longer in order to allow the ribs to get really tender. An alternative would be to braise in the marinade, also low and slow. A couple of minutes on each side simply doesn’t result in the melt in your mouth texture that I so love about short ribs when cooked well. I personally love them when they are fall-off-the-bone and the grilling method suggested here didn’t achieve that.
    That said, they were still delicious and I could drink a bowl of that marinade!

    • Hi KJ! I’m so sorry for my late response. I’m so glad you liked the marinade. Heat from gas and charcoal is different, and thank you for your tip on how to grill this on gas! I appreciate it! Thank you so much for your kind feedback! :)

  53. Hi Nami… Your photos look so yummy! We’ve just moved to the Bay Area from Sydney. Can you tell me where you managed to find short rib in this city? We are thinking of making yakiniku the next weekend :)

    • Hi Lis! Welcome to the Bay Area! If you are in SF, Peninsula, South Bay, there are several Japanese supermarkets and Korean supermarkets. You can find very good thinly sliced short ribs for yakiniku! It’s cheaper in Korean store (but same quality). For me when we grill outside, I get short ribs from Kukje as I live in Peninsula and that’s closest Korean market. For indoor Japanese Yakiniku, I get meat from Nijiya. :) Hope this helps!

  54. kazy

    Okay, I want to make this really really bad. But I don’t have a grill except for the one in my oven. What can I do? Can you direct me on how to make this in an oven? Or not so much? Thanks.

    • Hi Kazy! Yes, you can – use a broil setting High (not baked). Your baking pan should be around the middle, not too close to the heat source (broil is top); otherwise it’ll burn too fast. Be careful, it’ll be quick (depends on the thickness of the meat), maybe 3 minutes each side… Hope this helps! :)