How To Make Kombu Dashi (Vegetarian Dashi) 昆布だし 作り方

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  • Kombu Dashi and konmbu on a wooden board.

    Last time when I shared the recipe for Japanese dashi stock, it was a combination of kombu and bonito flakes called Awase Dashi.  Today I’m sharing Kombu Dashi recipe, which is the vegetarian version.

    Dashi is Japanese stock and is used in many Japanese dishes as the basic flavoring.  Dashi is typically made from kombu (kelp), bonito flakes (dried and smoked skipjack tuna that is shaved into thin flakes), sardine (iriko or niboshi), or a combination of all or two of them.  With good dashi, the umani creates an amazing taste so very little flavoring is required when you season the food.

    Kombu Dashi and kombu on a wooden board.

    So how do we decide which type of dashi to use for a particular dish?  Well, each household may have preference, but I wrote some examples here about how I generally decide.

    The great thing about kombu dashi is that it is vegetarian stock. You can use kombu dashi or shiitake dashi instead of awase dashi if you are vegetarian.  Kombu dashi is probably the easiest dashi you can make.  Enjoy!

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    Kombu Dashi (Vegetarian Dashi)
    Prep Time
    5 mins
    Cook Time
    25 mins
    Total Time
    30 mins
    Learn how to make Kombu dashi at home and create the umani flavor for your Japanese dishes! 
    Course: Condiments
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Keyword: broth, soup stock, umami
    Servings: 800 ml (800 ml = 3⅓ cups)
    • oz kombu (dried kelp) (10 g, 4" x 4" OR 10 cm x 10 cm) (You can add more for stronger flavor)
    • 4 cups water (roughly 1000 ml)
    1. Gather all the ingredients. 

      Kombu Dashi Ingredients
    2. Gently clean the dashi kombu with a damp cloth but leave the white powdery substance (Mannitol) which contribute to the umami flavor in dashi. Do not wash the kombu! I usually look at the kombu carefully to make sure it's clean, then I use it right away.
      Kombu Dashi 1
    3. Make a couple of slits on the kombu.
      Kombu Dashi 2
    Make Kombu Dashi with Water (mizudashi)
    1. Put water and kombu in a large bottle and let it steep on the counter for 2-3 hours in the summertime and 4-5 hours in the winter time. If you don't plan to use it right away, you can start steeping in the fridge from the beginning. 
      Kombu Dashi 3
    2. Discard the kombu and it's ready to use. You can keep kombu dashi the refrigerator for 3-4 days or in the freezer for 2 weeks. I recommend using it sooner for the best flavor.
    Make Kombu Dashi with Boiling Water (Nidashi)
    1. In a medium pot, put the kombu and water. If you have time, soak for 3 hours or up to half day ahead of time. Kombu’s flavor comes out naturally from soaking in water.
      Kombu Dashi 4
    2. Heat up the pot slowly on medium low heat. It will take 20-25 minutes to a boil. Meanwhile, clean the dashi by skimming the surface.
      Kombu Dashi 5
    3. Just before the dashi starts boiling, remove kombu. If you leave the kombu inside, the dashi will become slimy and bitter.
      Kombu Dashi 6
    4. Over a large bowl, set a very fine-mesh sieve or line paper towel/cheese cloth/linen cloth on top of a not-so-fine-mesh sieve. Strain the dashi.
      Kombu Dashi 7
    5. If you are not using the dashi right away, save it in a bottle and keep in the refrigerator for 3-5 days or in the freezer for 2 weeks.
      Kombu Dashi 8
    Recipe Notes

    Equipment you will need: 

    • A sieve
    • Paper towel



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