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Imitation Crab Sticks

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    Imitation crab sticks, or Kanikama in Japanese, are made of starch and pureed white fish, shaped and cured into that resembles the leg meat of snow crab.

    Imitation Crab Sticks (Kanikama) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    What is Imitation Crab Sticks?

    The imitation crab sticks, or we call Kanikama (カニカマ) in Japanese, are a type of seafood made of starch and finely pureed white fish that has been shaped and cured to resemble the leg meat of snow crab or Japanese spider crab. It is a product that uses fish meat to imitate shellfish meat.

    Where to Buy

    The imitation crab sticks made by a Japanese brand are thinner than other brands and they are shred into thin pieces very easily. It tastes better and looks prettier in my opinion, so I usually get them at a Japanese grocery store.

    Imitation Crab Sticks (Kanikama) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Recipes Using Imitation Crab Sticks

    Japanese kani salad served in a bowl.

    Crab Salad with Ponzu-Mayonnaise Dressing

    A flower shape bowl containing Japanese Cucumber Salad with Crab.

    Cucumber Salad with Crab

    Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Hiyashi Chuka

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