Rice + Donburi

From steamed rice, fried rice, rice porridge, to wholesome rice bowls, here are our extensive collection of rice and donburi (Japanese rice bowls) recipes! To get started, check out our 12 most popular donburi rice bowls recipes.

A rice bowl containing Ume and Shiso Rice served with mackerel and miso soup.
A rice bowl containing Ume and Shiso Rice served with mackerel and miso soup.

Ume Shiso Rice (Mazegohan) 梅しそ混ぜご飯

Elevate your everyday dinner with Ume Shiso Rice! With pickled plums (umeboshi), fragrant shiso...
A black bowl containing a bed of rice topped with sashimi grade salmon, ikura, and shredded nori.

Salmon Sashimi Bowl (Donburi) 鮭いくら丼

Light, refreshing, and tasty, Salmon Sashimi Bowl (Donburi) with Ikura is easy to put...
A bowl containing Keema Curry, steamed rice, and a fried egg.

Keema Curry キーマカレー

A quick and savory pork curry with onion, celery, and shiitake mushroom cooked with...
A Japanese bowl containing steamed rice, topped with soy-caramelized pork slices and pickled red ginger.

Butadon (Pork Donburi) 豚丼

Originated in Hokkaido, Japan, Butadon is a rice bowl dish featuring grilled pork slices...
Three Japanese bowls containing seasoned ground chicken, scramble eggs, and green veggies.

Soboro Don (Ground Chicken Bowl) 三色そぼろ丼

Ground chicken sauteed with soy sauce, mirin, sake, complemented with eggs and green peas...
A donburi bowl containing baked katsudon.

Baked Katsudon 揚げないカツ丼

Juicy deep-fried pork cutlet and runny egg cooked in a savory and sweet dashi...
A Japanese rice bowl containing Soy-Glazed Eggplant Donburi topped with julienned shiso and toasted sesame seeds.

Soy-Glazed Eggplant Donburi 茄子の甘辛丼

With eggplant seared till golden and coated with sweet soy sauce, this Soy-Glazed Eggplant...
Japanese tea is poured on top of steamed rice and flaky baked salmon in a rice bowl.

Ochazuke Recipe お茶漬け

Craving for a light comforting dish? This easy, homemade Ochazuke with green tea, steamed...
A white bowls containing savory pan-fried tofu, cucumber, avocado, edamame, carrot, red cabbage, and watermelon radish over brown rice.

Vegan Poke Bowl ヴィーガンポケ丼

With savory pan-fried tofu, fresh vibrant vegetables, and healthy brown rice, this beautifully crafted...
Japanese rice porridge served in a bowl with salmon, green onion, pickled plums, and shredded seaweed.

Japanese Rice Porridge (Okayu) お粥

Simple and easy homemade rice porridge, just need water and rice. Garnish with...
A white plate containing Vegetarian Japanese Curry along with steamed rice.

Vegetarian Japanese Curry ベジタリアンカレー

{Vegan Adaptable} This vegetarian Japanese curry is loaded with thick, meaty slices of king...
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