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    Throughout my almost 7-year of blogging journey, I have had a few memorable achievements that I feel humbled and grateful for.

    I jumped for joy when both Facebook page and YouTube channel reached 100K several years ago.

    I felt even more responsible when I created a group of JOC team for the first time last fall.

    And recently, the Japan Times wrote an article about me, which made my parents in Japan very proud.

    …But what happened last week was probably the most surreal thing that happened to JOC history.

    And this is all thanks to you who read and support my blog!

    Saveur Vote

    JOC is a Finalist for Saveur’s 2017 Best Blog Awards

    Just One Cookbook has been chosen as one of the six finalists in the “Best Food Video” category for Saveur’s 2017 Blog Awards.

    Yes, video!

    I am extremely happy for Mr. JOC who’s been working so hard to create our videos and always thinking about ways to improve his videography and editing.

    According to Saveur, the editors chose the finalists from a pool of 30,000 submissions, but it’s up to you to do the voting.

    I feel extremely honored just to be nominated by the editors of Saveur along with other talented finalists, because this is once in a million chance for our wonderful JOC community to get noticed by all the foodies in the world.

    However, it would be awesome if I could dedicate this award to my very talented one-man video crew Mr. JOC, hard-working JOC team, and YOU who continue to read my blog posts, cook my recipes, and watch my videos.

    saveur blogawards

    So…Please Cast Your Vote

    I would really appreciate if you could click here to check out all the other incredible finalists and cast your vote for me. Voting is open until Wednesday, September 6th.  You can vote everyday.

    Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

    Sincerely yours,


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