JOC Meetup / Lunch Event in San Francisco Bay Area

  • (Finally) The second Just One Cookbook meetup/lunch event in SF Bay Area!

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    I wanted to do a quick update on our 2nd Just One Cookbook Meetup / Lunch event in the Bay Area!  Mr. JOC and I hosted lunch at our local favorite Japanese restaurant, Izakaya Ginji in San Mateo earlier today.

    Two weeks prior to the event, I shared about the meetup on my newsletter and social media channels, and many local JOC friends responded to us. We selected 8 JOC friends so that we can have an intimate setting to sit together at one table and talk.

    Topics ranged from how the readers found JOC for the first time, how they use JOC, and how Mr. JOC and I could improve the website and users’ experience.

    We would like to thank (left to right) Logan, Lillian, Alex, Nicole, Su, Sarah, Shirley, and Andrew (who had to leave early and not in the group photo) for all your amazing feedback and support.  It will be a tremendous help when we update our website later on this summer.

    We apologize to those of you who tried to attend but we were unable accept due to the limited space. We are hoping to have another meetup in the near future.

    Here’s our very first Just One Cookbook Meetup in Tokyo.

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