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    Mitsuba or Japanese wild parsley has a celery-like flavor with a slightly bitter taste and used as a garnish for soups, donburi, and chawanmushi.

    Mitsuba | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    What is Mitsuba?

    Mitsuba (Cryptotaenia japonica, 三つ葉) is sometimes called Japanese wild parsley or stone parsley. The name mitsuba means “three leaves” in Japanese. Like parsley, the flavor is clean and refreshing with a slightly bitter taste with some describe as celery-like. In Japan, it is commonly used as a garnish in soups or on top of the main meal.

    Where to Buy Mitsuba?

    Usually, mitsuba stalks are in a small package and sold in Japanese grocery stores. You won’t be able to find this unique Japanese herb in Asian grocery stores.

    Mitsuba | Easy Japanese Recipes at


    Recipes Using Mitsuba

    You can find many recipes that use mitsuba here.

    Japanese tea is poured on top of steamed rice and flaky baked salmon in a rice bowl.


    A Japanese blue and white bowl containing Oyakodon (chicken & egg bowl) served with miso soup.


    A donburi bowl containing baked katsudon.

    Baked Katsudon

    Futomaki (Maki Sushi) on a long white plate.


    A black and gold lacquered bowl containing Japanese New Year Soup Ozoni.

    Ozoni (New Year Mochi Soup)

    Unagi Chazuke in a Japanese donburi bowl.

    Unagi Chazuke

    Silky and savory Japanese steamed egg custard Chawanmushi in a cup.


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