Browse our delicious recipes featuring red bean and soybean. Learn how to make mochi, red bean pancake, manju steamed buns, dorayaki, edamame and more.

A rice bowl containing Sekihan (Red Bean Rice).
A rice bowl containing Sekihan (Red Bean Rice).

Sekihan (Red Bean Rice) (Video) 赤飯

Traditional Japanese rice recipe enjoyed during celebrations, sweet rice cooked with red bean and...
A glass ice cream server containing Azuki Red Bean Ice Cream.

Azuki Red Bean Ice Cream 小豆アイスクリーム

Japan is known for its sweets with red bean as the primary flavor or...
Sweet black soybeans garnished with a gold leaf in Japanese red and gold dishes.

Instant Pot Kuromame 黒豆 (圧力鍋)

These jewel-like, sweet black soybeans called Kuromame, are a classic Osechi dish enjoyed during...
Koshian (fine red bean paste) and Tsubuan (chunky red bean paste).

How To Make Anko (Red Bean Paste) 餡子

Making Sweet Red Bean Paste (Anko) from scratch is easier than you think. You...
Japanese lacquer bowls containing red bean soup with mochi.

Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi ぜんざい

Nothing sounds better than a warm bowl of homemade Zenzai or Oshiruko (red bean...
A white and red Japanese bowl containing Kuromame, sweet black soybeans, topped with gold leaf for the Japanese new year's celebration.

Kuromame (Sweet Black Soybeans) 黒豆

The shiny black beans called Kuromame (Sweet Black Soybeans) are served on New Years...
Green tea mochi showing green filling and white filling.

Green Tea Mochi (Video) 抹茶大福

Perfectly chewy with a hint of sweetness, Green Tea Mochi is timeless Japanese sweet...
White bean paste on a Japanese black plate.

White Bean Paste (Shiroan) 白あん

White Bean Paste or Shiroan is commonly used as a filling for wagashi (Japanese...
Edamame served in bamboo basket and beer glass in the back.

What is Edamame and How Do You Cook It?

Lightly boiled and perfectly salted, edamame is the classic Japanese snack that is not...
A dark Japanese plate containing manju filled with red bean paste served with green tea.

Manju 利休饅頭

Encased in thin wheat flour dough, filled with sweeten red bean paste, and steamed to...
Imagawayak (Obanyaki) 今川焼き・大判焼き | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Imagawayaki 今川焼き (Obanyaki 大判焼き)

Crispy on the outside and filled with sweet red bean paste or custard cream...
Red Bean Pancake 餡入りパンケーキ | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Red Bean Pancakes 餡入りホットケーキ

These moist and delicious red bean pancake are great for breakfast or snack! ...
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