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Browse our best make-ahead recipes. Save time in the kitchen by making a big batch for the freezer or preparing the night before your party. Try our readers’ favorites: All-Purpose Miso Sauce, Instant Pot Asian Pulled Pork, Japanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, and Bulgogi Onigirazu.

Japanese Grilled Eggplant (Yaki Nasu)
Japanese Grilled Eggplant (Yaki Nasu)

Japanese Grilled Eggplant (Yaki Nasu) 焼きなす

Spicy grilled Japanese eggplant with citrus soy sauce and yuzu pepper. Garnish with...
Matsutake Gohan

Matsutake Gohan (Wild Pine Mushroom Rice) 松茸ご飯

Matsutake gohan is aromatic Japanese rice cooked with dashi stock and matsutake mushroom, also...
A wooden bowl containing green salad with Japanese sesame dressing.

Japanese Sesame Dressing 胡麻ドレッシング

Creamy and nutty, this homemade Japanese Sesame Dressing is made from ground roasted sesame...
Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce

Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce ナスの胡麻ポン酢和え

Quick and easy Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce is pan-fried until tender golden brown...
A white bowl containing pork curry over steamed rice.

Pork Curry Donburi ポークカレー丼ぶり

Try my delicious and easy Pork Curry Donburi recipe that you can make in...
A white plate containing Spaghetti Meat Sauce.

Spaghetti Meat Sauce スパゲッティーミートソース

Spaghetti Meat Sauce is an easy and popular recipe that‘s served over pasta in...
tea cookies II

Green Tea Cookie (Vegan)

I love sweets and especially sweets with red bean and green tea. In...
Cherry Clafoutis II

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry clafoutis is an easy baked Cherry dessert, this homemade cherry recipe is perfect...
Mini Fruit Puff Pastry with Lemon Glaze II

Mini Fruit Puff Pastry with Lemon Glaze

Delicious and simple fruit puff pastry recipe using puff pastry sheets and fresh fruit....

Bouillabaisse Recipe (French Seafood Stew)

Love seafood? Then you‘ll enjoy this easy Bouillabaisse recipe for delicious French Seafood Stew...
Taro Tapioca Dessert Soup II

Taro Tapioca Pearl Dessert

Love that taro tapioca pearl dessert at Chinese restaurants? You can make this easy...
Braised Carnitas |

Braised Carnitas

We love Latino food in our household. Whenever we go to our neighborhood...
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