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Matsutake Clear Soup 松茸のお吸い物 | Easy Japanese Recipes at
Matsutake Clear Soup 松茸のお吸い物 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Matsutake Suimono (Clear Soup) 松茸お吸い物

tsutake Soup (Suimono) is a classic Japanese autumn dish of fragrant seasonal matsutake mushrooms,...
A plate containing assorted vegetable tempura.

Vegetable Tempura 野菜の天ぷら

Learn my best tips for crispy homemade Vegetable Tempura with Japanese sweet potato, kabocha...
A ramen bowl containing tan men.

Tan-Men タンメン – ‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’

Tan-men (タンメン) is ramen soup noodle with stir fried pork and vegetables, and it's...
A donabe containing pork, cabbage, tofu, and mushrooms in a kombu broth.

Hot Pot for One 白菜と豚バラの一人鍋 – ‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’

Fast and easy Hot Pot for One combines tender pork belly with napa cabbage...
A Japanese blue and white rice bowl containing Takikomi Gohan (Mixed Rice).

Takikomi Gohan (Japanese Mixed Rice) (Video) 炊き込みご飯

Takikomi Gohan is a Japanese mixed rice recipe with seasonal ingredients—a comforting and gluten-free...
A lunch box container containing Bulgogi Onigirazu.

Bulgogi Onigirazu プルゴギおにぎらず (Video)

For lunch, try a tasty Japanese wrap called Bulgogi Onigirazu with savory Korean grilled...
A white gratin dish containing Seafood Doria (Rice Gratin).

Seafood Doria (Rice Gratin) (Video) シーフードドリア

Seafood Doria is a popular Japanese yoshoku dish. This rice gratin features your choice...
A white soup bowl containing Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup.

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup

This Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup is a delicious, vegetable-rich bowl of umami goodness with...
Hoba Miso with Beef | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook

Hoba Miso with Beef 朴葉味噌

Hoba Miso is a regional dish in Hida Takayama area of Japan. I...
A white plate containing ume shiso pasta.

Ume Shiso Pasta 梅しそパスタ

If you enjoy Japanese-style (wafu) pasta, you‘ll love this Ume Shiso Pasta where simple...
Dried shiitake mushrooms and shiitake dashi.

Shiitake Dashi (Video) 干し椎茸の戻し汁

Learn how to make Shiitake Dashi, a vegan-friendly Japanese soup stock that‘s repurposed from...
Summer Vegetables Baked in Parchment | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Summer Vegetables Baked in Parchment Paper

Delicious and healthy summer vegetables with maple miso sauce baked in parchment paper.
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