Yakiniku Sauce 焼肉のタレ

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  • Yakiniku sauce is a sweet & flavorful Japanese BBQ sauce. It’s perfect for dipping thinly sliced of well marbled short rib and other grilled goodies.

    Sliced short rib dipped in Yakiniku Sauce.

    It’s summer and that means time to BBQ!  In Japan, Japanese style BBQ is called Yakiniku (焼肉) and literary means grilled meat in Japanese.  It’s a popular dish originated from Korea.  Each Yakiniku restaurant in Japan offers their own dipping sauce and it’s called Yakiniku no Tare (焼肉のタレ), or simply tare (タレ).  Tare is the key seasoning for Japanese BBQ as we do not typically marinade the meat prior to grilling.

    Watch How to Make Yakiniku Sauce 焼肉のタレの作り方

    Sweet & flavorful BBQ sauce perfect for dipping thinly sliced of well-marbled short rib and other grilled goodies.

    How to Enjoy Yakiniku At Home

    For Yakiniku, bite-sized meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables are grilled over gas/electric grill or charcoals.  Whether you are enjoying Yakiniku meal at home or in a restaurant, everyone sits around the BBQ grill and cooks the meat throughout the meal.  It’s a great menu for 6-8 people as preparation is very minimal.

    Yakiniku sauce, well marbled short rib and Japanese BBQ grill on a table.

    Generally the meat is not marinated for yakiniku; therefore, the quality of meat is very important.  The well-marbled short rib is usually thinly sliced and grill over charcoal for 30 to 60 seconds on each side (you only need to flip the meat once to preserve juicy flavor) and then dip in the sauce to eat.

    Well marbled short rib on a BBQ grill.

    Typical “tare” is made of soy sauce mixed with sake, mirin, sugar, garlic, fruit juice and sesame seeds.  This particular sauce was inspired by my favorite Yakiniku restaurant in the Bay Area called Juban, which I’ve been going for many years.  My sauce may not exactly be the same but I adapted from Juban sauce to my family’s liking.  Dip the grilled items in the sauce to enhance the BBQ flavor.  The well-marbled meat coated with this sauce is so delicious.  Hope you enjoy!

    Yakiniku Sauce, well marbled short rib and Japanese BBQ grill on a table.

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    UPDATE: A lot of readers asked me about the grill.  This grill is called “Shichirin.”  I bought one from a Japanese hardware store in SF but you can also purchase on Amazon.  It looks great on photography, but to be honest, it’s not practical for yakiniku.  In the US, small BBQ cooking stoves resembling shichirin are referred to as “hibachi.” Hibachi is actually a small heating device in Japan which is not usually used for cooking.  Shichirin was marketed as “hibachi” by mistake when they were introduced to the US.

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    Yakiniku Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com
    Yakiniku Sauce
    Prep Time
    3 mins
    Cook Time
    2 mins
    Total Time
    5 mins
    Yakiniku sauce is a sweet & flavorful Japanese BBQ sauce. It's perfect for dipping thinly sliced of well marbled short rib and other grilled goodies.
    Course: Condiments, How to
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Keyword: sauce, yakiniku
    Servings: 3 (3 servings = ⅓ cup, 100 ml)
    Author: Nami
    1. Gather all the ingredients.

      Yakiniku Tare Ingredients
    2. Add sake, mirin, sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, miso, katsuobushi, and simmer for 1 ½ minutes.
      Yakiniku Sauce 1
    3. Strain the sauce.
      Yakiniku Sauce 2
    4. Add the sesame seeds and grated apple and ready to use. I recommend letting the sauce sit for half day or overnight in the refrigerator for melding all the flavors together.
      Yakiniku Sauce 3
    Recipe Notes

    The sauce may taste too salty by itself without grilled meat. When you actually dip the meat in the sauce, the two flavors complements each other.

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