A white ceramic containing Kabocha Pork Stir Fry.

Kabocha Pork Stir Fry (Video) かぼちゃのそぼろ炒め

Kabocha Pork Stir Fry is a simple yet satisfying dish you'll enjoy when kabocha...
Kabocha Miso Soup served in a black bowl.

Kabocha Miso Soup かぼちゃの味噌汁

Hearty and flavorful, this plant-based Kabocha Miso Soup is filled with naturally sweet kabocha,...
Silky soft and creamy Instant Pot Kabocha Flan on a white plate.

Instant Pot Kabocha Flan かぼちゃプリン

Pressure Cooked in Instant Pot, this Kabocha Flan with caramel sauce has a silky...
Simmered Kabocha Squash in a Japanese square bowl.

Japanese Simmered Kabocha かぼちゃの煮物

Cooked in savory dashi broth seasoned with soy sauce and sake, this classic Japanese Simmered...
Kabocha Gration (Baked Macaroni with Kabocha) served in gratin dishes.

Kabocha Gratin (Video) かぼちゃグラタン

Tender sweet kabocha, umami mushrooms, and macaroni in a creamy béchamel sauce baked until crispy golden, Japanese...
Ceramic plates containing round Kabocha Croquettes (Korokke).

Kabocha Croquettes (Korokke) かぼちゃコロッケ

Kabocha croquettes (korokke) is our family's fall favorite. Crispy on the outside and naturally...
White plate containing a slice of Kabocha Pie topped with freshly whipped cream.

Kabocha Pie (Video) かぼちゃパイ

Try something different for the holidays this year with this rich and creamy Kabocha...
Mug cups containing kabocha soup served on a wooden tray.

Kabocha Soup (Video) かぼちゃスープ

Delicious fall season soup with just a few simple ingredients. Enjoy this rich and...
Simmered Kabocha | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Simmered Kabocha with Shio Koji 南瓜の塩麹煮

Irresistible simmered kabocha squash flavored with just shio koji, resulting in unique umami flavor.
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Gyoza served on a plate.
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