A plate containing Onsen Tamago (Japanese hot spring egg) made with a microwave.

2-Minute Microwave Onsen Tamago

The fastest, easiest way to cook a Japanese-style poached egg is to microwave it....
Onsen Tamago in a flower-shaped bowl.

Onsen Tamago (Video) 温泉卵

Eggs originally cooked in Japan‘s hot spring water, Onsen Tamago with silky whites and...
White ceramic bowls containing Cabbage and Onsen Tamago Miso Soup topped with green onions and shichimi togarashi.

Cabbage and Onsen Tamago Miso Soup

This hearty yet flavorful miso soup filled with sweet cabbage and onsen tamago (Japanese...
Japanese bowls containing Classic Udon Noodle Soup called Kake Udon or Su Udon, topped with sliced green onion and shichimi togarashi (Japanese seven spice).

Udon Noodle Soup (Kake Udon) (Video) かけうどん

With thick chewy noodles and a delicate umami broth, this classic and comforting Udon...
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