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Arima Onsen 有馬温泉

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    Arima Onsen (有馬温泉) is one of the oldest hot spring towns in Japan. It’s known for the unique golden hot spring and beautiful mountain scenery.

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    During our visit to the Kansai area, we took a day to relax in the golden hot springs of Arima Onsen (有馬温泉). I’ve been to Arima Onsen with my family several times growing up, and Mr. JOC and I visited many years ago during cherry blossom season and we had many wonderful memories. We were excited to bring our children back to the area and enjoy the unique golden hot springs in the area.

    arima onsen-8480

    Compared to Hakone in the Kanto area, the hot springs of Arima in Kansai is not as well known to foreigners. However, this small hot springs town located near the Rokko Mountain is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan, discovered nearly 1300 years ago. Another unique trait about the Arima hot spring is that it’s not volcanic.

    There are 2 types of hot springs (Kinsen & Ginsen) that rises from active Earth’s mantle here. As the spring rises of bedrock carrying salt and iron, it oxidizes and results in a golden color – Kinsen (金泉). There is also clear type of hot spring Ginsen (銀泉), that contains carbonate and radon elements. Both types of hot springs are good for skin and health.

    How To Get To Arima Onsen

    It’s a quick 1 hour car ride from Osaka or just 30 minutes from Kobe. If you are going to Arima Onsen from Kobe, do not follow Google Map’s instruction for public transportation. Go the Sannomiya Bus Terminal and you can purchase the JR Kousoku bus (高速バス) ticket that goes directly to Arima. You can also take the express bus from Shin Osaka (新大阪) and Shin Kobe (新神戸) bus terminals.

    arima onsen-5146

    The bus terminal and ticket counter is located inside the Mint Kobe building.

    Sannomiya station Arima Bus Map

    The bus to Arima boards at M4 (Click the map to enlarge).

    arima onsen-5142

    You will need to purchase a ticket prior to boarding the bus.

    arima onsen-5140

    At the bus terminal, you can check the departure times or visit this link (in Japanese).

    arima onsen-5135

    arima onsen-8510

    The JR Kousoku bus stop at Arima city center.

    arima onsen-5075

    The hotel we stayed at (Arima Grand Hotel) has a shuttle that pick up passengers at the JR Kousoku bus stop. Call the hotel to make pickup arrangement prior to arrival or at the bus stop. They will come to pick you up in less than 10 minutes.

    What to do in Arima Onsen

    Arima City Center

    We hopped on the hotel shuttle bus right away after we arrived in Arima and checked into our room. After we enjoyed the light afternoon snack, we then explored the downtown Arima and other areas. However for this post I’ll talk about the excursions first, then the hotel experience after.

    arima onsen-8356

    The hotel shuttle goes to the city center and picks you up at specified time.

    arima onsen-6981

    Downtown Arima has a beautiful Arima River that flows right through it.

    arima onsen-8391

    Nene Bridge (ねね橋)

    arima onsen-8387

    arima onsen-6979

    There are walkways in the middle of the river that allows you to stroll around.

    arima onsen-6978

    arima onsen-8395

    arima onsen-8401

    arima onsen-8478

    arima onsen-8505

    Taikoubashi (太閤橋)

    arima onsen-8488

    Yukemuri Hiroba (湯けむり広場) near Taikoubashi (太閤橋).

    arima onsen-8498

    arima onsen-8493

    arima onsen-8490

    arima onsen-8504

    arima onsen-8491

    Statue of Taikou Hideyoshi (太閤秀吉)

    arima onsen-8512

    arima onsen-8358

    The small city center has a sake store, gift shops, oden shop , and local soda cracker tansan senbei shop.

    arima onsen-8361

    arima onsen-8364

    arima onsen-8366

    arima onsen-8375

    Arima’s famous Tansan Senbei (炭酸せんべい) being made. The batter drips down into a press.

    arima onsen-8381

    arima onsen-8382

    The batter is heated and turns into crackers.

    arima onsen-8378

    arima onsen-8369

    The workers remove the extra flakes before packaging the crackers.

    arima onsen-8384

    Assortment of Tansan Senbei for visitors to take home and enjoy!

    Mt. Rokko (六甲山)

    Besides the city center area, another quick excursion around the area is Mt. Rokko (六甲山). The hotel also offered a shuttle bus that dropped us off at the Arima Onsen Ropeway station. The view from top of Mt. Rokko along with Hakodate and Nagasaki is considered the three great night views in Japan (日本三大夜景).

    arima onsen-8353

    arima onsen-8229

    arima onsen-8231

    arima onsen-8233

    arima onsen-8242


    arima onsen-8258

    arima onsen-8273

    arima onsen-8281

    Can you guess why the trees do not have tree limbs? The answer at the end of the post.

    arima onsen-8286

    arima onsen-8288

    You walk up a little hill and there is a restaurant and gift shop at the top of the mountain along with a balcony where you can see amazing harbor and city views.

    arima onsen-8308

    Unfortunately, it was cloudy and overcast on the day we visited so it was difficult to see Kobe and Osaka.

    arima onsen-8315

    arima onsen-6946

    More clouds were coming in, so we decided to go down.

    arima onsen-8321

    Different ropes used for the ropeway.

    arima onsen-8324

    arima onsen-8329

    arima onsen-8338

    Arima Grand Hotel 有馬グランドホテル

    There are many choices to stay in Arima, based on the reviews of the hotels and more importantly the food, we decided on Arima Grand Hotel. It is located on a hilltop so not easy to get in and out of without a car. Luckily the hotel had shuttles that will pick you up from the bus station, take you to city center (5 min away), and ropeway.

    arima onsen-5082

    The hotel lobby

    arima onsen-8223

    arima onsen-6987

    The hotel had a lush beautiful garden in the back.

    arima onsen-8411

    arima onsen-8408

    Arima Grand Hotel – Room

    The standard room was typical of most Japanese hotel and ryokan setup with Japanese style tatami room. With a sitting/sleeping area near the entry and sitting area by the windows.

    arima onsen-8191

    arima onsen-8193

    arima onsen-8203

    Snacks and green tea were served when we first checked in. The white peach jelly was amazing and we purchased a box of these jelly at the souvenir shop in the hotel.

    arima onsen-8211

    A little outdated, but it’s clean and functional.

    arima onsen-5080

    View from our balcony.

    arima onsen-8472

    The swimming pool (on the right) is open during the summer months (July-August).

    arima onsen-8474

    arima onsen-8464

    arima onsen-8467

    The sleeping arrangement set up by the staff after dinner in the room.

    Arima Grand Hotel – Dinner

    One of highlights when staying in Japanese hotels is the kaiseki meal they serve. If we use JTB to book our hotels, we always pay attention to the food score. If you plan on eating at the hotel, try to book one with at least 85 points.

    arima onsen-8418

    Depends on hotel/ryokan, dinner can be in your own room, another private room, or big dining area. Here at Arima Grand Hotel, dinner was served in our room.

    arima onsen-8422

    Plum wine (梅酒炭酸割り), Ayu fish with sansho pepper (鮎山椒オイルサーディン風), simmered Awaji octopus (淡路蛸の柔らか煮), Chinese lantern egg yolk (ほおずき玉子), chilled nagaimo (長芋冷製寄せ), eggplant agebitashi (茄子揚げ浸し), corn soup (玉蜀黍のすり流し), junsai (順菜), winter melon and chicken soboro with ankake sauce (冬瓜の鶏そぼろ餡かけ).

    arima onsen-8428

    arima onsen-8430

    arima onsen-8451

    The local craft beer Rokko Beer was quite good. My dear friend Yukako and her husband who live in Kobe sent us a bottle of delicious sake to our room to enjoy with dinner.

    arima onsen-8454

    5 kinds of sashimi (お造り五種盛り): Awaji pike eel, tai/sea bream, squid, grilled scallop (淡路産活け鱧、鯛、鮪、剣先烏賊、焼き帆立).

    arima onsen-8457

    Clear soup with pike eel ball (珠玉のお吸い物 鱧真丈 (はもしんじょう))

    arima onsen-8434

    Japanese sea bass and summer vegetable tomato stew in cocotte (鱸 (スズキ)と夏野菜のトマト蒸し).

    arima onsen-8462

    Kuroge Wagyu Beef Hari Hari Nabe (黒毛和牛はりはり鍋) and Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し).

    arima onsen-8460

    We enjoyed the meat with rice, pickles, and miso soup.

    arima onsen-8463

    For dessert, we had green plum poached in wine and seasonal fruits (青梅のワイン煮と季節のフルーツ).

    Kids course meal:

    arima onsen-8425

    Kids meal – Japanese style with sukiyaki, lobster, and sashimi.

    arima onsen-8441

    arima onsen-8438

    Kids meal – western style with lobster, Chicken KaraageEbi Fry, and sushi.

    arima onsen-8435

    Arima Grand Hotel – Breakfast Buffet

    The room package we booked included breakfast buffet. The quality of the buffet was pretty good and had lots of food selections. Usually, Japanese hotel buffet will include both western and Japanese dishes, as well as featuring local specialties.

    arima onsen-7043

    One side is Japanese, other side is western.

    arima onsen-7039

    Japanese main dishes with 2 kinds of fish, simmered vegetables, etc.

    arima onsen-7036

    Japanese side dishes.

    arima onsen-5093

    arima onsen-7037

    Appetizers, housemade regular and black sesame tofu.

    arima onsen-5090

    arima onsen-5089

    Western food choices.

    arima onsen-7031

    Bread and pastries.

    arima onsen-7044

    Cold cuts, yogurt, fruits, and salad section.

    arima onsen-5087

    arima onsen-7028

    My first round is Japanese meal and here’s what I got. Have you mastered in making Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg) using my recipe yet?

    Hotel Onsen Area

    Arima Grand Hotel had hot springs both on the top of the hotel as well as the basement floor, the facilities were really clean and very nice. On the top floor, you get to enjoy the view of Arima without obstruction. At the basement floor, the outdoor bath is set in a forest setting, very relaxing and peaceful while you soak in amazing baths. Both men and women’s bath area had gold hot spring and silver hot spring, so you can relax in either one, or both. As we are not allowed to take photos of the baths, please see the hotel’s website for more info.

    arima onsen-5101

    arima onsen-5110

    arima onsen-5108

    Sitting area outside of the baths on the top floor.

    arima onsen-5105

    View from the window by the bath area.

    arima onsen-5112

    arima onsen-5114

    Entrance to the bath area at the basement floor.

    arima onsen-5118

    Japanese bath changing room.

    Hotel Game Room

    arima onsen-5132

    arima onsen-5130

    arima onsen-5129

    Hotel Gift Shop

    arima onsen-5126

    arima onsen-5124

    arima onsen-5119

    We really enjoyed our visit to Arima Onsen. Although it’s not touristy as Hakone, the unique golden hot spring and charming elements are more than enough reasons to visit. It’s also just a short car ride away from Osaka and Kobe so I highly recommend stopping by and relaxing if you have time to visit!

    Lastly, the answer to my tree question earlier. The tree limbs are pruned so when they are cut into lumbers, the wood is knot-free. This increases the value of the wood as knots are the primary reason for reduction in lumber value.

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