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Blogging Technology Tips – CDN, Thesis, and more

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    Along with hosting, we would like to share a few additional blogging tech tips.

    Content Delivery Network

    Once your site is pretty popular and the site contains large image files, to lessen the load on your server, I recommend using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We’ve used Arcostream and are currently using MaxCDN due to price. Arcostream is $29 dollars per month while MaxCDN is $40 a year for 1 TB of data transfer. CDN hosts files (especially the heavy images) so your server doesn’t get overloaded with requests.

    Link to Save 25% with MaxCDN – $29.96 for one year (1 TB worth of data)

    Thesis Theme

    We’ve been using the Thesis Theme for WordPress for about 2 years now. The benefit of Thesis theme includes easy customization, a tremendous amount of articles available and awesome Forum support. There are a ton of articles out there on Thesis customization.

    A word of advice: always back up your custom_function.php file before making changes, otherwise your site will become inaccessible if the code has issues.

    Link to the Thesis Theme for WordPress

    There are also other themes specifically for food blogs, such as Food Blog and more. We have only used Thesis, so we can’t speak about how well these themes work.


    This is a great FREE ftp software. I use it to manage file transfers between my site and my local PC. The ftp tool is very helpful in managing and backing up files. Cool features include the ability to export ftp setting so you don’t have to set up the information over and over again on multiple computers.

    Link to Filezilla

    Akismet and Captcha

    When you run a blog, a ridiculous amount of spam hits your inbox everyday through comments. Akismet is a spam filter so your site doesn’t get spam messages. Sometimes spam messages still get through, so we also use Captcha plugin. Akismet is $5 a month and the Captcha plugin is FREE!

    Link to Akismet

    Link to Captcha

    W3 total Cache/WP Super Cache

    They are caching plugins for wordpress site so it runs faster. Both are FREE and there is quite a bit of information out there.

    Link to W3 Total Cache

    Link to WP Super Cache

    Link to Host Gator Support for setting up W3 Total Cache on your site

    Link to Host Gator Support for setting up WP Super Cache on your site

    Google Analytics

    FREE web analytics from Google so you know more about your visitors and what they are looking for on your site. If you use the Thesis theme, it’s very easy to start tracking with Google Analytics. Simply create the account and follow these simple instructions.

    Ziplist Plugin for Recipes

    Great FREE plugin that puts all your recipe ingredients, instructions and details in rich snippets.

    Link to Ziplist plugin.


    Just a reminder for SEO purposes: always have a sitemap so Google understands how to crawl your site. Here is more information on Sitemap from Google. There are many FREE sitemap plugins on We use BWP Google XML Sitmaps.

    Link to BWP Google XML Sitmaps

    Professional Help

    Once you get your site going, you might run into some issues you can’t resolve. In our case, the loading time was the issue and we didn’t know how to resolve it. I was roaming around the Thesis forum and found Matthew who runs We were very happy with his service. He clearly communicated what the issues were and what he was going to fix. You can contact him at matthew {at} diywpblog {dot} com.

    I will add more information to this page in the future if I can think of other helpful tips.

    – Shen

    Next: Food Photography.

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