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    Dear Readers and Bloggers,

    It’s Shen here, the handyman, assistant photographer, and recipe taster behind Just One Cookbook.  As of January 2013, Nami and I have been food blogging for 2 years.  Even though the concept of food blogging itself is pretty simple…

    1. Make the food.
    2. Take photos.
    3. Write the recipe.
    4. Share the recipe on blog.
    5. Repeat.

    …being very non-technical, we went through our fair share of challenges when we first started Just One Cookbook.

    Since we didn’t know a thing about blogging, we definitely made a few mistakes along the way.  As a result of making these mistakes and facing challenges, we actually learned quite a bit of new skills over the past 2 years.

    In this post, we’ll break down our thoughts into the following categories, which we think will be the most helpful for new bloggers.

    Blogging Tips |

    The content is divided into the following sections:


    We’ll tell the story of how we ended up choosing self-hosted WordPress instead of a Blogger, Movable Type or free account.


    We are with our third hosting company and so far it’s a happy marriage – but it hasn’t always gone so smoothly.

    Blogging Technology Tips

    We’ll review technology like CDN, theme and other helpful tools that we use ourselves.

    Food Photography

    We’ve learned that it’s not always easy to take a good photo. We’ll give you a quick recap of how our photography skills are improving.

    Growing Visitors to Your Site

    You have a food blog – now what? We’ll give you some tried and tested tips to help you grow your visitor base.

    Best wishes for your blogging adventure and we hope these tips are helpful.

    – Mr. JOC (February, 2013)


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