Need some delicious snack ideas? Here’s a collection of Japanese and Western-inspired snacks to enjoy with your afternoon tea. Try my childhood’s favorite Nikuman (steamed pork buns), or the sweet Okinawan doughnut Sata Andagi, or the healthy Japanese steamed cake (Mushi-pan).

A white plate containing Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) topped with a generous drizzle of takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayo, aonori, katsuobushi.

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Takoyaki Recipe (Video) たこ焼き


Candied Sweet Potatoes (Daigaku Imo) 大学芋


Homemade Popcorn with Truffle Salt (Video)

Green Tea Steamed Cake |

Green Tea Steamed Cake 抹茶蒸しパン

Soft and moist steam cake made with yogurt, honey, and matcha powder.
Roasted Chestnuts | Just One

Roast Chestnuts 焼き栗

Chestnut roasted over charcoal, healthy snack recipe for the fall.
Lotus Root Chips (Renkon Chips) レンコンチップス | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Renkon Chips (Lotus Root Chips) れんこんチップス

Crispy Lotus Root Chips (Renkon Chips) fried to perfection and sprinkled with Himalayan pink...
How To Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (Hanjuku Tamago 半熟玉子) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

How To Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (Hanjuku Tamago) 半熟卵

Follow this easy technique to make perfect soft-boiled eggs every time!
Tandoori Chicken Puffs |

Tandoori Chicken Puffs

Spicy and flavorful tandoori chicken wrapped in a fluffy puff pastry. Made with...
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