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Huis Ten Bosch Japan Guide

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    Huis Ten Bosch is a popular Dutch Town theme park in Nagasaki. Take a leisurely stroll to enjoy blooming flowers and charming windmills, and be dazzled by the light displays and fountains on the canal cruise. And as you might expect in Japan, this park just happens to be a playground for visitors into VR, robot fighting, and digital gaming.

    Welcome gate at Huis Ten Bosch

    We spent a day at Huis Ten Bosch amusement park in Sasebo on the way to Nagasaki from Arita. Our children were courteous enough to spend two days porcelain shopping with us so this was our way of saying thank you for their patience.

    Our family had a lot of fun at Huis Ten Bosch even though it’s not your typical amusement park. Ready to tour the charming and eclectic Huis Ten Bosch? Let’s go!

    What is Huis Ten Bosch Japan

    a family standing behind Huis Ten Bosch sign in a flowerbed

    Huis Ten Bosch is a Dutch town theme park with replica Dutch and European buildings, canals, and windmills featuring blooming seasonal flowers. It is named after one of the three residences of the Dutch Royal Family.

    Huis Ten Bosch is Japan’s largest theme park by area. To explore the park, there’s a lot of walking so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. It is a bit different from other theme parks as there aren’t any thrilling roller coaster rides. However, there are plenty of activities to do especially for families with younger children.

    Where is Huis Ten Bosch

    The park is located on Omura Bay on the west side of Kyushu Island. It is 30 min by train from Arita or 2 hrs from Nagasaki City (1 hr from the Nagasaki Airport).

    Huis Ten Bosch Ticket Price

    red brick building at the entrance of Huis Ten Bosch

    It is not cheap to go to Huis Ten Bosch as the ticket prices are almost the same as Tokyo Disney. As of Aug 2020, it’s ¥7,000 for an adult’s day pass, ¥6,000 yen for a junior, and ¥4,600 for a child’s ticket.

    girl standing next to Huis Ten Bosch mascot
    Huis Ten Bosch mascot

    Huis Ten Bosch Attraction Guide

    Similar to other theme parks, Huis Ten Bosch is divided into several areas. However, it is not designed as a loop so visitors will have to go out of their ways to explore the various zones.

    We’ll briefly cover each area and the activities we enjoyed the most as a family. Keep in mind there aren’t many rides at the park, and most attractions are some type of digital game or experience.

    1. Flower Road
    2. Adventure Park
    3. Attraction Town
    4. Thriller City
    5. Amsterdam City
    6. Tower City
    7. Harbor Town
    8. Palace Huis Ten Bosch
    9. Art Garden
    Welcome gate at Huis Ten Bosch
    Welcome Gate at Huis Ten Bosch

    Flower Road

    As soon as you enter the park, you’re greeted by the large brick European style building at the welcome gate. Through the gate, sceneries of the Dutch town appears.

    girl on a bridge in front of a body of water and windmill in the background

    As you walk along the path, you are surrounded by brilliant and colorful blooming flowers, windmills, and Dutch-style buildings.

    windmill next to flower bed

    side view of Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch
    Hotel Okura Jr Huis Ten Bosch

    Adventure Park

    We’ll start our adventure at Adventure Park.

    two children in front of mechanical dinosaur inside trees

    The highlight at Adventure Park was the Sky Rail Coaster Windstorm. Despite its name, the ride is very tame and suitable for young children.

    Riders are strapped into a fabric seat that’s hanging from a rail at the base station. The seat is then pulled about 3 stories up and then gravity does the rest. The rider glides slowly between trees and downwards back towards the station.

    Sky Rail Coaster Windstorm

    Other activities include a multistory maze, zipline, and sky castle suspension rope course.

    the maze a large wooden fence
    Large wood maze structure

    The attractions are designed with smaller kids in mind and elementary school-age children would have a lot of fun here.

    inside the maze

    sky castle with ropes and floating walkways
    Sky castle suspension rope course

    Attraction Town

    Next up is the Attraction Town. It is home to an assortment of VR, robot fighting, and digital gaming experiences. They were not the most fun but since there was almost no line (Japanese schools don’t start summer break until late July), we went ahead and tried a few of them.

    VR King attraction at Huis Ten Bosch
    VR King Roller Coaster

    The VR King is a roller coaster ride that doesn’t go anywhere. Using fans, hydraulics, and a VR headset, visitors ride on a virtual roller coaster. It wasn’t horrible but doesn’t come close to the real thing.

    VR King attraction at Huis Ten Bosch

    Other VR experiences include games where visitors feel as though they’re flying through a city.

    VR rides at Huis Ten Bosch
    VR Rides

    a man and two children standing in front of a robot

    In Children’s Robot Palace, children can battle each other driving robots and shoot at each other to score.

    two children riding in robots battling each other
    Battle King at Children’s Robot Palace

    Thriller City

    Moving on to Thriller City, it had a number of zombies and spooky-themed attractions. We did a zombie escape room which required finding our way out with the help of a digital device.

    girl with model of a scary creature behind bars

    Besides the zombie escape room, we also visited a haunted house in Thriller City. The attractions in this area might be a bit too scary for younger children.

    Amsterdam City

    Amsterdam City is located in the center of the park and home to many souvenir shops, restaurants, and performances at night.

    two children in front of a flower bed clock and three story castle

    What was our favorite activity in Amsterdam City? The popular fishing game Tsuri Spirits! Our son absolutely loves this fishing arcade game in Japan and they had one the size of a small theater!

    Usually, eight players can play together on a standard machine but here thirty players can play at the same time. Needless to say, we spent quite a bit of time there trying to catch mega-fish.

    large fishing arcade video game
    Giant Tsuri Spirits!
    dancers performing on stage at amsterdam square
    Dancers performing on stage at Amsterdam Square

    Tower City

    The one building visitors can’t miss at Huis Ten Bosch is Domtoren in Tower City. Visitors can see the surrounding area unobstructed from the observation platform at the top of Domtoren 260 feet up (80 meters).

    Domtoren tower
    Domtoren Tower
    view of Omura Bay from Domtoren Observation Platform
    View of Omura Bay
    view of Amsterdam City area at Huis Ten Bosch
    View of Amsterdam City area
    view of art garden area from Domtoren Observation Platform
    View of Art Garden area

    Canal Boat Ride

    Visitors can take a canal boat ride that circles the park and it’s a good opportunity to rest your legs and enjoy the scenery.

    boat in canal

    Along the route, water fountains dance to music and at night the canal is lit up with lights.

    water fountain spraying from canal lite up with lights

    a boat in the canal lite up at night
    Canal boat ride at night

    Besides the European buildings at the park, we noticed that there were many European style homes on the canal. It turns out that these are actually people’s homes!

    European style house next to canal
    European style house next to the canal
    ferris wheel
    Canal boat dock

    Harbor Town

    Harbor Town is the southern part of the Huis Ten Bosch and encompasses a large area including Palace Huis Ten Bosch. Entertainment options in Harbor Town include a large video game arcade and Go & Go!! Sniper Game, where visitors can shoot actual bb guns.

    fisherman's square

    girl and boy in front of dinosaur sculpture and plants
    Waiting for our turn at Go & Go!! Sniper Game
    girl and boy in front of hydrangea flowers
    Hydrangea in full bloom
    lite up tree lined the walking path at Huis Ten Bosch
    Light up trees and flowers along the walking path

    Palace Huis Ten Bosch

    One of the biggest attractions in the park is the Palace Huis Ten Bosch. It’s a replica of a palace in the Netherlands.

    gate to Palace Huis Ten Bosch with trees

    The palace houses interesting exhibits and hosts an illumination show at night.

    Palace Huis Ten Bosch
    Palace Huis Ten Bosch
    european style garden with hedges and trees and rock walking path
    The garden at Palace Huis Ten Bosch

    What’s inside the museum? At the time we visited, one of the exhibits was large floral sculptures made of hydrangea.

    girl in front of a giant hydrangea flower

    Golden Castle

    There was also a Golden Castle museum that featured random sculptures made of gold.

    gold sign that says golden castle
    Golden Castle
    gold buddha statues inside a glass case
    Gold buddha statues
    gold japanese vases
    Gold Japanese vases

    There was a solid gold bar on display which visitors can try to lift and see how heavy it is.

    girl trying to pick up a gold bar
    trying to lift a solid gold bar
    gold violin valued at 100k
    Gold violin worth USD$100k

    Palace Huis Ten Bosch Illumination

    At night inside the park, there are multiple illuminations and light shows for visitors to enjoy. We watched the one at Palace Huis Ten Bosch which is one of the largest projections in the world.

    Gate at Palace Huis Ten Bosch
    Gate at Palace Huis Ten Bosch
    Palace Huis Ten Bosch at night with lights
    Chairs set up for guests to watch the light show
    Palace Huis Ten Bosch at night with projection on building
    Projection on Palace Huis Ten Bosch

    Palace Huis Ten Bosch at night with projection on building

    Art Garden

    We ended our day by walking through the beautifully lit Art Garden. Here visitors can ride the Ferris wheel, walk through a large garden, and bungee jump.

    lightshow on a building at the art garden
    Illumination at the art garden on a building

    Domtoren tower lite up at night

    string lights hanging from a tower

    Huis Ten Bosch Japan Hotel

    We didn’t stay at one of the official Huis Ten Bosch hotels because the prices were really expensive. There are four official hotels, Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Forest Villa, and Henn-na Hotel. Henn-na Hotel made the news when it opened as being one of the world’s first hotels serviced by robots.

    hotel nikko huis ten bosch

    We stayed at Hotel Nikko Huis Ten Bosch which was just 3 min away from the park on foot. The room we had was for four people and included 2 bunk beds. Both the room and the bathroom were both pretty small.

    4 bed guest room at huis ten bosch

    However, Hotel Nikko had a large public bath which we enjoyed and included kaiseki dinner. The dinner was fabulous and one of the best we had on the trip. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of dinner for a tourist hotel.

    minazuki tofu in a white bowl
    Minazuki tofu
    assorted sashimi on a blue and white plate
    Assorted sashimi
    assorted appetizer in a black moon shape bowl
    simmered eggplant on a blue and white plate
    Simmered eggplant
    deep fried hamo fish on a black plate
    Deep fried hamo fish
    marinated sea snail
    Marinated sea snail

    Our family had a marvelous time at Huis Ten Bosch even without any thrilling rides (we’re a roller coaster family). It was a tiring day as we tried to explore most of the park, and it is big (bigger than Tokyo Disney + DisneySea).

    If you have elementary school-age children and planning to spend time in Kyushu, we would highly recommend it.

    The next destination is the city of Nagasaki and our final one for Kyushu.

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