Journey to Okinawa – Travel Highlights (Video)

  • In this episode of Tea Time with Nami, Nami shares the highlights of her family trip to Okinawa (沖縄), the most southern island of Japan!

    Just One Cookbook family next to clear ocean and sandy beach at Ocean Expo Park Okinawa |

    This is my 7th episode on my new series on our YouTube channelTea Time with Nami.  If you missed my previous episodes, you can click here.

    In Tea Time with Nami series, I’ll be talking about all kinds of topics beyond my recipes.  I’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions you have and connect with JOC readers and viewers outside of making delicious Japanese dishes.

    Watch Journey to Okinawa (沖縄) Travel Highlights – Tea Time with Nami (Ep 7)

    Last December, our family traveled to Okinawa (沖縄) the most southern island of Japan and had an amazing time.

    To watch this episode, please click here and you can also read more about Okinawa Travel Guide Series on the blog.  Thank you for your support!

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