How to Make Kamaboko Reins (Tazuna 手綱)

  • Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 6

    If you are decorating a small platter with little room for 3 dimensional patterns, you can still upgrade an ordinary slice of kamaboko fish cake by creating beautiful patterns on the top red skin itself.  This pattern is known as Kamaboko Reins, or Tazuna手綱 in Japanese, which resemblance the narrow strap horse rein that has an interweaved braids. 

    Watch How to Make Kamaboko Reins

    Two Japanese fish cakes (Kamaboko), seven beautiful designs! Make ordinary fish cake into decorative designs on this Oshogatu (Japanese New Year)!

    Step 1: Remove kamaboko from the wooden board.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting Prep 1

    Step 2: Slice off the uneven edge on both ends.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting Prep 2

    Step 3: Cut red-skin kamaboko into a 1/2 inch (12 mm) slice.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 1

    Step 4: Trim the red-skin of the kamaboko two third of the way.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 2

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 3

    Step 5: Make a slit down the center of the red part.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 4

    Step 6: Pull the end of red part through the slit from the bottom.

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 5

    Step 7: Pull out to the red part all the way to cover back the top. Now you have a fine ribbon detail that resemblance of horse rein on top of the kamaboko. 

    Decorative Kamaboko Cutting - Tazuna 6

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    To learn about other beautiful designs of kamaboko (Japanese fish cake), click here.

    7 kinds of Decorative Kamaboko (Fish Cake) on a Japanese lacquer plate.

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