How To Make Nejiri Ume ねじり梅

  • Japanese cooking sometimes decorate vegetables into pretty shapes, here is how to cut plum flower shaped carrot slices with cookie cutter.

    Nejiri Ume

    This is my quick method.

    1. Slice carrot.

    Nejiri Ume 1

    2. Cut out the carrot slices into plum flower shape.

    Nejiri Ume 2

    3. Cut out the “V” shape.

    Nejiri Ume 3

    4. Right side and left side.

    Nejiri Ume 4

    5. Repeat this process for the opposite side and done!

    Nejiri Ume 5

    6. Mince the leftover carrot and use it for cooking Spaghetti Meat Sauce or Fried Rice.

    Nejiri Ume 6

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