Elevate your everyday lunch with colorful bento lunches. Discover our bento recipes and lunch box ideas such as chicken meatball bento, honey soy sauce chicken bento, egg salad sandwich and more. They are perfect for school or work.

3 easy bento boxes filled with delicious meals.
Karaage Bento with tamagoyaki, broccoli, tomato, spinach sautee, and Onigiri.

Karaage Bento 唐揚げ弁当

Karaage bento with tamagoyaki, broccoli, tomato, spinach sautee, and Onigiri.
Sauteed Spinach | Just One

Quick Bento Dish – Sauteed Spinach

It's easy to add a bit of color to your bento with sautéed vegetables,...
Soboro Bento with fresh fruits.

Soboro Bento そぼろ弁当

Colorful bento with sweet tender ground chicken, green peas, egg, and fruits.
Korokke Bento with rice, tomatoes and fruit.

Korokke Bento コロッケ弁当

Delicious fried Korokke bento with tonkatsu sauce, strawberry, and furikake over rice.
Chicken Teriyaki Bento on a table.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento チキン照り焼き弁当

Healthy chicken teriyaki bento with sunomono, apple bunnies, tomatoes, and furikake on top of...
Apple Bunny | Just One

How To Make Apple Bunny (Apple Rabbit)

Love apple? Then you'll packing cute apple slices in bento by making apple...
Chicken Nanban Bento on a table.

Chicken Nanban Bento チキン南蛮弁当

Bento box with chicken nanban, tamagoyaki, mixed vegetable, and umeboshi.
Gyoza Bento on a table.

Gyoza Bento 餃子弁当

Bento box with Gyoza, tomato, brocolli, Tamagoyaki, Chikuwa cucumber, and Furikake rice.
Chikuwa Cucumbers

Chikuwa Cucumber

Chikuwa Cucumber is one of the quick dishes that can easily fill empty spaces...
Tonkatsu Bento on a table.

Tonkatsu Bento とんかつ弁当

First in Just One Cookbook Bento series: Bento with Tonkasu, tomato, golden kiwi, and...
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Gyoza served on a plate.
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