15 Easy Japanese Party Recipes

  • One of common questions I receive from readers is what Japanese people cook for a party.  Majority of people in Japan live in smaller homes and apartments so parties or get togethers tend to be on a smaller scale.  They are usually sit-down dinners with one other family (two max), with homemade cooking.

    Here, I listed 15 easy Japanese party recipes that are popular in Japan, as well as ones that I think are very easy to prepare for large groups.  Some recipes can be made ahead of time, and other recipes can be cooked together with your guests at the table.

    Shabu Shabu: Get the Recipe

    Shabu Shabu in pots.

    Okonomiyaki: Get the Recipe & Hiroshimayakai: Get the Recipe

    Okonomiyaki, Japanese Savory Pancake in a plate.

    Shrimp Tempura: Get the Recipe & Vegetable Tempura: Get the Recipe

    Shrimp Tempura on a bamboo basket.

    Temaki (Hand Roll) Sushi: Get the Recipe

    Temaki Sushi, Hand Roll on a wooden tray.

    Sukiyaki: Get the Recipe

    Sukiyaki in a pot.

    Chicken Curry: Get the Recipe

    Japanese Chicken Curry with white rice on a plate.

    Oden: Get the Recipe

    Oden in a pot.

    Miso Cod: Get the Recipe

    Miso Cod on a plate.

    Baked Tonkatsu: Get the Recipe

    Baked Tonkatsu and salad on a plate.

    Miso Salmon: Get the Recipe

    Miso Salmon over rice in a white bowl.

    Honey Soy Sauce Chicken: Get the Recipe

    Honey Soy Sauce Chicken on a plate and a tray.

    Nikujaga: Get the Recipe

    Nikujaga in a bowl.

    Salted Salmon (Shiojake): Get the Recipe

    Salmon on a plate.

    Sushi Rolls: Get the Recipe

    Sushi rolls on a plate.

    Korokke (Croquette): Get the Recipe

    Mom's Korokke on a plate.

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