15 Easy Japanese Side Dish Recipes

  • When you prepare a meal, colorful side dishes often make the meal more appetizing.  Some side dishes can be enjoyed by themselves and some complement the main dish.  Here are 15 Japanese side dish recipes to enjoy all year around!

    Kinpira Gobo: Get the Recipe

    Kinpira Gobo in a small bowl.

    Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball): Get the Recipe

    Onigiri, Rice Balls on a plate.

    Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce: Get the Recipe

    Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce on a plate.

    Boiled Squid with Miso Vinaigrette: Get the Recipe

    Boiled Squid with Miso Vinaigrette in a bowl.

    Inari Sushi: Get the Recipe

    Inari Sushi on a wooden broad.

    Pickled Cucumber: Get the Recipe

    Pickled Cucumber on a plate.

    Tamagoyaki: Get the Recipe

    Japanese Rolled Omelette on a white plate.

    Cucumber & Chicken Marinated in Chili Oil: Get the Recipe

    Cucumber and Chicken Marinated in Chili Oil in a plate.

    Yaki Onigiri: Get the Recipe

    Yaki Onigiri, Grilled Rice Ball on a plate.

    Simmered Kabocha with Shio Koji: Get the Recipe

    Simmered Kabocha in a bowl.

    Green Bean Shiraae: Get the Recipe

    Green Bean Shiraae in a bowl.

    Miso Soup: Get the Recipe

    Miso Soup in bowls.

    Fried Lotus Root with Pork: Get the Recipe

    Fried Lotus Root with Pork on a white plate.

    Ginger Rice: Get the Recipe

    Ginger Rice and miso soup on a tray.

    Kabocha Pork Stir Fry: Get the Recipe

    Kabocha Pork Stir Fry in a dish and a bowl of rice.

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