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Delicious Nohju Japanese Rice From Kyoto

  • Nohju Japanese Rice uses delicious Kyoto Koshihikari rice in their ready-to-eat package, enjoy them with your favorite Japanese dishes.

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Japanese Rice

    How many of you have been to Japan and have had a chance to taste the shiny, fluffy, slightly sweet Japanese rice? For Japanese cuisine, rice is actually considered the “main dish” (主食 shushoku). We take the flavor, texture, fragrance, and all the characters you can think of about rice seriously.

    Today I’m want to share a particular Japanese brand of ready-to-go rice – Nohju (農樹). Their rice came all the way from Kyoto, Japan and now it’s available for us on the American table. And the unique part is that the rice is already cooked and ready-to-eat in 2 minutes! Is it possible to have a convenient rice pack and still taste delicious? Keep on reading. 🙂


    Nohju 農樹 Japanese Rice – Father & Son Business

    Nohju (農樹) is a Japanese company from Kyoto and it’s a father-and-son business. Their success story to make Kyoto Koshihikari (京都コシヒカリ) is very inspiring to me.

    Nohju Japanese Rice

    What make this company so special and unique from the other rice companies? This father-son team is fully involved in creating the product every step of the way, from rice cultivation to products to sales. They don’t just run the business, but they are also rice farmers themselves!

    Nohju’s rice can be found in Japan’s finest department stores, including Mitsukoshi (三越) and Isetan (伊勢丹). You can also find their rice in some Asian countries including Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice

    Nohju’s Ready to Eat Cooked Japanese Rice

    We now can enjoy Nohju’s finest Kyoto Koshihikari in ready-to-eat packages!

    You may not be familiar with this type of rice packages, but in Japan, these “instant rice” packages have been around for decades. Many people stock up these rice packages as an emergency food supply.

    So what’s different and special about Nohju’s Ready To Eat Cooked Rice?

    Quality of Japanese Rice

    Nohju’s Ready-to-Eat Cooked Rice uses 100% fresh high-quality Kyoto Koshihikari rice harvested during that year. They want to pack only good quality fresh rice for even ready-to-eat cooked rice.

    To be honest with you guys, Nohju’s rice really surprised and impressed me and I wasn’t expecting this rice to be so good, especially coming from the package. If this rice was served in a regular rice bowl, not in this packaged container, I wouldn’t even notice that the rice was already cooked and packed in Japan!


    Nohju Koshihikari has a really nice shine to it which you often see with Japanese rice grown in Japan. I rarely see this beautiful luster on California grown Japanese rice. The rice also has slightly sweet flavor and it’s sort of milky (not that milk is in it). It’s quite fluffy and soft, and the gentle and subtle flavors spread in the mouth as you chew.

    Why Ready To Eat Cooked Rice?

    Now that you know how delicious this rice is, let’s talk about WHY this Ready-to-Eat cooked rice is convenient.

    • You’re too busy to wash and cook rice (not to mention clean up the pot).
    • You often forget to cook rice when you already have some leftover (main) foods.
    • You don’t want to buy a big bag of Japanese rice for occasional Japanese meals at home.
    • You’re going on a camping trip this summer and need to prepare rice.
    • You always wanted to try Japanese rice from Japan, especially after I mentioned how good rice from Japan is… 😉

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice

    How To Prepare Ready To Eat Cooked Rice

    There are 2 ways to prepare Nohju’s Ready-To-Eat Cooked Rice: microwave or stove-top boiling method.

    Microwave Method: By far, it’s the quickest and most convenient method, as long as you have the microwave at your home or office.

    Step 1: Open the corner of the package.

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice 1
    There is a dot line so you know how far you can open.

    Step 2: Heat Up in your microwave (500-600W) for 2 minutes.

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice 2
    My microwave is 1100W, so I reduced the power by half (P5).

    Boiling Method: If you are at a campground or don’t have a microwave at home, you can just heat up the whole package in boiling water for 14 minutes. Don’t open the package until it’s done heating up.

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice

    When it’s done cooking, open the package…

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice 4

    Tada! Fluff up the rice with a slightly wet spoon (so rice won’t stick), and it’s ready to eat!

    Nohju Kyoto Ready To Eat Cooked Rice

    I served the rice with Salted Salmon, Tamagoyaki, and Spinach Gomaae.

    Where To Get Nohju Ready to Eat Cooked Rice?

    You can purchase Nohju rice at selective locations of 99 Ranch Market, Pacific Supermarket, and Safeway. You can also purchase at the following website.




    UPDATE: The giveaway was so popular and Nohju received 100 entries in just 30 minutes. They are now giving away another 100 packs (200 total)!

    Now the best part, I’m partnering with Nohju to give away 100 packages of Ready to Eat Cooked Rice. Each package includes 3 pack of rice (can prepare 3 bowls of rice).

    Due to this product being only available in the U.S., this contest is open to only U.S. residents (including Hawaii and Alaska).

    First 200 people will receive one package of Nohju Cooked Rice (3 packs of rice). The contest will be closed as soon as they receive 200 entries with the following criteria. Entries that did not include the following information will not be included for this contest.

    HOW TO ENTER (Please read carefully!):

    1. Send an email
    2. Type Instant Rice in subject line.
    3. In the email, write:
      1. Your Full Name
      2. Your Address
      3. Pick ONE of the following questions and write your answer.
    • How do you purchase your rice? At the grocery store or online shopping?
    • Which brand of rice do you currently enjoy?
    • How big (lb. or kg) is your bag of rice?
    • How often do you eat rice?

    Good luck!

    Full Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Nohju.

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