Top-Rated Cooking Thermometers Giveaway from ThermoWorks (US & Canada only) (Closed)

  • Ready to improve your cooking instantly? Enter to win a trio of best-rated Thermapen® Mk4, ThermoPop®, and ChefAlarm® from ThermoWorks. These cooking thermometers will be your new kitchen best friends!

    thermoworks thermapan giveaway on Just One Cookbook 2019

    To show you a little extra love this Valentine’s day, we’ve joined together with ThermoWorks to give away their best-selling cooking thermometers to 3 lucky winners! Each person will receive a set of Thermapen® Mk4, ThermoPop®, and ChefAlarm®.  

    Rated #1 by Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen, you’ll be blown away by how these little tools can improve your cooking instantly! I personally use the Thermapen® Mk4 a lot in my cooking, especially recipes like Japanese Pork Roast and Matcha Tiramisu that count on accurate temperatures. And I cannot emphasize how important it is to have a reliable thermometer to achieve perfect results. It is literally a life-changer! I know you’re going to love these thermometers too, so don’t forget enter for your chance to win!

    Win a set of top-rated cooking thermometers from ThermoWorks

    Item 1 – Thermapen® Mk4

    ThermoWorks Thermapen MK4

    The Thermapen Mk4 is the #1 Rated Instant-read Thermometer by America’s Test Kitchen and the one that I use in my kitchen. There are so many uses for the Thermapen including measuring the temperature of meat, making homemade caramels or candy, checking that a loaf of bread is baked perfectly, knowing the exact temperature of your softened butter, checking your water before you add yeast and many more uses. Each Thermapen has an accuracy of 0.7°F and a 2-3 second reading which comes in handy when your hand is over a hot pot. It has an auto-sensing sleep & wake mode, is waterproof, and comes in 10 fun colors! Having exact temperatures takes away the guesswork when cooking any dish so you can have perfectly-cooked and consistent results every time.

    Item 2 – ThermoPop®

    ThermoWorks Thermapen Instant-Read Thermometer & ThermoPop

    The ThermoPop is the most affordable of all ThermoWorks thermometers and was rated #1 by America’s Test Kitchen as the best thermometer in the lower price range. It has a rotating display, reads in 3-4 seconds, and is available in 9 colors! Like the Thermapen Mk4, the ThermoPop can be used in meat, chocolate, caramel, baking, water, etc.

    Item 3 – ChefAlarm®

    The ThermoWork’s ChefAlarm is a cooking alarm that comes with a 6-inch probe. Everytime you open an oven door, you can lose over 50°F of ambient heat which can alter your cooking time and results. With the ChefAlarm, you insert the probe into your food items such as a pot roast, turkey, or cake, close the oven door with the probe inside, and set the temperature alarm. You can leave the food in the oven and not worry about checking it until the alarm goes off, letting you know that your food has reached the perfect temperature. The ChefAlarm also comes with a Probe Clip that fits on most pot sizes, letting you track the temperature of frying oil, boiling water, stew, etc. There is also a low-temperature alarm which is perfect for making yogurt, defrosting a turkey or cooling items. It is also great for Smoking and outdoor cooking!

    About ThemoWorks

    ThermoWorks is all about quality products and great customer service. They have their own calibration lab at their headquarters in Utah where they test all of their products for accuracy and durability. Their products exceed industry standards and are used in commercial kitchens, by professional chefs, and home cooks alike.


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    Thank you so much for participating in this giveaway. The winners are…

    1. Deborah W
    2. Frances E Schwamm
    3. Annette Cadosi Wilson

    Congratulations! I’ll email you shortly.

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