Green Tea Chiffon Cake 抹茶シフォンケーキ

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Green Tea Chiffon Cake | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Making chiffon cake was one of my dream after I started to bake more often starting last year (thanks to your encouragement!).  I always thought it was going to be difficult to make a chiffon cake; however, after lengthy experiments with my Castella recipe (finally success!) this green tea chiffon cake was a piece of cake.  Yes, I just say that. 😉

Of course this green tea lady has to make Green Tea Chiffon Cake first before trying other flavors, right?

Green Tea Chiffon Cake | Easy Japanese Recipes at

The green tea chiffon cake came out fluffy, light and moist!  It turned out just like the green tea chiffon cake that I’ve tried in Japan and dreamed of making myself.

If you are new to chiffon cake, it is a very light sponge cake made with vegetable oil, eggs, sugar, flour, and whatever the flavor you want to add.  You beat egg whites and fold them into the oil-based cake batter so that the cake will get fluffy texture.

Green Tea Chiffon Cake | Easy Japanese Recipes at

You only use 3 tablespoon of oil for this recipe and it is so light that if no one was looking, I would probably ate the entire 17 cm (about 7 inch) cake all by myself!

When it comes to chiffon cakes, I like them very simple.  No sweet frosting necessary (so that I can eat more than 1 slice).  Especially if you use very good quality matcha (green tea powder), you want to be able to taste the subtle matcha flavor.

If you are a fan of not-so-sweet desserts, this is for you!  Knowing how easy it is to make chiffon cakes now, I am going to try making other flavors soon.  What would be your favorite flavor?

Green Tea Chiffon Cake | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Make sure you use the correct chiffon cake pan.  The best types are the aluminum ones with a removable base (Do not use non-stick bakeware for chiffon cake – it will not work).  Do not grease the mold because the cake needs to cling on the sides and center of the pan for support as it rises or it will collapse.

I bought 17-cm and 20-cm aluminum chiffon cake pans while I was in Japan because I wanted to follow Japanese chiffon cake recipes .  If you are interested in the same pan and know someone in Japan who can receive the package for you, you can purchase one from this Japanese store.  They are great!

Or, you can order this 17-cm aluminum chiffon cake pan or this cute colored chiffon cake pan online from Nihon Ichiban which ships internationally!

Now here’s the video on How To Make Green Tea Chiffon Cake on my YouTube Channel! Enjoy!

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Green Tea Chiffon Cake
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: Makes one 12-cm (about 7 inch) cake
  • 3 large egg yolks
  • 85 g (3 oz, or ½ cup and take away 1 Tbsp.) sugar
  • 3 Tbsp. (40 ml) vegetable oil
  • 4 Tbsp. (60 ml) water
  • 75 g (2.6 oz, or ⅔ cup and take away 4 Tbsp.) cake flour (or make your own - see below)
  • 1 heaping Tbsp. (about 10 g, or 0.4 oz) matcha (green tea powder)
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • 3 large egg whites
  • 1 17-cm (about 7”) chiffon cake pan
  1. Preheat oven to 340F (170C).
  2. In a large bowl, whisk egg yolks and add ⅓ of the sugar. Then add oil and water and whisk all together till combined.
  3. Sift cake flour, matcha, and baking powder together and add to the egg yolk mixture in 3 separate times. Whisk until totally incorporated and make sure there are no lumps.
  4. Using a stand mixer, whip the egg whites on medium low speed (speed 4) till opaque and foamy and bubbly.
  5. Add ⅓ of the remaining sugar and continue whipping. After 30 seconds or so, increase the stand mixer speed to high (speed 10) and add the remaining sugar slowly in small increments. It takes about 2 minutes (since you changed the speed to speed 10) until stiff peaks form.
  6. To check on stiff peaks, pull up your whisk and see if you can make strong 'peak' that stays still without bending down.
  7. Add ⅓ of the beaten egg whites into the flour mixture using spatula until the mixture is homogeneous.
  8. Fold in the rest of the egg whites in 2-3 increments and mix gently but quickly until the mixture is homogeneous.
  9. Pour the mixture into the ungreased 17cm chiffon cake pan. Tap the pan a few times on the kitchen countertop to release the air bubbles.
  10. Bake for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  11. The cake must be cooled upside down; stick the pan on a tall heavy bottle, leave until cake is completely cool before removing it from the pan.
  12. Use a thin sharp knife or thin offset spatula and run it around the cake.
  13. Place the serving plate on top and flip over. The cake will pop out easily. Enjoy!
*All-purpose flour and cake flour do not perform the same. Cake flour is more delicate, and if you use all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, the texture will be dense and tough. If you can't find cake flour, use this substitution:

Take one level cup of all-purpose flour, remove 2 Tbsp, and then add 2 Tbsp of corn starch back in. (1 cup AP flour - 2 Tbsp AP flour + 2 Tbsp corn starch = 1 cup cake flour). Be sure to sift the flour 3-4 times to distribute the corn starch well.

Tips for beating egg whites:

-- Make sure your beaters and mixing bowl are clean and dry. A speck of oil or egg yolk on either one can minimize the volume of the beaten egg whites.

-- Avoid plastic bowls -- even clean ones may hold oily residue that can affect the beating quality of the egg whites.

-- Use a bowl that's wide enough to keep the beaters from being buried in the egg whites.

-- Do not overbeat or underbeat egg whites -- your cake may fall. Egg whites should be stiff but not dry.

Recipe adapted from Chiffon Cake Book by Junko Fukuda


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  1. This is GRANT dessert Nami, and I want to try it so much!!! Your video is so cute, I am happy that you start doing it-) Love everything about this post, specially the color of your scrumptious cake!!!

  2. Chiffon cake is lovely, Nami, and yours with green tea is just marvelous! I usually make a lemon one. I love the light texture of chiffon cakes. I read a great quote once that chiffon cake is angel food cake that went to finishing school – so true!

  3. I’ve never made a chiffon cake before but I’d like to give it a try. Probably NOT a matcha powder one unless I use up what I’ve already got in my pantry which isn’t as green and pretty the brand you have. :)

  4. Hideko Pirie

    How lucky to have you as our test kitchen master. Thank you for all your hard work/test. Great illustration/photography! Love Macha and Azuki!

  5. I remember the first time I start baking a chiffon cake is green tea flavour… was my chiffon cake success? It was a flopped ugly looking cake!! Chiffon cake is my all time favourite.

  6. Patricia Holm

    This sounds so good. I would also like Pandan flavour but I am having difficulties finding the Pandan leaves here in the Vancouver area. I’ve heard the extract isn’t as good.

    • Tina Driz

      Hi Patricia can you use Pandan extract just like the vanilla extract it should taste the same I got one at home and bought in my local Filipino store just a suggestion take care.

      • Hi Tina! Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ll also look into the extract. As I had never tasted pandan flavor from pandan leaves *yet*, I may not notice the difference. I need to find some real pandan flavored dessert soon! :)

    • Hi Patricia! I’d love to try Pandan flavor too. In my nearest Asian store, they sell Pandan leaves in frozen section. Have you checked the freezer area? I had no idea until someone told me. :) Otherwise it looks like only option is an extract… :/

  7. Tina Driz

    Hi Nami like everything else this looks good too still need to buy Matcha green tea lol. Since your asking about chiffon flavor request but it is not in season anymore maybe during summer could you try mango chiffon cake for me please ty? In fact I got mango puree and mango pulp at home that I made mango mousse for experiment (it came out good) <3

    • Hi Tina! Mango Chiffon sounds good…except for I got allergic all the sudden after I made my Mango Lassi Popsicles! I need to stay away from mango for a while (so sad!)… but thanks for the suggestion! Maybe one day when I can eat mango again!

  8. Hi Nami – your chiffon cake out perfectly! You know I love chiffon cakes and they really are surprisingly easy to make and so delicious without a ton of fat. I love them. Green tea flavor sounds divine!

  9. Not so sweet sponge cakes are just what I want – I spend a substantial period of my time in Japanese restaurants hogging these, lol! I love these, and green tea is my all time fav. Definitely trying this.

  10. Brenda Lim

    Hi Nami! I have a 10″ chiffon tray. Can I double your recipe to fit this tray? I always enjoy reading your recipes. Keep it going!

    • Hi Brenda! 10″ is about 25 cm. So instead of doubling, maybe you increase by 50%, then the batter will be equivalent for 25 cm chiffon pan. Adjust the baking time as your chiffon will be bigger. :)

      Thank you so much for following my blog! I hope you enjoy this cake. :) xo

  11. U r truly a green tea fans! I love green tea too. But I prefer rich and dense cake like pound cake. Btw, your chiffon cake is so success, air holes is so tiny!

  12. While in Canada over the summer, my aunt (who is an avid baker even at the age of 85) taught me how to make chiffon. After watching her bake a lot of chiffon, she taught me how to use flavor and one of the flavors that came to my mind is… yes you guess it. GREEN TEA haha. I just didn’t know how to go about it or didn’t even pursue the idea until it got lost. And to be honest, baking has always been my waterloo. (i need to repair that soon)

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I love your marble bench, Nami. That’s a very lovely looking chiffon cake. It looks incredibly moist and light. I’m sure your children would be very disappointed if they came home to find you had eaten the entire cake! xx

  14. donna mikasa

    Matcha chiffon cake? Yes!! Do you think a black sesame chiffon cake is possible? That would be my second choice for a chiffon cake. Yum!

  15. Nami – your chiffon cake turned out fantastic – how I wish I could have a slice or two right now! I can imagine this would be so simple for you after tackling the fidgety castella (which I still do not have the courage to try yet!)

    I will try this recipe soon – it’s slightly different to the one I use! Looking forward to your other flavour chiffons :) My fav ones include black sesame and orange!

  16. hi Nami, You’ve been bitten by the baking bug, looks like!! That cake looks just so delumptious. I wouldn’t have thought a green cake could look so inviting, but I want some NOW!!

  17. This chiffon cake looks beautiful Nami! Love green tea and perfect choice for your first chiffon cake! Looks so moist and I can imagine how amazing this tastes :) Pinned!

  18. Your Green Tea Chiffon Cake is gorgeous! You did a great job. I like that you only used 3 eggs for this recipe. My younger son likes recipes that use green tea. I will share this with him. Even better, I’ll bake this for them soon. Thanks for sharing and keep on baking, Nami!

  19. Looks wonderful. I am a fan of not-too-sweet desserts, I’ll take your cake with a cup of black coffee please. And if I were a baker, I would make this one for sure…

  20. Wow, what a gorgeous cake. I’ve never made chiffon. I’ve done angel food though and this sounds very similar. I love the addition of green tea but I’d probably need a glaze of some kind on top because when I have cake with my coffee, I need a little sweetness. :)

  21. I LOVED this recipe. I will try this out soon. Never tried matcha and would love to try it out. I am so impressed by your step by step photos and the attention to details. Hats off to you dear Nami!

  22. Nami, this cake looks so beautiful, fluffy and perfect. I really enjoy green tea flavored desserts and this is one of the things I will get to soon.
    I have been enjoying your you tube videos, very well done my dear. Keep it coming.

  23. Wow Nami, your cake turned out perfect! The texture looks great congrats on your baking dream come true :). I do love the green tea color too very beautiful.

  24. What a great idea to use matcha in a chiffon cake! Very clever my dear! You cake does look very moist and delicious. I’ve never made a chiffon cake and you’re right – it doesn’t look that hard, but then that might just be all of your wonderful pictures and tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration Nami!

  25. I am crazy for matcha (as you know), I hate oversweet desserts so this is definitely my kind of cake! It looks perfectly light and fluffy which is not obvious with sponge cakes.

  26. I love this! I am not a huge fan of desserts and on most cakes I find that the frosting takes over and you lose most of the cake. I would not have that problem with this cake and it looks so light and fluffy!

  27. I used to eat these chiffon cakes when I was a kid., especially with these creamy “whipped cream” fillings. The recipe is going to be a tough one to veganize, but that is something I would love to try one day! Have a great weekend!

  28. Nami, you have come so far since those early blogging days. Look at you, baking like a pro. Your cake looks fantastic..and I can’t wait to see your next flavor :)

  29. Felicia

    Hi Nami,
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I’m excited to try it. Need a few clarifications :-

    1. The egg yolks look big. Can I know the weight of one egg? The eggs I have here weight about 60 – 65gm per piece. I think that’s very small??

    2. Can I substitute green tea powder with Milo powder or chocolate powder? What should I take note when choosing other substitutes?

    3. Can I bake this in a cup because my chiffon cake tray is not as tall ?

    Thanks and hear from you soon! :-)


    • Hi Felicia! Please find my answers below.

      1. I’ve never majored eggs in gram (sorry!). According to Wiki (, large egg is 57 gram. And according to this site (, the large egg is 55 gram.

      2. I think it will work as long as the weight is same. Volume can be different.

      3. Hmm.. good question. I think as long as the cup is not big, it should work. If it’s large, it takes more time to cook in the middle, but as long as it’s decent size… but can you flip upside down after being baked? Also I recommend aluminum texture or paper for the baking pan to get the best result.

      Hope that helps. :)

  30. Nami, this is my favourite cake of all times, I grew up on them! Not the green tea but we have pandan leave flavoured ones ( still green in colour), and in fact I just made lemon chiffon last night! I love the video you made, gosh so many hard work you put in!

  31. This looks so light and fluffy! You’re becoming an expert baker Nami! My New Year’s resolution to bake more often has gone by the wayside. But your matcha-filled baked goods are serving as good inspiration for me!

  32. I’m so happy you’re baking more often, because i adore and love Japanese desserts/baked goods. And, I can always count on you to provide delicious recipes! I love green tea flavor too and I love that you made this chiffon cake with that flavor! :)

  33. Vicky

    Thanks Nami for this simple, quick and easy Green Tea Chiffon cake. I love this cake so much. Look forward for more chiffon cake recipe.

  34. Gosh…I MUST try this coz most recipes require lots of eggs but yours only 3 eggs!! Most of all I love green tea!!! Wonder can I manage it….hmm….when I succeed, you will see my sharing post again ^_^

  35. Nami, I just replenished my stock of matcha the other day at my favorite tea merchant in town and while I was there they shared a recipe for a green tea cheesecake with me. But I think I would much rather try this green tea chiffon cake, as I am a very serious chiffon cake lover!
    Hope life is treating you kindly, dear friend! Have a fabulous week!

  36. Lava

    This looks super tasty! Matcha is my favourite in everything :)
    I like the way it used oil instead of butter too, its much easier to mix

  37. Amelia

    What exactly is cake flour? Over here in Australia we have Plain Flour and Self Rising Flour. I am going to make your cake tomorrow so I would like to double check. Thank you :)

    • Hi Amelia!

      Cake flour is a low gluten flour while self-rising flour is just all-purpose flour with baking powder (leavener) already mixed in the flour.

      You can make cake flour too. To make 1 cup cake flour, put 2 Tbsp. cornstarch in an empty 1-cup measure. Then add all-purpose flour till the top. Sift the mixture 2-3 times to evenly distribute the cornstarch.

      Hope that helps, and that you like the chiffon cake! :)

      • Hi Amelia! Thank you for sharing the picture! Besides the size difference of our cake pans, it’s actually hard to see the texture from the photo (as it looks good!). Do you think you could improve meringue? To be more fluffy? It adds more air into the cake which helps cake texture to be fluffier than dense texture. Hope that helps. :)

  38. Frances

    Hi Nami, I have a question regarding the amount of sugar that you list in the recipe, it seems like 75 g (3 oz, or 2/3 cup and take away 1 tsp.) sugar doesn’t make sense to me. I weighted with 2/3 cup gave a 144 g or 5 oz of sugar not 75 g or 3 oz like you stated it… anyway, I baked the cake… it turned out great and waaayyyy too sweet for our taste… please confirm if I am wrong or not… hope to make it again with your help. Thanks!!!

    • Frances, thank you so much for your comment. I know this cake is NOT so sweet, so I knew something was wrong. I just checked my notebook and it says 85 g (3 oz, 1/2 cup – 1 Tbsp.)!! SO sorry!!! I think I got messed up with the flour amount (75 g and 2/3 cup… from there). My note is correct because I always use my note to make this recipe. Thank you so much for spotting the error. Did you add 144 gram? >_< Ahhh! 85 g should be perfect. I’m very sorry Frances!

  39. Jeannie Tay

    Hi Nami, I have come to “eat” your lovely chiffon cake, looks so soft and fluffy, am going to pin this for future reference:) Love the video!

  40. Alana

    This is an excellent recipe Nami! I can’t believe I made a chiffon cake successfully at the first time. And I have made it a second time just to prove that it was not by sheer luck :)

    My nephews have requested a chocolate version. Should I just replace the matcha powder with the same amount of cocoa powder? Thanks for making me a happy baker :)

    • Hi Alana! Yay! It’s actually very simple to make, right? Only part we need to pay attention is to make meringue. I haven’t made chocolate chiffon cake before. But I’d include chocolate besides cocoa powder to make it more rich taste (otherwise, I think it will be light). I haven’t tested it yet so it’s hard to say the amount. You might want to look for chocolate chiffon cake recipes and compare this recipe then maybe test it out… Sorry I can’t help much. :(

  41. Wita

    Hello Nami,
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have tried to make it but i substituted matcha with cocoa powder, and they are just as tasty. The only problem is…. I seem to always have too much dry ingredients left ( i try to put them into the egg yolk mix a little at a time), and before I could finish pouring all the dry ingredients, the egg yolk mixture is already way too thick. does the amount of flour actually matters to how it turns out?

    Thanks Nami. i’d like to try it with earl grey tomorrow :)

    • Hi Wita! Cocoa powder and matcha powder is a bit different in terms of weight. My guess is that matcha powder is lighter than cocoa, so you need more wet ingredients in order to include more cocoa powder. I haven’t made a cocoa version so I’m not sure how much you would need to get the perfect texture. Yes, it matters for the final result to have the right amount of ingredients. :)

  42. Karla

    Dear Nami, I tried this recipe into cupcakes liners but unfortunately they just collapsed in the middle. Do you have any suggestion?
    Thank you for share your lovely recipes.

    • Hi Karla! I’m not an expert in baking but there are two things you need to think about to make chiffon cake.

      1) The batter needs to be able to climb up the sides of the pan. That’s why we don’t grease the pan. Is it possible to use the muffin pan instead? Non stick material is better for chiffon cake.

      2) The upside-down cooling method is necessary to prevent the cake from falling. How did you make the cupcakes upside down? As I mentioned in 1, maybe muffin pan might work?

      Hope this helps. :)

      • Karla

        Thanks for your reply, Nami! I´ll try muffin pan, as you suggest. And I´m sorry, but I didn´t follow this important step of cooling them upside down… They didn´t have that delicious crack on top as yours, but they were round on top. After a couple of minutes they crashed, rsrs… Thank you again!!

        • Hi Karla! Please don’t be sorry. :) It’s a good sign that the cake did rise. Next time try to make it upside down so that you can prevent from falling. The material of cake pan (chiffon cake pan) is also important because it can’t be slippery (which is why we do not grease). Good luck! :)

  43. Thanks for your fabulous recipe. I tried many chiffon cake’s recipes before, however, not as good as yours. The cake is moist and fluffy. And I can easily take out the cake from the pan and maintain a good shape. Thanks for your sharing. By the way, is Chiffon cake origin from Japan?

    • Hi B.Chan! I’m so happy this recipe worked out for you! The texture is really perfect – I made many times and every time the texture comes out perfectly. :) No, chiffon cake is not from Japan, but we’re crazy about it. :)

  44. Thanks for the recipe! Just made it this morning and it turned out amazingly moist and fluffy. I dropped in a little honey to the wet ingredients before adding the dry ingredients because I wanted just a hint of honey. I also really appreciate that you use grams rather than cups. Thanks again!

    • Hi Vee! Thank you for trying my recipe! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Love the addition of honey! I really think all recipes should be written in gram, especially baking. A small difference can make a huge difference in result. :) Thank you again!

  45. Kate

    I am so glad I chose your recipe to make my FIRST chiffon cake. It turned out just as you said- light and fluffy! I could really understand why you would want to eat the whole thing by yourself, because I felt the same way, too, when I tasted it. Thank you so much for this recipe!

    • Hi Kate! Thank you for trying this recipe! I’m glad to hear yours came out well too. It’s pretty straightforward and I like it when the result is just like how it should be! It’s so light that I can eat half by myself! Thank you for your feedback! :)

  46. mindy

    Hi Nami, I love matcha/green tea and am so glad to have found your recipe! What would be the best way to store this chiffon cake if I plan to serve it a day after making it?
    I’ve seen some chiffon cake recipes using an additional egg white over yolk.. would that make a difference to the outcome of the cake?

    • Hi Mindy! You can put on a plate and cover with plastic wrap. Till next day, it is stored very well like that (without icing or anything in my case). Yes, I’ve tried that too. But this recipe works perfectly for my liking. You should try both and see which you prefer. It’s just a personal preference how you like the cake. :)

  47. Oh gosh, I felt in love in your blog *^* I discovered the chiffon cake thanks to my travel in Japan and I missed that cake, thank you so much !
    And I have a question, can I translate this recipe in french for my own blog? I want to share that beautiful cake !

    • Hi Jin-chan! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m really happy to hear you like my blog. :)

      If it’s just this green tea chiffon cake recipe, then I’m fine with your request. PLEASE credit back to my original post (this page) and attribute “curtsey of Just One”. You can use ONE of my images. Usually if someone uses my image, I do not allow them to copy my recipe and I would request them to link back to my post for the recipe; however I consider this is as an exception due to the translation.

      Thank you for your interest! :) どうもありがとう!

  48. Licia

    Hi, I just want to try my first Matcha Chiffon cake, but have 2 questions: my chiffon pan is 26 cm, so you believe is better to double the dose or to add 1/3 ? Second question: you have used cream of tartar, the normal baking powder or both?thanks a lot!!! ^-^

    • Hi Licia!

      1) Probably double is okay, as adding 1/3 is a bit tricky? If you can calculate and make 1/3 portion nicely then probably that’s the most accurate recipe to fit in your 26cm (I’d be happy to have this one big green tea chiffon cake!).

      2) No cream of tartar. I know a lot of recipes uses it, but not for this one. Normal BP. This recipe makes a fabulous green tea chiffon cake! Hope you enjoy! :)

      • Licia

        Hi Nami, thanks a lot for your reply! at the end I have decided to try adding 1/3, but it didn’t really work ’cause the cake was very low, but the taste and the softness were ok!!So I need to try again, and next time I’ll double the dose!!!

  49. Tatiana

    Hey! Hello! I’ve just tried your recipe, which is really good, except that I utilised an organic sunflower oil which tasted a lot, (too much actually) and I was wondering what type of oil you recommend normally.
    I’m gonna try again tomorrow, because I couldn’t eat it, the oil dominated all the others flavours.
    Thanks a lot!
    PS: I used rice flour, cause I don’t eat gluten, and the texture was just PERFECT!

    • Hi Tatiana! For baking, try to use no fragrant oil such as vegetable oil or canola oil. :) So happy to hear rice flour works. Thank you for letting me know. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate GF option!

  50. Helgee

    Hi Nami
    I wanted to try this recipe but can not find this size pan. Your recommended store is in Japanese and I can’t read it. Would Mitsuwa have this? Or can I make into cupcakes? Thanks for your recipes and advice.

  51. Wenny

    Hi Nami
    Can I use muffin or cupcakes liners instead of chiffon cake pan? Do you think it will still work? Firstly I do not have a chiffon cake pan. Secondly my girls love all things cupcakes.

    • Hi Wenny! I’ve never tried making chiffon cake with muffin/cupcake liners, so it’s hard to tell. I’m not sure how to keep the chiffon cake upside down at Step 11. It’s an important step making chiffon cake and you can’t skip this part. :)

  52. Jackie

    Wow this cake looks delicious! I love green tea cake, but, sadly, only get it once a year on my birthday so I wanted to make it myself. I had a quick question though: Can I substitute regular all-purpose flour for cake flour and still get a good chiffon cake? If so, what amount of all-purpose flour should I substitute in? Thanks!


    • Hi Jackie! For the perfect result, I would recommend to use cake flour. You don’t have to buy it, and make cake flour yourself (please see the Note section in the recipe). Hope you enjoy this recipe! :)

  53. thelma wakabayashi

    My green tea-chiffon-cake did not turn out. The dough was 1/ half the size. It was sticky and very minimal. I followed the receipe exactly. Please advise.

    • Hi Thelma! I’m so sorry to hear your Green Tea Chiffon Cake didn’t come out well. It’s very hard for me to tell what went wrong for baking because I wasn’t there to watch each process and differences in ingredients, accurate measurement, a lot of things matter in result, unlike savory dishes.

      What kind of chiffon cake pan did you use? When you pour into the cake pan (step 9) was your batter look like that smooth? Or already sticky? After adding meringue, it should be “fluffy” and not sticky. I think somewhere along the way, something went wrong. I just don’t know what exactly from your description of the problem… I can help analyze if you can give me more detailed info.

      There are many people who made this cake since I posted. I’m very confident that this recipe works. Please don’t give up and try again! :)

      • thelma wakabayashi

        Thank you for your quick reply. The cake pan I used was an 8 in. nonstick, bundt, round cake pan. My batter was already sticky when I
        did step 9 and was less in volume. Perhaps it was my meringue that I did not beat enough. I will try again. Thank you for your reply. Thellma

        • Hi Thelma! I heard that non-stick pan is actually not good for chiffon cake because the pan is too slippery for the cake to rise. However, I’ve seen a lot of readers tried with simple shape bundt cake pan…. so I guess it can be either way. When you properly make French meringue, volume is quite a lot. And make sure to “fold in” not mix in. Keep the air bubble in the batter. Good luck and hope next one will come out well! :)

  54. StaceyN

    My husband is making this recipe and we got confused with your sugar amounts. You said “85 g (3 oz, or ½ cup and take away 1 Tbsp.) sugar” and when he measured the 1/2 cup minus 1Tbsp that is more than the 85 g or 3 oz you said for the first 2 options. Just wondering if it’s a typo but we did decide to just go with the smaller amount of sugar. I’m excited to eat it!!

    • Hi StacyN! I’m so sorry for the confusion… I like to use only grams for dessert recipes, but some people request “cups”, so I try to give more accurate recipe by using cups and Tbsp/tsp…

      85 grams = 3 oz = (1/2 cup minus 1 Tbsp)

      However, depends on sugar, measuring cups, your mesurement might be slightly different from mine. That’s why Iike to use grams. We should be exactly same as 85 g! :)

      Hope you like the recipe!

  55. Yanna

    I am making it right now. The batter was so thick. I don’t know why. So I added a little bit more milk and water. I hope it will come out right. My angel pan is too big :(

    • Hi Yanna! You left comment about one hour ago, so I assume you’re done baking? How did it go? For the best result, chiffon cake pan is an ideal and non-stick surface is not good for chiffon cake. Also, I recommend the weight measurement instead of cups. Hope the video was helpful to see the batter consistency.

  56. Thanks Nami for sharing this recipe :) I baked it today and it is very moist. But it slid off the mould when I inverted it on a cup, so I wasn’t able to cool it properly. Maybe that’s why it was not as light as I expected it. But it is still very tasty :)

    • As you see in my video, the cake was pretty stuck to the cake pan and never came off so easily until I use knife to separate it. For chiffon cake, you are not supposed to use a non-stick pan. To get the best result, aluminum pan is recommended. Hope this helps! Glad the taste was okay! :)

  57. Hi,

    You’re website is really nice. Thank you.

    Just something I’ve noticed experimenting on green tea cakes.. If you mix the flours and use rice flour and coconut oil the texture end up really well.
    Here is what I do :

    100g all purpose flour
    80g rice flour
    3 eggs
    80g butter
    100g coconut oil
    120g sugar ( I do put 80g but my husband likes it more whit more sugar… it depends on your taste)
    2 tsp baking powder
    2 tbps matcha -depending on the quality you can add more or less-

    Sorry that this is in grammes… I leave in Europe :)

    Thank’s again.

  58. Elisa from Italy

    Dear Nami, first of all many compliments for your websites! I have just made the green tea chiffon cake following your very precise instructions and it came out perfect! I kindly ask you to give me some suggestion on other possible flavours. Thank you very much in advance! Next I will try Kasutera cake, it seems delicious!

    • Hi Elisa! Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad to hear the chiffon cake came out well! I have tried lemon before and hoping to make earl grey one day! Hope you enjoy Castella too! :)

  59. Lei Lei

    Dear Nami,

    I’m a big fan of your website and recipes! How would you adjust this Green Tea Chiffon Cake recipe for a 10 inch Chiffon Cake Pan? I just tried using six eggs and 150 g cake flour, while keeping everything else the same, and baking for about 50 minutes. It didn’t come out as well as following your recipe exactly last time using a 7 inch pan. Also, after whipping the egg whites,can I use the same bowl in the stand mixer to mix the egg yolks with the other ingredients?

    Thanks and happy new year,

    Lei Lei

    • Hi Lei Lei! Thank you so much for reading my blog and trying out my recipes! I’m afraid to give you adjustment as I’ve never tried using another size cake pan, especially when it’s not simple double or 1/2 amount… I need to test it out to see how it works, especially with different size pan.

      You MUST fold the meringue into the batter. Don’t mix it. You need to keep the air in the meringue and not break it. Otherwise the chiffon cake will not rise. :) Hope this helps. Happy New Year!

  60. Pina

    Unfortunately I don’t have a chiffon cake pan, so I tried it baking it in a normal one – although it wasn’t even half as beautiful as yours, the taste turned out really well, and my family was complimenting its soft and fluffy texture. As they don’t like the taste of matcha as much as I do, i tried adding a lime icing, which went well with the matcha, I thought.
    I love how detailed your recipes and how helpful your tips are! Thank you :)

    • Hi Pina! I’m so glad to hear it came out well. Yeah, this size chiffon cake pan is smaller and tall, and I get feedback from others that even non-chiffon cake pan works and theirs came out well as well. Lime icing sounds delicious! Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Pina! :)

  61. Hi Nami,
    I made this chiffon for my friend’s birthday. It’s really soft and moist and packed with matcha flavor! My friend absolutely loved it ! Thank you so much for the recipe

  62. Morella

    This recipe looks wonderful! Do you know how much vanilla extract I would use to substitute the matcha in this recipe? Will it still turn out well with the vanilla substitute?