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    Awamori (泡盛) is the rice-based Okinawan distilled liquor and it’s made of Thai long grain rice. This alcoholic drink dates back 600 years, originated from a Thai brewing method. It has an alcoholic percentage ranging from around 30 to 60 degrees.


    Awamori We Saw in Okinawa

    Okinawa Awamori - Okinawa Travel Guide |

    Okinawa Awamori - Okinawa Travel Guide |

    Recipes Using Awamori

    A blue plate containing 2 slices of Rafute (Okinawan Braised Pork Belly) garnished with julienned ginger.


    A white bowl containing Okinawa Soba and delicious Japanese dashi and pork broth, topped braised pork belly, fish cakes, green onion, and red pickled ginger.

    Okinawa Soba


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