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Croquette Sandwich コロッケサンド

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  • Croquette Sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches in Japanese bakeries. You can make this treat at home with leftover Korokke in dinner rolls or burger buns.

    Croquette Sandwich on a table.

    For some dishes, I purposely make extra so that my family can enjoy a different dish with the leftover. I love Japanese croquette (Korokke) so much that I always make extra and look forward to eating croquette sandwich or Korokke Sando (コロッケサンド) the following day.

    Mom's Korokke Sando on a plate and a cup of coffee.

    Mom’s Croquette Sandwich

    My mom knows how much I love her Korokke. She usually makes Korokke (her recipe here) as our last dinner when we visit Japan. What’s the reason? It’s so that she can make korokke sandwich for our lunch right before heading out to the airport.

    The funny part is that my brother, who’s been living in Thailand for the past several years, also requests the exact same thing. I’ve heard the story from my mom that she packed the Korokke Sando so that he can eat it on the bus to the airport. I know, we’re pretty spoiled by my mom.

    My dad, my brother, and I used to make a big deal out of my mom’s Korokke, and we were very serious who could eat the last piece. That’s definitely in the gene now because my children are also crazy about homemade Korokke and they already know the store-bought korokke is just not the same.

    Korokke Sando on a table.

    Where to buy Croquette Sandwich in Japan

    In Japan, bakeries and sandwich shops also sell croquette sandwiches and they are quite popular. The bakery in the above photo even offered two types of Korokke Sando.

    The sandwiches on the top left are made with a dinner roll (we call this type of bread “roll pan” in Japan). The dinner roll is split in half on top, and korokke and shredded cabbage are inserted.

    The ones on the bottom are made with a sesame seed burger bun. The korokke is sandwiched with both lettuce and shredded cabbage.

    Depending on the bakery, sometime the sandwich includes shredded cabbage or lettuce, or combination of both.

    Croquette Sandwich on a table.

    If you’re not into deep frying, you can definitely enjoy Baked Croquette recipe, but as a REAL Korokke fan, I have to tell you that nothing beats deep-fried Korokke!

    However, when I’m too busy to deep fry many pieces of Korokke, baked korokke recipe comes in handy. It’s faster, healthier, and cleaner when you’re done cooking.

    Watch How To Make Baked Croquette 揚げないコロッケの作り方

    Japanese baked croquette piping hot mashed potato mixed with juicy meat wrapped around a crispy panko shell, no deep frying required!

    If you’re a real Korokke fan, don’t miss my Mom’s Korokke recipe. 🙂

    Mom's Korokke on a plate.

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    Croquette Sandwich | Easy Japanese Recipes at
    Croquette Sandwich
    Prep Time
    5 mins
    Total Time
    5 mins
    Croquette Sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches in Japanese bakeries.  You can make this treat at home with leftover Korokke in dinner rolls or burger buns.
    Course: Main Course
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Keyword: croquette, sandwich
    Servings: 2
    Author: Nami
    1. Gather all the ingredients.

      Croquette Sandwich Ingredients
    2. With a knife, make a slit on the top of dinner rolls.
      Croquette Sandwich 1
    3. Spread the Japanese mayo between the slits.
      Croquette Sandwich 2
    4. If the croquette is too big for the dinner rolls, cut in half.
      Croquette Sandwich 3
    5. Place the butter lettuce in the slits.
      Croquette Sandwich 4
    6. Place the croquette in between and put the tonkatsu sauce on top. Serve immediately.
      Croquette Sandwich 5
    Recipe Notes

    For deep fried Mom's Korokke recipe, click here.


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