Tonkatsu Sauce

  • bulldog brand tonkatsu sauce

    We refer “sauce” (pronounced So-su in Japanese) as a thicker version of Worcestershire sauce.  So-su (ソース) comes in three types: thin, medium-thick, and extra thick.

    • Thin sauce – Usutah So-su (ウスターソース) similar to Worcestershire sauce but a bit sweeter.
    • Medium-thick sauce – Chuno So-su (中濃ソース)
    • Thick sauce – Tonkatsu So-su (とんかつソース) which is used for dishes like Tonkatsu. The major sauce brand in Japan is called Bulldog (see the picture above).

    Okonomi Sauce, Takoyaki Sauce, Yakisoba Sauce |

    Katsu Sauce - Kikkoman

    Tonkatsu Sauce Recipe

    You can make tonkatsu sauce at home using other condiments you have. For Tonkatsu Sauce and Okonomi Sauce recipe, click here.

    Other Similar Sauces (So-su) in Japan

    Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce (Japanese Condiment)

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