Tonkatsu Sauce

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    We refer “sauce” (pronounced So-su ソース) as a thicker version of Worcestershire sauce.  So-su comes in three types: thin, medium-thick, and extra thick.

    Thin sauce is called Usutah So-su (ウスターソース) and this is similar to Worcestershire sauce.  The medium-thick sauce is called Chuno So-su (中濃ソース).  Finally, the thick sauce is Tonkatsu So-su (とんかつソース) which is used for dishes like Tonkatsu.  The major sauce brand in Japan is called Bulldog (see the picture above).

    Okonomi Sauce, Takoyaki Sauce, Yakisoba Sauce |

    In addition, there are Okonomi Sauce for Okonomiyaki (left), which is similar to Tonkatsu sauce, Yakisoba Sauce for Yakisoba Noodles (middle), and Takoyaki Sauce for Takoyaki (right).

    For Tonkatsu Sauce and Okonomi Sauce recipe, click here.

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