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Green Tea Souffle 抹茶スフレ

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    Fluffy souffle accented with matcha powder, this Matcha Green Tea Souffle is simply irresistible! For a thorough visual guide, I recommend watching the video first.

    Green Tea Souffle in a white cup.

    Making Green Tea souffle has been on my baking bucket list as long as I remember. Unless you are in Japan, this unique dessert that doesn’t normally appear on the dessert menu in your local cafes and restaurants. The only way to taste the incredible warm fluffy texture of souffle accented with the unique bitter matcha flavor is to make your own.

    Watch How to Make Green Tea (Matcha) Souffle 抹茶スフレの作り方

    Fluffy and heavenly souffle accented with matcha powder and dusted with powder sugar.

    Today, unlike my usual posts, I want to talk about the little struggles I had with this recipe.

    Now if you have attempted to make souffle at home AND tried take good pictures of it while the souffle is risen up, you know this is not easy to do (unless you’re an experienced pâtissier). No matter how many times I make this souffle, each souffle at every testing comes differently. The shot of PERFECT souffle? It’s nearly impossible for this novice baker. After my experience with the Chocolate Souffle, I tried taking pictures of the souffle in the kitchen for the first ones I baked, right out of the oven. This shot was taken after a midnight baking session with my new indoor lights.

    Green Tea Souffle in white cups.

    I struggled to capture  that moment. The moment when the souffle reached the highest peak. While the green tea souffle was in the oven, I prepared styling, composition, camera setting… and I thought I was ready. However, when the food get placed into location for the camera, there was always something I need to adjust. And every second that goes by, the souffle starts to slowly deflate. This dessert has a mind of its own and doesn’t wait for me.

    Next time I baked during the day time and tried with natural light. I had to run to “the studio” in my living room where I get good natural light. Ran as fast as I could, with the souffle in my hand. Hurry, hurry, click, click, click… And here’s the result I ended up with.

    Green Tea Souffle in a white cup on wooden table.

    Deflated a little bit. But honestly, this is the best I could do with my current baking & photography skills.

    We tested the recipe several times and made several more rounds of souffles in order to shoot for video and photography. Although we love this green tea souffle very much, if Mr. JOC and I had to eat every single one we would have some serious calories to burn off (Didn’t I tell you I work out 5 days a week?  Now you know why!). We fed our friends and relative through the recipe development process and the feedback was really awesome. They all loved it! By the way, if you really love matcha flavor, use 2 Tbsp. of match as the recipe calls for; otherwise you can decrease to 1 Tbsp.

    Green Tea Souffle in a white cup.

    Lastly, I have one important thing to say about this recipe. Use a kitchen scale (highly recommend for perfect result) and follow the recipe as precisely as you could before adapting. For all the recipes on Just One Cookbook, I test they many times until each one comes out right. This is a simple recipe, yet I’d say it’s not so easy to make it right.

    I hope you will enjoy making this Green Tea Souffle recipe! If you try it, don’t forget to share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #JustOneCookbook. Thank you so much for reading, and till next time!

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    Green Tea Souffle | Easy Japanese Recipes at
    Green Tea souffle
    Prep Time
    45 mins
    Cook Time
    15 mins
    Total Time
    1 hr 30 mins
    Fluffy souffle accented with matcha powder, this Green Tea Souffle is simply irresistible! For a thorough visual guide, I recommend watching the video first.
    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Keyword: green tea powder, matcha, souffle
    Servings: 4
    Author: Nami
    For coating ramekins:
    • ½ Tbsp unsalted butter (½ Tbsp = 7 g) (at room temperature)
    • 4 tsp sugar
    For the custard:
    • 150 ml milk
    • 100 ml heavy (whipping) cream
    • 3 large yolks
    • 22 g sugar (22 g = 2 Tbsp or 0.8 oz)
    • 25 g all-purpose flour (plain flour) (25 g = 2 Tbsp + 2 tsp or 0.9 oz)
    • 1-2 Tbsp matcha (green tea powder) (1 Tbsp matcha = 6 g or 0.2 oz)
    For the meringue:
    • 3 egg whites
    • 44 g sugar (44 g = 4 Tbsp or 1.6 oz)
    For dusting:
    • 1 Tbsp confectioners’ sugar/powder sugar
    1. Gather all the ingredients. Preheat the oven to 390F (200C).

      Green Tea Souffle Ingredients
    2. For the ramekins: Brush the ramekins with butter, using upward strokes. Put 1 tsp. sugar in each ramekin and rotate the ramekin to dust the insides with sugar. Remove excess sugar from the ramekin and chill in refrigerator to set (This gives the souffles something to grip on to as the batter climbs up the sides of the ramekins during baking.).
      Green Tea Souffle 1
    3. For the custard: In a large bowl, beat the egg yolks and sugar together.
      Green Tea Souffle 2
    4. Sift the flour into the egg mixture and mix well.
      Green Tea Souffle 3
    5. Heat the milk and heavy cream in a small saucepan until almost boiling.
      Green Tea Souffle 4
    6. Add a splash of hot milk mixture into the egg mixture and whisk well until the mixture is smooth.
      Green Tea Souffle 5
    7. Then gradually whisk in the rest of the milk mixture.
      Green Tea Souffle 6
    8. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan. Whisk the mixture ALL TIMES over a medium-low heat for 3-4 minutes until thickened and smooth. KEEP WHISKING during this process otherwise your custard will overcook and become clumpy.
      Green Tea Souffle 7
    9. When the custard has thickened, immediately transfer to a bowl (otherwise remaining heat from the saucepan will “overcook” the mixture). Cover with plastic wrap and cool to room temperature for about 30 minutes (or you can put in the fridge to make this process faster).
      Green Tea Souffle 8
    10. Once the custard has cool down, sift matcha green tea powder into the custard.
      Green Tea Souffle 9
    11. For the meringue: Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl till bubbles start to form (Kitchen Aid mixer Level 3 for 2 minutes).
      Green Tea Souffle 10
    12. Start adding sugar gradually a spoonful at a time. Once you add all the sugar, increase the speed to Level 8 and whisk to make a firm, glossy meringue, about 3-4 minutes.
      Green Tea Souffle 11
    13. Whisk ⅓ of the meringue into the custard and mix until homogenous.
      Green Tea Souffle 12
    14. Very carefully fold in the rest of the meringue using a rubber spatula. Do not over mix.
      Green Tea Souffle 13
    15. Divide the souffle mix into 4 ramekins. Tap them on the work surface to level the mixture and run the thumb around the edge.
      Green Tea Souffle 14
    16. Place the ramekins on a baking tray and bake for 12-15 minutes until well risen and slightly golden on top. The souffle should wobble gently in the middle when it’s ready.
      Green Tea Souffle 15
    17. Dust with powder sugar and place on a plate. Serve immediately.
      Green Tea Souffle 16
    Recipe Notes

    Equipment you will need:


    Recipe adapted from Gordon Ramsay's Raspberry souffle. All images and content on this site are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without my permission. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe and link to this post as the original source. Thank you.


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