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Holiday Gift Guide 2016 – 12 Unique Gifts for Someone Special

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    2016 Holiday Gift Guide: 12 unique holiday gifts for home cooks, friends, family, kids & someone special.

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    It’s that time of year again, that is gift-giving holiday season! Mr. JOC and I often shop online to avoid traffic on the streets and madness in the stores. I used to prefer to touch and feel the products before I buy anything, but the convenience and free returns of online shopping has won me over.

    So today, I’ve compiled a list of our all-time favorite gifts. Whether you are shopping for family, coworkers, friends, or yourself, I highly recommend these items as they have been used/bought/gifted myself personally.

    Holiday Gift Guide – 12 Unique Gifts for Someone Specialline-1024x29

    Gifts For Home Cooks

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    1. 7-in-1 Multi Functional Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot)

    I simply can’t stop talking about how great this electric pressure cooker / slow cooker is… for like the past 2 years. You see me giving away instant pots on my blog and I have shared some instant pot recipes using it. I’ll continue to share more pressure cooker recipes, so get one and join us on pressure cooking fun!

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    2. Water Brew Coffee Pot (Hario)

    If you have seen my recent Cold Brew Coffee recipe, you’d read about this product in the post. We have two pots that we alternate while one is in the dish washer. We make cold brew coffee every. single. day.

    This Hario Water Brew Coffee Maker makes cold brewing MUCH easier. So many of you already purchased it after reading the post, and gave me feedback with BIG thumbs up!

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    3. Open Kitchen Half Apron (William-Sonoma)

    Do you wear an apron when you’re in the kitchen? I wear T-shirt and jeans everyday, so I am not worried about getting my clothes dirty. However, I do love and wear these half aprons every time I cook as I treat these aprons as my “kitchen towel” around my waist. It’s the best thing ever. When you’re in the kitchen, you wash your ingredients or hands all the time. Now you don’t have to look for the towel, it’s always on you.

    William Sonoma Half Apron

    And can you believe this apron is just $4.99 (used to be $6.99)? Unfortunately, it is not sold online. You have to purchase it at your local William Sonoma store, but it’s worth a trip. So get a couple of them.

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    4. Magic Whisk (Fox Run)

    I receive many questions about cooking utensils and gadgets I use in my recipes. You may noticed that I now list all the kitchen tools I use in the video under the description box below.

    The single most frequently asked question is the unique looking whisk I use (the bottom whisk in the picture above). This flat whisk is called Magic Whisk. When there are only small amount of dry or wet ingredients in a mixing bowl, this tool whisks perfectly.

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    5. 5-Piece Gold Flatware Set (West Elm)

    What do you think of gold flatwares? I finally made a decision to buy these after three years of contemplating. And I’m happy that I purchased them! I thought they would look too fancy. But actually not. When you pair them with a simple table setting, they look warm and beautiful.

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    6. Wi-Fi Immersion Circulator (Nomiku)

    We own this Nomiku for almost a year and Mr. JOC especially loves it for cooking his meat. This sous vide device is very reliable and it lets you cook like a master chef. The price is pretty high, and that’s the only negative. If you love hosting a party and cook for your guests, definitely get this to make Japanese-style Steak and Sous Vide Santa Maria Tri Tip.

    JOC eBook Banner NEW

    7. Just One Cookbook – Essential Japanese Recipes (e-Book)

    If you’re new to my blog, or if you know someone who loves Japanese food, I’d like to recommend my e-Book and start cooking Japanese food at home! 20% of proceeds will go to charity every month, and 100% in December 2016!


    Gifts For Her, Him & Children

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    8. Basil & Neroli Cologne (Jo Malone) – for her & him

    For my birthday this year, my very good friend gifted me this new scent from Jo Malone “Basil & Neroli“. It smells so good and delicious that I became an instant fan of this fragrance. If you’re in the Bay Area, there’s the first Jo Malone shop in Northern California on Union St. in San Francisco. If you’re not sure which one to choose, you can get this “cologne collection” (with 5 most loved colognes: Lime Basil & Mandarin, Basil & Neroli, Pomegranate Noir, Mimosa & Cardamom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt).

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    9. Matching Shoes (TOMS) – for her

    I wear TOMS everyday (classic canvas slip-on like this), and I’ve been a HUGE fan for two reasons. 1) Super comfortable with simple designs. 2) For every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need {One for One}. I love companies who care about helping others in need and making a small difference in our lives everyday.

    Recently I bought glitter/glimmer shoes for myself and my daughter. Matchy matchy!

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    10. ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (Audio-Technica) – for him

    In our office upstairs, each of our family members has a desk facing each wall (so we can look back or side to “monitor” the kids screen!). Each of us use headphones to keep the “noise” to ourselves when we work/study. Mr. JOC really like this headphones and picked this as his current favorite thing.

    The headphone cushions are very comfortable and the sound quality is excellent, and it’s the best you can get for the price range.

    Holiday Gift Guide 2016 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    11. How It Works Magazine Subscription – for children

    Our kids love books. Our 10 year-old son especially enjoys learning and memorizing “facts” while our 8 year old daughter loves non-fiction stories. If you know some children who enjoy finding out facts, subscribing to “How It Works” magazine is a fun and great gift. My son literally looks forward to every next issue. When they were small, they also enjoyed Highlights for years.

    Nozomi Project 5 Years

    12. Jewelry & Christmas Ornaments  (Nozomi Project) – for her & him

    You know that I’ve talked about Nozomi Project thousands times (maybe not that much, but often enough). But I can’t give up my hope that maybe someone is reading about Nozomi Project for the very first time.

    Nozomi Project |

    If you never heard of Nozomi Project before, keep on reading. The ladies in Ishinomaki, Japan (where 2011 tsunami hit the hardest) make these beautiful jewelry out of broken pieces of pottery left by the tsunami. The jewelry they make is one of the kind.

    Nozomi Project Giveaway |

    I love collecting these beautiful Christmas ornaments every year. It’s hard to pick one for our tree every year. I love giving an ornament to friends as a gift, because every Christmas they will remember about our friendship. Get a beautiful ornament for your special friend and talk about how we can help the tsunami victims by purchasing these gifts. 🙂


    Holiday Gift Guide

    I hope this list was helpful and fun to go through. What are your favorite gifts to give for holidays? Please feel free to share your suggestion in your comment below! Happy shopping!

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