Oden (Surimi Seafood)

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    What is Surimi Seafood?

    Surimi seafood is common ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Most people may know surimi as ‘imitation’ seafood as they are created as a type of economical, substitute products for seafood like lobster or crab.  Some of the most popular surimi include crabsticks or imitation lobster meat that you can find in California rolls, kani salad or lobster rolls.

    Literally means “ground meat” in Japanese, surimi is actually made from white-fleshed fish such as Alaska pollock, Pacific whiting that has been pulverized into a thick paste and mixed with other ingredients like salt, oil, seasonings etc. The final products of surimi can come in balls, sticks, cakes and other forms in various sizes. Hence, surimi seafood is also referred to fish cakes, fish balls, or seafood balls.


    What kind of dishes can I make with Surimi Seafood?

    Aside from sushi and salad, surimi seafood is widely used in hot pots or soup dishes in Japan. Although they are considered as ‘imitation’ seafood, Japanese regard surimi as a delicacy and even include surimi such as Kamaboko as part of the New Year’s dishes.

    Another popular dish that features an assortment of surimi is Oden, a type of simmered dish which includes surimi (fish cakes) or Nerimono (練り物). To make oden at home, you can find packages of surimi seafood (pictured above) being sold at Japanese grocery store).

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