Sides Under 20 Min

Find easy, healthy, and delicious sides like green beans with sesame dressing, Japanese egg drop soup, tamagoyaki (rolled omelette), sunomono (cucumber salad), and more in this collection!

Octopus Sausage |
Octopus Sausage |

How to Make Octopus Sausage

Making cute octopus sausage for children's bento is very easy, just follow these quick...
Sauteed Spinach | Just One

Quick Bento Dish – Sauteed Spinach

It's easy to add a bit of color to your bento with sautéed vegetables,...
A flower shape bowl containing Japanese Cucumber Salad with Crab.

Japanese Cucumber Salad with Crab きゅうりとワカメと蟹の酢の物

Tossed with wakame seaweed and imitation crab meat, this sweet and tangy Japanese Cucumber...
Chikuwa Cucumbers

Chikuwa Cucumber

Chikuwa Cucumber is one of the quick dishes that can easily fill empty spaces...
How To Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (Hanjuku Tamago 半熟玉子) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

How to Make Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs (Hanjuku Tamago) 半熟卵

Follow this easy technique to make perfect soft-boiled eggs every time!
Octopus salad served in appetizer bowl

Octopus Salad (Tako Su) たこ酢

Tako Su (Octopus Salad) is a refreshing appetizer served in izakaya (Japanese tapas) restaurants....
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