Hot pots, soups, steamy noodles, rice bowls, and casseroles, our collection of winter recipes will sure to keep you warm and satisfy in the cold-weather months. You’ll love the popular kabocha gratinKimchi Gyoza Nabe (hot pot), Spicy Shoyu Ramen, and Sukiyaki.

A white ceramic bowl containing steamed rice and Japanese bone-in chicken curry garnished with fukujinzuke.
A white ceramic bowl containing steamed rice and Japanese bone-in chicken curry garnished with fukujinzuke.

Bone-in Chicken Curry (Video) 骨付きチキンカレー

With rich and complex layers of savory flavor and milder spices, this Japanese-style Bone-In...
A grey bowl containing buri daikon, a simmered yellowtail and daikon radish, garnished with julienned ginger.

Buri Daikon (Simmered Yellowtail and Daikon) ブリ大根

Cooked gently in a soy-infused broth, Buri Daikon (Simmered Yellowtail and Daikon) is a...
A beige ceramic dish containing steamed rice and Japanese cream stew.

Japanese Cream Stew (White Stew) クリームシチュー

Japanese Cream Stew (White Stew) is rich and creamy, packed with tender chicken and...
A white baking dish containing nicely charred Salmon Potato Gratin.

Salmon Potato Gratin 鮭ポテトグラタン

Made with sliced potatoes, salmon flakes, heavy cream, and grated cheese, this creamy Salmon...
A white bowl containing kimchi soup that's made of Malony glass noodles, kimchi, egg, and pork.

Kimchi Soup with Malony Glass Noodles

Loaded with kimchi, pork, and egg, Kimchi Soup with Malony Glass Noodles is an...
Tonjiru (Pork and Vegetable Soup) served with grilled salmon, steamed rice, and vegetable side dishes.

Tonjiru (Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup) (Video) 豚汁

Tonjiru (also known as butajiru) is a savory pork and vegetable miso soup that...
A dark bowl containing udon noodles in dashi broth topped with deep fried tofu, fish cake, green onion, and sprinkle of shichimi togarashi.

Kitsune Udon (Video) きつねうどん

Try my recipe for Kitsune Udon, the classic Japanese noodle soup with thick noodles,...
Curry udon in a Japanese bowl.

Curry Udon (Video) カレーうどん

Satisfying Curry Udon combines thick, chewy noodles in an aromatic Japanese curry soup. It‘s...
Kabocha Miso Soup served in a black bowl.

Kabocha Miso Soup かぼちゃの味噌汁

Hearty and flavorful, this plant-based Kabocha Miso Soup is filled with naturally sweet kabocha,...
A mini bamboo steamer containing Steamed Pork Buns (Nikuman).

Nikuman (Steamed Pork Buns) 肉まん

Nikuman is Japanese Steamed Pork Buns with a savory ground pork and mushroom filling in...
Japanese tea is poured on top of steamed rice and flaky baked salmon in a rice bowl.

Ochazuke (Green Tea Over Rice) お茶漬け

Craving a light, comforting dish? This easy Ochazuke with steamed rice, simple savory toppings,...
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