Salt Pickled Cherry Blossom

  • Salt Pickled Cherry Blossoms

    Edible cherry blossoms are pickled and dried in salt. They are preserved as a way to commemorate the fleeting symbol of spring. In Japan, salted cherry blossoms are commonly used to make tea called sakuraya that is served during celebrations such as wedding ceremonies.

    These pickled flowers are lightly salty and have a unique floral scent, which makes them ideal for sweet and savory dishes. The gorgeous pink also adds a touch of beauty to dishes. You can make delicious Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding, Cherry Blossom Cookies, Cherry Blossom Onigiri, Cherry Blossom Madeleines, Cherry Blossom Jelly, Cherry Blossom Chiffon Cakes, Sakura Salt and so on.

    Where to Buy Salted Pickled Cherry Blossoms

    You can purchase Salted Pickled Cherry Blossoms from this online store that ships internationally. You can also buy it through Amazon from the same seller. If you have access to cherry blossom trees, you can even try pickling the sakura flowers yourself.

    Salt Pickled Cherry Blossoms

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