Break away from the usual scrambled eggs with our best egg recipes! Learn how to make the sensational Ramen Egg or Datemaki (Japanese sweet rolled omelette). From easy dinner ideas to sweet desserts, you’ll also find a variety of egg dishes here.

Onsen Tamago in a flower-shaped bowl.
Onsen Tamago in a flower-shaped bowl.

Onsen Tamago (Video) 温泉卵

Originally prepared in hot spring water in Japan, this Onsen Tamago recipe with soft...
Green Tea Souffle | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Green Tea Souffle (Video) 抹茶スフレ

Fluffy and heavenly souffle accented with matcha powder dusted with powder sugar, simply irresistible....
Ebi Fry (Fried Prawn) |

Tartar Sauce タルタルソース

Creamy & tangy with a consistent bite of texture, Tartar Sauce is a beloved...
A white bowl containing a soft fluffy egg stir fry with Chinese chive served over steamed rice.

Niratama Donburi (Chive and Egg Rice Bowl) ニラ玉丼ぶり

A Japanese home comfort food, soft fluffy egg stir fry with Chinese chive served...
Two slices of Castella (Honey Cake) served on a plate.

Castella Cake (Video) カステラ

Moist and sweet Japanese honey sponge cake made with egg, bread flour, honey, and...
Quick & Easy Tamagoyaki | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Quick and Easy Tamagoyaki

Homemade recipe for easy tamagoyaki. Enjoy this delicious Japanese rolled omelette in bento or...
Custard Pudding |

Japanese Custard Pudding 蒸しプリン

Skip the oven and steam the custard pudding on the stove top! In 10...
Egg salad sandwich and fruits in the bento box

Egg Salad Sandwich たまごサンド弁当

Simple and delicious egg sandwich with mayo, salt, and pepper. Perfect for a...
Green tea creme brulee in a white ramekin.

Green Tea Creme Brulee 抹茶クレームブリュレ

Classic French dessert with Japanese twist, this Green Tea Creme Brulee is a popular...
How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Making hard boiled eggs is easy if you follow these simple instructions for making...
A white ramekin containing chocolate souffle.

Chocolate Souffle

Soft and fluffy homemade chocolate soufflé dusted with powder sugar, simply delicious and heavenly.
Omurice | Japanese Omelette Rice @Just One

Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) オムライス

Classic Japanese Yoshoku recipe, savory chicken ketchup fried rice wrapped in a thin layer...
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