Babble Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2012 & Thank You

  • Babble Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2012 | JustOneCookbook.comDearest Fans and Readers,

    I received a surprise news today from a fellow blogger and found out that I was one of Babble’s Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2012.  It means so much that my little blog is recognized along with some of the most popular (mommy) blogs out there.  Thank you for your continued support and I hope I can continue to provide simple delicious recipes that you enjoy.

    Babble Top 100 Mom Food Blogs 2012

    My blog started as a way to collect my recipes for myself and my children (in case they need them in the future).  My dear friends started to follow my blog and it was just a personal blog in early 2011.  Little by little, my blog started to have more fans and readers.  I have never imagined that I would become friends with many talented food bloggers and communicate with so many of wonderful readers.  As I receive kind and encouraging emails and comments everyday, I feel the motivation to make my blog better and continue to share great recipes.  I do read every single emails and comments even though I haven’t been able to respond in timely manner due to lack of time – but I always respond.

    This blog grew beyond my expectation and it’s because I have readers who spend their precious time to read, comment/email, sometimes cook and give me feedback.  Thank you everyone for following my blog, trusting my recipes to cook for your family and friends, and most of all for being there.

    Finally, for my readers started to follow my blog this year, I’d like to share my top 12 favorite Japanese recipes from last year that you might have missed.

    Nami’s Top 12 Favorite Japanese Recipes 2011
    (click the photo to see the recipe)

    Enjoy cooking Japanese food!



    p.s. The cover photo was taken by my husband Shen on July 4th, 2012.

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