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17 Teriyaki Recipes You Must Make at Home

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    Love teriyaki dishes? From chicken teriyaki to teriyaki salmon to teriyaki tofu, we’ve rounded up some of the best teriyaki recipes you and your whole family will love.

    A black bowl containing Teriyaki Pork over steamed rice drizzled with homemade teriyaki glaze.

    Savory, salty, sweet and umami-rich, teriyaki dishes are probably one of the most beloved Japanese food outside of Japan. You may think teriyaki is a sauce, but teriyaki 照り焼き in Japanese actually refers to cooking methods – either grill, broil or pan-fry, and finish up in a sauce or glaze until the dish has a nice and delicious luster. It can be applied to many ingredients such as chicken, beef, fish, pork, and tofu. 

    Here you’ll find some of the best teriyaki recipes prepared in the authentic Japanese cooking method, including the all-time favorite chicken teriyaki, teriyaki salmon, teriyaki wings, and teriyaki burger! Once you try them, you’d never go back to the store-bought sauce when preparing your teriyaki recipes at home. Hungry? Let’s make some real-deal teriyaki recipes now. 

    17 Mouth-Watering & Authentic Teriyaki Recipes to Make at Home

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    Teriyaki Sauce in a mason jar.

    1. Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼きのたれ

    Before we start, let’s learn how to make the authentic teriyaki sauce. This homemade sauce recipe will be the backbone of all your teriyaki dishes and it is how we make it in Japan. All you need is just 4 simple ingredients: sake, mirin, soy sauce, and sugar. Use gluten-free soy sauce for the gluten-free version.

    Chicken Teriyaki チキン照り焼き | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    2. Chicken Teriyaki チキン照り焼き

    Juicy and tender chicken glazed in a flavorful homemade sauce, this classic Chicken Teriyaki prepared in the authentic Japanese cooking method will be on your dinner routine. No bottled teriyaki sauce needed!

    Teriyaki Salmon #recipe | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    3. Teriyaki Salmon 鮭の照り焼き

    Get your Omega-3 intake with this Teriyaki Salmon recipe with an authentic Japanese homemade teriyaki sauce. Pair it with white wine for a relaxing weekday dinner.

    Three pieces of Teriyaki Tofu are placed on a Japanese blue plate | Easy. Japanese Recipes at

    4. Teriyaki Tofu 照り焼き豆腐

    Crispy on the bite, yet delicately soft, this pan-fried Teriyaki Tofu is incredibly flavorful! Enjoy as an appetizer, or as a main dish with rice. This is the game-changer recipe to make for that person in your family who is so certain they do not like tofu.

    Teriyaki Beef | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    5. Beef Teriyaki 照り焼き牛ステーキ

    Say goodbye to boring weeknight dinner with this classic Beef Teriyaki recipe! Over here, tender beef steak is grilled until slightly charred and glazed with a sweet-savory homemade Japanese teriyaki sauce. Enjoy with a fresh citrus salad and Japanese steamed rice, it will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. 

    A black bowl containing Teriyaki Pork over steamed rice drizzled with homemade teriyaki glaze.

    6. Teriyaki Pork Donburi 豚の照り焼き丼

    Love a good rice bowl recipe for weeknight dinner? This Teriyaki Pork Donburi will answer your call. Under the delicious grilled pork with teriyaki glaze is a bed of shredded lettuce and steamed rice. Everything is cooked in one frying pan which makes an easy cleanup.

    Teriyaki Steak Rolls 野菜の牛肉巻き | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    7. Teriyaki Steak Rolls 野菜の牛肉巻き

    Teriyaki Steak rolls or Beef Rolls (牛肉巻き) are staples in Japanese home cooking and bento recipes. You can literally stuff the steak rolls with anything! A great recipe to use up your leftover vegetables.

    Teriyaki wings served on a white plate garnished with lemon, tomatoes and green lettuce.

    8. Teriyaki Wings 手羽先の照り焼き

    Cooked in one pot and finished up in the broiler to get the perfect char, these Teriyaki Wings are sticky and finger-licking delicious! They are unbelievably easy to make too. Serve the wings at your BBQ, potlucks or holiday parties.

    Yellowtail Teriyaki, Shishito Pepper, and Leek on the Japanese white plate, served with a bowl of steam rice and miso soup in the wooden bowl.

    9. Yellowtail Teriyaki ぶりの照り焼き

    Yellowtail Teriyaki, or Buri no Teriyaki, is a staple fish dish you can find in many Japanese households. Before you pan-fry the fish in a frying pan, lightly coat it with flour to give it a crispy texture. It’s simple and elegant, with the perfect glaze of teriyaki sauce.

    Teriyaki Salmon Onigirazu | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    10. Teriyaki Salmon Onigirazu 照り焼きサーモン

    If you have any leftover teriyaki salmon, use the extra fillet to make this delicious teriyaki salmon onigirazu. Sandwiched in steamed rice, grilled asparagus and wrapped in nori, it makes a great work or school lunch.

    Teriyaki Burger | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    11. Teriyaki Burger 照り焼きバーガー

    Teriyaki Burger may sound very American, but it’s actually first created by a Japanese burger chain Mos Burger in 1973. Top the burger with a slice of grilled pineapple for a touch of Hawaiian flavor.

    Chicken Meatballs | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    12. Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs 照り焼き豆腐ハンバーグ

    We can never go wrong with meatballs when comes to feeding a family with children. These soft and juicy teriyaki chicken meatballs take only 30 minutes to make. What makes the meatballs extra fluffy and delicious? Click over to the recipe to find out!

    Orange Teriyaki Chicken |

    13. Orange Teriyaki Chicken

    Bite-size drummettes bath in a savory teriyaki sauce with the addition of orange marmalade, this is my own rendition of teriyaki chicken. A favorite with the kids!

    Sanma Teriyaki II

    14. Sanma Teriyaki 秋刀魚照り焼き

    Sanma 秋刀魚 or pacific saury is a popular seasonal fish in the fall. When it’s in season, Japanese will cook up various dishes featuring the fish, including this Sanma Teriyaki recipe. The sauce adds a ton of flavor and goes well with rice. A simple fish dish you can easily make at home.

    Teriyaki pork ball on a white plate on top of table

    15. Teriyaki Pork Balls 照り焼きポークボール

    Thinly sliced pork coated with potato starch or cornstarch and pan grill over a hot skillet, these Teriyaki Pork Balls are a delicious change when you want something different than usual chicken or beef balls.

    Mashed Potato Teriyaki Pork Rolls |

    16. Mashed Potato Teriyaki Pork Rolls

    Mashed potato with rolled up sliced pork. This combination alone is enough to make you drool! They are even better when they are pan-fried until really crispy and coated with a delicious sauce.

    Yellowtail with Yuzu Kosho |

    17. Hamachi Teriyaki (Yellowtail) with Yuzu Kosho

    Another popular fish dish you can find in Japan. Hamachi Teriyaki is lightly coated with flour before pan-fried in a hot pan. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to cook fish at home.

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    More Delicious Teriyaki Recipes?

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