Looking for easy and delicious seafood recipes? You’ll love the fresh flavors of these seafood recipes. Learn how to cook salmon, tuna, cod, shrimp, oysters, shellfish and more. Try our favorites: Spicy Tuna, Black Cod with Miso, Japanese fried oysters, and Japanese Seafood Curry.

A Japanese plate containing Butter Soy Sauce Scallops.
A Japanese plate containing Butter Soy Sauce Scallops.

Butter Soy Sauce Scallops ホタテのバター醤油焼き

Pan-fried to perfection, these quick Butter Soy Sauce Scallops are an Osechi dish for...
White flower-shaped ceramic containing candied sardines (tazukuri)

Tazukuri (Candied Anchovies) (Video) 田作り

Tazukuri are toasted anchovies coated in a sweet honey-soy sauce glaze. Enjoy them in...
A ceramic plate containing Mirin Salmon along with steamed rice, roasted cauliflower, and sauteed greens.

Mirin Salmon 鮭のみりん漬け

My tender Mirin Salmon recipe is a keeper for your weeknight dinner. Just marinate...
A ceramic bowl containing Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams.

Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams (Video) あさりの酒蒸し

Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams made in 10 minutes with just 5 ingredients! Expect minimal fuss...
A donburi bowl containing grilled eel fillet over steamed rice.

Unadon (Grilled Eel Rice Bowl) (Video) 鰻丼

A classic Unadon (Japanese Eel Rice Bowl) recipe with sweet caramelized homemade unagi sauce...
A blue Japanese plate containing Saba Misoni (Mackerel Simmered in Miso) garnished with julienned ginger.

Saba Misoni (Mackerel Simmered in Miso) (Video) 鯖の味噌煮

Classic Japanese way to prepare mackerel is Saba Misoni, with mackerel cooked in a...
A bizenware ceramic containing Chikuwa Isobeage and flake salt.

Chikuwa Isobeage ちくわの磯辺揚げ

Chikuwa Isobeage (Fried Fish Cake with Tempura Batter) are a classic beer food in...
A Japanese meal set with shio koji salmon, miso soup, rice, and side dishes.

Shio Koji Salmon 塩麹サーモン

Simple yet deeply flavorful, Shio Koji Salmon is the best way to enjoy the...
A grey bowl containing buri daikon, a simmered yellowtail and daikon radish, garnished with julienned ginger.

Buri Daikon (Simmered Yellowtail and Daikon) ブリ大根

Cooked gently in a soy-infused broth, Buri Daikon (Simmered Yellowtail and Daikon) is a...
A light green plate containing two types of Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll Sushi) - salmon and tuna roll and salmon and ikura roll.

Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) 手巻き寿司

Make sushi at home with simple hand-rolled sushi called Temaki Sushi. Everyone will have...
A Japanese bowl containing Toshikoshi Soba Noodle Soup with fish cake and wakame seaweed.

Toshikoshi Soba (New Year’s Eve Soba Noodle Soup) 年越しそば

Cross over into the New Year with a Japanese tradition by eating a piping...
A lacquer tray containing a whole Japanese Baked Sea Bream.

Japanese Baked Sea Bream 鯛の姿焼き

Seasoned with salt and baked till crisp on the skin and juicy inside, this...
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