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Homemade Spicy Mayo スパイシーマヨ

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    Here’s a super easy way to make Spicy Mayo. Creamy, tangy with a delicious kick of spice, this wonder sauce is so good on everything!

    A wooden bowl containing spicy mayo.

    When inventive sushi chefs decided to pair two staple condiments – mayonnaise and sriracha sauce together, the result is a killer sauce that gives sushi such as tuna rolls or scallop sushi an extra kick of spice.

    To make Spicy Mayo at home, it is as simple as mixing mayonnaise and sriracha sauce together. I highly recommend using Japanese mayonnaise for a richer flavor. The most popular brand you can find is Kewpie mayo. It may not seem like a recipe at all, but sometimes a simple combination like this is a powerful game-changer.

    Not just for sushi..

    Aside from sushi, spicy mayo also makes a good company for any dish you can think of. Try the sauce on sandwiches, burgers, grilled vegetables or BBQ meat. I love it on lobster rolls.

    Creamy, tangy, garlicky with a good kick of spice, spicy mayo is addictively delicious!

    You can always experiment with different ratios of mayo and sriracha sauce to accommodate your tastebuds. Serve the spicy mayo immediately or transfer to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to a month.

    A wooden bowl containing spicy mayo.

    Here are just some of the delicious recipes you want to try with Spicy Mayo:

    Recipes with Spicy Mayo

    Spicy Tuna Roll on a white plate.

    Spicy Tuna Roll

    Scallop Sushi on a plate.

    Spicy Scallop Sushi

    Sweet, succulent lobster meat coated with spicy mayo is piled into a buttery toasted bun and chips on a plate.

    Lobster Roll

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    A wooden bowl containing spicy mayo.
    Spicy Mayo
    Prep Time
    1 min
    Total Time
    1 min
    Here’s a super easy way to make Spicy Mayo. Creamy, tangy with a delicious kick of spice, this wonder sauce is so good on everything!
    Course: Condiments, How to
    Cuisine: Japanese
    Keyword: japanese mayonnaise, spicy tuna
    Servings: 1
    Author: Namiko Chen
    1. Gather all the ingredients.

      Spicy Mayo Ingredients
    2. Combine mayo and sriracha sauce in a bowl and mix well. Ta da! It's that simple.

      Spicy Mayo 1
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