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7 Easy Japanese Cucumber Recipes to Make Right Now

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    From simple salads, quick pickles, to weeknight stir-fry, here are 7 easy Japanese cucumber recipes to keep on hand for the summer months and beyond. 

    Easy Japanese Cucumber Recipes

    Cool, crunchy and refreshing, cucumbers are the summer star that is extremely good on their own. But sometimes you may find them overtaking the garden or the fridge space. Luckily there is no shortage of ways to enjoy cucumbers besides eating them raw. Here, we’ve got 7 Japanese cucumbers recipes that are tasty and delightfully easy to make. I recommend using Japanese cucumbers or English/ Persian cucumbers as they’re practically seedless and crunchier.

    7 Easy Japanese Cucumber Recipes You’ll Love

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    1. Quick Japanese Pickled Cucumbers (Asazuke)

    Japanese Pickled Cucumber | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Anyone can manage this easiest pickling recipe at home! You’ll need soy sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, sugar, and salt for the marinade. Then chop the cucumbers and let them soak up the savory-sweet mixture. Within 2 hours, you’d get the most delicious cucumber pickles to enjoy!

    2. Cucumber and Chicken Marinated in Chili Oil

    A black ceramic bowl containing Cucumber and Chicken Marinated in Chili Oil.

    Have you tried making cucumber into a meal? This recipe features easy steamed chicken mixed with cucumber and dressed in a chili oil marinade. The combo is hearty, punchy and flavorful enough to serve as a main dish. For a homey summer dinner, serve it with rice and a bowl of miso soup!

    3. Japanese Cucumber Salad (Sunomono) 4 Ways

    4 kinds of Sunomono (Japanese Cucumber Salad) in bowls..

    The classic Japanese side dishes are most often comprised of cucumbers and vinegar, but you can prepare them in a great variety. Here, I’ll show you how to make Sunomono 4 ways with different adds-ins. They are absolutely delicious when served with grilled meat or fish.

    4. Japanese Cucumber Salad with Crab

    A flower shape bowl containing Japanese Cucumber Salad with Crab.

    Tossed with wakame seaweed and imitation crab meat, this sweet and tangy Japanese Cucumber Salad goes with any Japanese or Asian-style potlucks and BBQs.

    5. Japanese Pickled Cucumbers

    A red lacquer bowl containing Pickled Cucumber.

    Cucumber, salt, sugar, and Japanese hot mustard (optional) are all you need for this recipe. It couldn’t be any easier!

    6. Daikon and Cucumber Salad with Shio Koji

    A Japanese ceramic bowl containing Daikon and Cucumber Salad with Shio Koji.

    Shio koji is a magical Japanese seasoning made of malted rice, salt, and water that can do wonders in enhancing flavors. As a result, this simple salad gets a major flavor boost. You can use sea salt in place of shio koji, but I highly recommend looking it up.

    7. Cucumber Salad with Sesame Soy Vinaigrette

    A blue dish containing Spiralized Cucumber Salad.

    The mild flavor and cooling texture of cucumbers are fabulous in a nutty sesame vinaigrette. I used a spiralizer to create a fun texture for the salad, but you can just thinly slice the cucumbers for the recipe. A light and summery salad done in 15 minutes.

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