Daikon and Cucumber Salad with Shio Koji 大根ときゅうりの塩麹和え

  • For a light & refreshing healthy side dish, try this Daikon and Cucumber Salad with Shio Koji. A natural seasoning made with malted rice, salt & water, shio koji enhances the umami flavor of this simple salad. 

    Daikon and Cucumber Salad in a bowl.

    To continue with light and healthy recipe theme for the new year, I want to share this Daikon and Cucumber Salad recipe today.  This refreshing and crunchy salad is perfect for cleansing your palate between dishes. I also love making this salad during summer time as it beautifully complements many Japanese grilled dishes. Think yakitori or BBQ chicken wings!

    Again, the magic condiment I’ve used today is Shio Koji (塩麴), which brings out nice umami flavor of the dishes. An century old ingredient used in Japan to make soy sauce, sake and miso, Shio Koji is now a favorite seasoning for marinades, salad dressings and pickles.  When used in as a salad dressing, the end result is a crisp Daikon and Cucumber Salad with a nice balance of salty-vinegary sweet flavors.

    Daikon and Cucumber Salad in a bowl.

    To get the Daikon & Cucumber Salad with Shio Koji recipeclick here over at Hikari Miso’s website.

    Hikari Miso Shio Koji in a bottle.

    Note: If you cannot find shio koji, use 2 tsp. sea salt instead.

    Hikari Miso products are available in Japanese grocery stores and Amazon.

    Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hikari Miso.  To read more about my partnership with Hikari Miso, click click here.


    If you want to make Homemade Shio Koji, watch this short video below.  For the step-by-step recipe, click here. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you will try to experiment cooking with shio koji!

    Watch How to Make Shio Koji 塩麴・塩糀の作り方

    Recipes with Shio Koji:

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