Thinly Sliced Meats

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    Most of meat dishes in Japanese cooking require thinly sliced beef and pork.  The thickness of these meats are paper thin.  We may not use a big chunk of meat in our cooking but we do use good quality meat for these sliced meats.  Japanese supermarkets sell these paper-thin meat in packages.

    However if you don’t have an access to a Japanese supermarket, follow the directions on How To Slice Meat page.

    How To Slice Meat | Easy Japanes Recipes at

    Thinly Sliced Beef for Shabu Shabu:

    Shabu Shabu Meat
    At Japanese grocery store.

    Shabu Shabu Meat 2

    Thinly Sliced Beef for Sukiyaki:

    Sukiyaki Beef

    Thinly Sliced Pork for Shabu Shabu:

    Shabu Shabu Pork (sliced)

    Thinly Sliced Pork for Sukiyaki:

    Sliced Pork for Sukiyaki

    Thinly Sliced Pork Belly:

    Sliced Pork Belly

    Thinly Cut Pork or Beef Scraps (“Komagire”):

    Pork Komagire (Thinly Cut Pork Scraps)

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