Thinly Sliced Meats

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  • Sliced Beef and Pork for Shabu Shabu

    Besides the chicken, most of the meat dishes in Japanese cooking require thinly sliced beef and pork. The thickness of these meats is paper-thin. We may not use a big chunk of meat in our cooking but we do use good quality meat for these sliced meats.

    Thinly sliced well-marbled beef for shabu shabu.

    Where to Find Thinly Sliced Meats

    Japanese supermarkets sell this paper-thin meat in packages.

    Shabu Shabu Meat
    At the Japanese grocery store.

    Different Types of Thinly Sliced Meats

    1. Thinly Sliced Beef for Shabu Shabu

    Sliced Beef for Shabu Shabu

    2. Thinly Sliced Pork for Shabu Shabu

    Sliced Pork for Shabu Shabu

    3. Thinly Sliced Beef for Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki Beef

    4. Thinly Sliced Pork for Sukiyaki

    Sliced Pork for Sukiyaki

    5. Thinly Sliced Pork Belly

    Sliced Pork Belly

    6. Pork Komagire (Scraps) for Stir Fry

    Pork Komagire (Thinly Cut Pork Scraps)

    DIY – How to Slice Meat Thinly

    Thinly Sliced Meat

    If you don’t have access to a Japanese supermarket, follow my How To Slice Meat tutorial.

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