Tekka Don (Easy Tuna Bowl) 鉄火丼

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Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com
My husband has traveled out of town for a few days now and he won’t be back for another week. Days like this I prefer cooking meals that do not require tedious food preparation. After all this is my little break from cooking multi-dish dinners! The kids and I have been eating one plate/bowl meals like soups, pasta and Japanese rice bowls (donburi) such Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl).

Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com
Since the main ingredient of this dish is the tuna, I hope you can buy good quality sushi/sashimi-grade tuna from a Japanese grocery store. You can buy a block of tuna and slice into thin pieces yourself for this recipe (use a very sharp knife to cut sashimi). For today, I bought pre-cut tuna pieces called Maguro Butsugiri (chopped tuna). Usually this part of tuna doesn’t look pretty enough to be used as sushi or sashimi. However, it’s just as tasty and more economical.

Serve with Clam Miso Sup, Pickled Cucumbers and Pickled Daikon.

Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

The best part is that it’s not only easy to makes since there is no actual “cooking” involved, but it’s really delicious and quite filling. If you’re not a fan of tuna, try Salmon and Ikura Don.

If you are not a fan of raw fish then you can make other easy Rice Bowl dishes for quick dinner meals. So far on the blog, I have shared:

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Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

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Tekka Don (Tuna Bowl)
Prep time
Total time
Serves: Serves 1
  1. In a bowl marinade the tuna with the seasonings for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Place the tuna on top of steamed rice that has been cooled down for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Sprinkle chopped scallions, shredded nori seaweed, and roasted white sesame seeds. You can put julienned shiso leaves on top (optional). Serve immediately.
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  1. Gorgeous, mouthwatering photos, Nami! This is on our dinner menu for this week. We are crazy for raw tuna in our house so I know it’ll be a hit. I look forward to your daikon pickles.

  2. This looks gorgeous, and so delicious! I love tekkadon, and I just recently found a great new-ish place in Santa Barbara to buy sashimi-grade fish, too! (I just bought some salmon for making maki-zushi tonight.) I will definitely try this out after one of my next visits to the seafood shop. :)

  3. nancy

    Oishi Oishi
    ! So easy and so delicious. My six year old grandson loves maguro and thats what he wants when we go to dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant. My granddaughter who is three loves inari and tomago. I will attempt your tomago recipe. Good thing there are pictures for that recipe. Thank you so much for wonderful recipes.

    • Hi Nancy! My kids love sushi and sashimi too. :) Good luck with Tamagoyaki. It requires some practice. I’ve been making since high school but sometimes I fail if I don’t make it for a while. :) There are so many things to watch out for while cooking. Don’t give up if first attempt is not good. You will know what to improve next time. :) Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Nancy!

  4. I don’t mind raw fish as you know, but it’s hard around here for me to find really good or better said really fresh tuna. Your dish looks mouthwatering and so tempting with the beautiful color. Great photos too!

  5. I was just telling my sister last night that I LOVE tuna. I could eat raw tuna every day if it weren’t for the mercury factor. My favorite maki rolls always involve tuna too. I have no doubts that I would love this dish. I hope time without the hubby is going well. I know how exhausting that can be! :)

  6. Eha

    What a beautiful simple dish I believe I could eat every second day! Will file the recipe ’cause getting sashimi grade tuna 100 km into the Oz countryside is a wee bit of a dream :) ! But friends do come from the city and ask what they can bring: go the Sydney Fishmarket, I’ll say :d !

  7. Oh my, that bowl of easy tuna looking so inviting to me. I loves one bowl meal too because sometimes we tends to get lazy to cook up a storm. Good to have the hb away for a day or two so we can cook our favorites when our favorites is not the hb favorites.

  8. These look even better than those in restaurants! :) Nami, may I ask what those leaves arereally for..when I eat sashimi over rice in Japanese restaurants, they have that and I have not even tried to eat them…haha! :) Also, the soy sauce that will be used to marinate the tuna in, are they the sashimi soy sauce, or just soy sauce? :)

    • Hi Lorely! I know a lot of people don’t eat it when they see shiso leaf on sushi plate/bowl, etc, but that’s edible and has good nutrition too. Instead of eating it alone, try it with some food first. I like to roll shredded daikon with the leaf and eat it. Also about soy sauce, you can use sashimi soy sauce or regular soy sauce. :)

  9. Barbara Leckstein

    Absolutely gorgeous plating. How long does the tuna have to marinate? This recipe will be on the menu this week – we live by the ocean and fresh, fresh, fresh seafood is always available.

    • Hi Barbara! Thank you for noticing. I updated my recipe, but you just need to marinade 3-5 minutes. If you prefer to make it saltier maybe 30 mins at most? For my kids, I just mix it up and take it out. Hope this helps. I’m so jealous of your area which gets fresh seafood!!

  10. Oh my goodness…I am instantly craving this! Tuna bowls are one of my favorite things…I used to work right next door to this place that made delicious ones. Might be time to hike back across town tomorrow and go get another. Or even better…try this recipe and make my own!

  11. Most mother’s would buy pizza when their hubby is out of town.. but you make this beautiful dish and still say it’s an meal. I love how beautiful the tuna steak looks. I am sure you are enjoying your little “break”.

  12. Look at those colors! Could you come make this for us?? Thank you for sharing with us. I hope you have a great start to your week. Stay healthy, happy, and warm!

  13. If my fish shop wasn’t far, I would go out straight away to buy some tuna! That is if I got such nice-looking piece… (They have been selling recently really disgusting looking brownish, although fresh, tuna). Tuna is my absolute favourite as raw fish and I usually prefer it raw than grilled. I also often prepare something on rice when I want to make a quick meal, but this idea is extraordinary! Oh, and there is also shiso! Definitely my kind of dish. I could have shiso in every single meal of the day.

    • I use a sashi knife from Japan when I cut raw fish. We have J.A. Henckels knives, but no matter what kind of knifes you use (sure we can buy very expensive one for great quality), I think most important thing to do is to sharpen. It makes SO MUCH difference when you sharpen your knife so I highly recommend you to get a knife sharpener too. Hope this helps!

  14. This is a beautiful dish! I love donburi and had no idea you had posted so many. I will have to go take a look. I have to admit, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to raw fish but my boys and my husband love it. They would go crazy for this!

    • I wonder why women do this? I do the same thing. If my husband is away, it’s really simple cooking for me. I love to cook and when he’s gone I could cook anything – especially things he doesn’t enjoy but I don’t. I must investigate this. :)

      Your one bowl delight is beautiful!

  15. I love raw fish, tuna especially! One of the items we order at the sushi bar is a spicy tuna salad. It has large chunks of raw tuna like you’re showing here. What a great little rice bowl and I love the simple sauce. O.K. – now I definitely need to find me some sushi grade tuna! So good!

  16. Linda | The Urban Mrs

    Gulp – those must be big fat tuna. Love it! We sometimes have buffet so we can enjoy tuna and salmon sashimi. But now that you share the recipe here, I think we can limit our visits for sashimi buffet. :)

    • Hi Rena! Japanese soy sauce doesn’t have light or dark kind. We have Usukuchi soy sauce which is a weak flavor and light color one, but the consistency is about the same. You can use regular soy sauce (Koikuchi soy sauce) for this. Hope this helps! :)

  17. What a lovely little dish! This looks gorgeous! I am OK with eating raw tuna in a restaurant, but I am not as confident of it at home. But I would love to try this one. Now all I need are the rest of the ingredients.

    I haven’t been able to locate a Japanese store closer to my home…nearest that I’ve found is about 35 miles. I am planning to visit that one soon.

  18. This is something I could eat every day. I adore the taste and texture of raw tuna and Salmon, and they taste so healthy too. Sashimi grade fish is never economical in our parts, so this would definitely be a special occasion meal or coarse.

  19. I would love your tuna tekkadon right now Nami. Usually I don’t like fresh tuna meat, I have to confess I am used to the canned stuff, but I like the tuna marination and salad all together. I think so I ll tell my husband to get some fresh tuna next time.

  20. My husband does not go out often but when ever he does I do the same.
    This tuna bowl sounds delicious and simple. I have tried cured salmon in sushi but I don’t know what you mean by raw here?

  21. Your pictures are so beautiful that even though I am not a fan of seafood, I would try this in a heartbeat. The tuna looks so fresh and vibrant. Gorgeous! Why is that when our men go away we choose not to cook? I mean we write about food and obviously enjoy cooking…it’s strange isn’t it?

    Nazneen xx

  22. Nami…I saw this float by me on Google and just had to come by for a closer look! What a simple and satisfying dish….and such a beautiful presentation! You think this is a quick and easy meal….but to me….it looks like such a special treat! : )

  23. Ha, when my hb is out of town I am also more “relaxed’ as I find it easy to cook for myself. The only “danger” is I get so lazy that I tend to cook a lot of one-pot (eat for days) meals or one-dish or sandwiches. See, so predictable! ;p

  24. You know Nami, this dish reminds me of those Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong where we had scrumptious seafood almost every weekend (we LOVE Japanese food). This tuna dish looks so inviting! Loved the pictures. I love eating tuna, but we only get canned tuna here in India. :(
    Wonderful post! I agree with you, whenever my hubby is on a trip, I do the same. Simple one-pot meal and relaxing a bit.

  25. Nami, your Easy Tuna Bowl sounds just perfect for the days when food preparation needs to be streamlined somewhat – a perfect luch or dinner, healthy, fantastic looking and with ingredients that are rather easy to find in Asian stores and groceries stores! A wonderful recipe that is sure to make life a bit easier and taste delicious at the same time!

  26. Your dish looks really good but I still can’t put myself to eat raw fish……hmmm. The closest texture that I can get to is smoked salmon. Just how much I miss out! When I see people eat fresh oysters, my gosh….my whole tummy groans….haha.

  27. Dear Nami,

    This dish looks wonderful but these days we seem to be eating more salmon and other types of fish. Tuna has become pretty expensive and sashimi grade tuna at the Sydney Fish Market can cost up to A$65 per kilo while salmon is relatively a lot cheaper.

  28. When my hubby travelling for business, i also like to prepare easy and simple meal. The other day, i just pretend like Japanese, cook Tonkatsu, miso soup and cabbage salad while my hubby is away (he doesn’t like deep fry meat so much) , my children were enjoying so much, hehehe..
    Again it is quite hard to get this kind of fresh tuna here, let me just drool over your tuna bowl here..

  29. Serena

    I made this recipe for dinner with fresh scottish salmon. The seasoning is simply perfect, it gently ehances the taste of fish. It’s so easy to prepare but the result is “luxurious”. Thank’s Nami!

    • Hi Serena! Glad to hear you liked the recipe! Yes it’s true, very easy to make the meal and it’s a nice meal! :) Thank you for your feedback!

  30. That is one beautiful photo, and definitely creates a craving for tuna! I think one of my favourite parts of Japanese cooking is the light and colour that is created in their dishes. You master it so well!

  31. Love the color in this dish! The first time I tried sashimi in college years ago I was put off by the raw texture of the fish. But now when I eat sushi with tuna I love it! I would love to try this dish.

  32. Another dish my hubby would go crazy for, he loves raw tuna:-) This looks really easy, delicious, and perfect with my crazy schedule! Hugs, Terra

  33. This dish really makes me want to go back to Japan although I have just come back lol! 日本と言わず、こちらでやればいいのですね!インスピレーションありがとう。

  34. Danielle Krammel

    I just made this for dinner – it was soooo delicious! I am thankful I live in Japan and can get fresh, melt-in-your mouth tuna anytime!!

    • Hi Danielle! Oh you are so lucky! You have no problem getting ingredients. :) I’m glad you enjoyed it. This is one of the easiest meal at home! Thank you so much for your feedback. :)

  35. Vivi

    Hi Nami,
    I made this today and it was simply fantastic for entertaining during a summer lunch! This is definitely going to be a staple for the rest of summer/year!!

    Thank you!!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Vivi! When it’s hot day and too lazy to cook or eat, this is a really nice dish. :) Thanks for trying this recipe!

    • Hi Glenise! Do you serve it on the side? Or on top? We don’t really serve raw fish/sashimi on top of soba noodles, but small plate of sashimi is often served as an appetizer before the main dish (soba). :)

      Hope this helps!