Dashi Packet

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    Dashi Packet (だしパック) is very convenient when you want to make dashi quickly for your miso soup or any other dishes that require dashi.

    Best Dashi Packet

    Finally, Kayanoya Dashi (pic above) is here in the U.S.!  I think this dashi brand has the best flavors among all the dashi packet I’ve tried. Kayanoya carries different types of dashi, which includes vegetarian and light sodium options. One pouch of Kayanoya comes with 30 packets, which can last for a long time for your soup making. You can purchase it on Amazon or from your local Japanese grocery stores (I get mine from Nijiya).

    To make dashi with the dashi packet, it is as simple as using the powder directly in the water or by throwing a bag of the packet into a pot of water to quickly infuse the flavor.

    You can buy the following dashi packet as well.

    Dashi Packet | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

    Here is the video where I’ll show you how to make dashi using 3 different methods: dashi packet, dashi powder and homemade from scratch.

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