Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) 手巻き寿司

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Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll Sushi) | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Being a Japanese person living abroad, I often get asked “Do you make sushi at home?”

For the Japanese, when we hear “sushi”, we first think of the most traditional form of sushi called Nigiri.  To make great Nigiri sushi, it takes a sushi chef years and years of practice.  However, I do make an easy form of sushi at home and that’s Teamki Sushi (hand roll).

Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) | JustOneCookbook.com

Speaking of sushi chefs, there was a documentary released in 2011 called Jiro Dreams of Sushi (available for streaming on Netflix).  Jiro has been making nigiri sushi for 50+ years and is considered by many to be the best sushi chef in the world.  The documentary tells the story of Jiro’s quest to perfect the art of making sushi, as well as his relationship with his sons whom have followed his footstep.  I really enjoyed the movie and recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

Temaki Sushi is sometimes called a “hand roll” because it’s made of a rolled cone of seaweed, wrapped around rice and fillings.  The best part (for me as a cook) is that this is a meal where everyone helps themselves.  You just need to prepare sushi rice, nori (seaweed sheet) and fillings such as sashimi-grade fish, and serve.  At the table, each person makes own hand roll sushi based on their preference.

What makes “sushi rice” different from regular Japanese rice?  “Sushi Rice” is steamed rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt, and we only make this rice when we make sushi, and the rest of time we eat regular steamed rice. See How To Make Sushi Rice.

If you are vegetarian or do not eat raw fish, you can still make Temaki Sushi with vegetables of your choice or use cooked ingredients such as Shrimp Tempura, grilled unagi, or even Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Kaarage!  It’s fun to make your own fillings and you can be creative!

Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll) | JustOneCookbook.com

Clockwise from salmon: salmon, hamachi (yellowtail), shredded daikon, radish sprouts, amaebi (sweet shrimp), cucumber, takuan (pickled daikon), tobiko, kanpachi (amberjack), toro (fatty tuna), shredded daikon, radish sprouts, hotate (scallops,) uni (sea urchin), tai (red snapper), and ikura (salmon roe) in the middle.

Don’t have an access to sashimi-grade raw fish?  No problem, buy all natural premium sashimi from Fish for Sushi (US Only)!

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Temaki Sushi (Hand Roll)
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2 Temaki Sushi
  • ½ cup cooked sushi rice (vinegared rice for making sushi) [See How To Make Sushi Rice]
  • 1 sheet of nori (seaweed sheet)
  • ½ cup fillings
For Fillings:
  • Sashimi grade fish of your choice (salmon, tuna, salmon roe, spicy tuna etc)
  • Cucumber
  • Shiso leaves (perilla)
  • Radish sprouts
  • Takuan (Japanese pickled daikon radish), avocado, carrot, sesame seeds and more!
  1. If your raw fish comes as a block, slice the raw fish into long sticks. Or you can ask a fish monger at a Japanese grocery store to cut the raw fish for Temaki Sushi. They will cut fish into long sticks, instead of sashimi-style cut.
  2. Cut nori in half.
  3. Before you start, make sure your hands are dry in order to keep nori dry and crispy. Place the seaweed on the palm of your hand (shiny side down) and put a thin layer of rice on left third of nori.
  4. Place fillings (shiso leaf, cucumber, raw fish and daikon radish sprouts) vertically across middle of middle of the rice.
  5. Fold the bottom left corner of nori over and begin folding into cone shape.
  6. Keep rolling until cone is formed. Put a piece of rice at the bottom right corner to use as glue and close tightly. Continue with the other half of the nori.
  7. Serve with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce as condiments.
Cook Time/Prep Time does not include the time to prepare sushi rice.

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  1. Oh I love how simple it is Nami!
    This is a platter with a great appearance, great for sushi eating company that;s for sure.
    I will try to find the documentary, sushi is really exciting!
    Hugs and Kisses my friend :)

  2. I and the rest of your friends are so lucky to have you as a friend. Why? We can always ask you about Japanese cooking and sushi making. I know for me, all I have to do is send you an email and you always kind and always responsive. Thank you for the link on Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I will definitely check it out. :)

  3. As soon as the system lets me see your pictures, I’ll ooh and ahh over them appropriately. I love temaki sushi as well. No rolling involved and you can make every hand roll fresh to your personal taste. I wish I had the 3 or 5 roll stand to serve/display mine.

  4. Wow Nami your tutorial is perfect. This is one of my most popular classes to teach and you’re pictures show it so well. I need to learn to add photos that are side by side on my blog. I can’t figure it out. Maybe I need to set it up like a collage.

    Nice posts.

    • Hi Vicki! Thank you so much for the kind words. I have been making this since I was small, BUT it’s sometimes hard to know what others want to know about preparing sushi (something that I may not even notice as it’s normal to me).

      For the photo side by side – I use Word to write a recipe. I resize the step-by-step pictures to 350 pix and paste into Word. Then For side-by-side step, I make it even more smaller to fit two (or three) pictures then use screen shot and copy. Then paste it to Paint and crop the picture, then save. Hope that helps. Maybe there are other easy ways to do it, but I’ve been doing this method for a long time….(and no time to learn new skill haha). :)

      • The pictures finally showed up and are truly amazing. This is why I don’t have a blog, only post to LJ. Because of the time and effort you put into making posts like this one again and again. :)

        I wish I could get half of the ingredients you have … salmon, tobiko or masago and shrimp are about it for me.

      • Thanks for that info. I just found it in my junk mail. However I understand how you’ve done this and have used all the programs you mention except paint, but I know we have that. Thanks for sharing. Next month my site will move over to a WordPress site so it may be easier to copy and paste my posts from word to WordPress. It might be possible to do the photos as well on PicMonkey. I will check both out. Thanks for the info.

  5. Oh, Nami, you’re killing me with these sushi photos 😉
    I went to Jiro’s restaurant while I’m in Japan. Not to eat (I wish). I just passed and luckily saw Jiro-san at the door. I didn’t asked him for a picture, but I took him one later, while he was seated inside. What I really wanted to do was to ask him for a hug. I love the documentary.
    It was so hard to leave Japan. As always. But here we are again, enjoin your recipes and going for the giveaway 😉

    • You did! 😀 I have friends who have been to the restaurant. I’d love to try the restaurant one day just to see and taste excellent sushi! Thank you so much for your kind words, Vero! xo

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos that just made me so hungry! Temaki sushi parties are the best! To get enough really good ingredients for temaki near Santa Barbara, I think I would need to drive to a larger Japanese supermarket in LA. Yet another moment when I wish we were neighbors… :)

    Oh and I loved the film Jiro Dreams of Sushi! I knew I would like it because it was a food film about sushi, but what surprised me was how much it was about family– father and sons– and the story of Jiro himself and his amazing lifelong dedication and commitment to his work. I wasn’t expecting it, but it was really inspiring about career choices/motivations and integrity.

  7. If someone were to ask me which type of food I would eat if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, I think I would answer with sushi. My favorite types are made with raw fish but I enjoy the cooked and all veggie versions as well.

    I love your hand rolls. They look perfect! I made sushi at home one time and while it was fun, it was a lot of work. Your recipe looks pretty easy to put together. I’ve pinned it so I can find it easily.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  8. Your hand rolls look gorgeous! Great tutorial! My husband and I watched the Jiro documentary a few months ago and loved it. I was really captivated by the way they cooked the eggs for the egg sushi – amazing!

  9. Eha

    Have never been to a ‘handroll party’ but oh what fun! Not a cheap platter to prepare, but so colourful and appetizing! With the result of individual ‘bunches’ of colourful food like flowers only limited by one’s imagination! Oh, well, can’t win the prize but can bookmark the idea for the next warm weather Down Under: think my friends would love this :) !

  10. I’ve heard of the movie about Jiro but haven’t seen it. I really must – it sounds excellent! And speaking of excellent, so is this post! I’ve never made anything resembling sushi, and really should give it a try someday. Love that top photo!

  11. Exquisite post Nami!
    Only the way how you arranged the Sushi ingredients is already a feast for the eyes.
    Very interesting information about the documentary about the Sushi Master, thanks for sharing :)

  12. Jayne

    Yeah, I have to agree this is easier to make than the regular sushi. Love that platter of sashimi! I’ve never had sea urchin though I’ve been very intrigued. Must try the next time I’m at the sushi place.

  13. I absolutely adore sushi and have made it a couple of times in the past too although I have never really been able to take to the size of hand rolls – I prefer the smaller pieces of sushi. Maybe I am just to clumsy to eat the hand rolls.
    Have a lobely weekend Nami.
    :-) Mandy xo

  14. Nami-san, Great step by step photos. I think my favourite tamaki rolls are with tuna and lots of vegetables. You know this is a great idea for a party. All the host needs to do is get all the supplies ready and everyone can make their own. Have a super weekend. Ja Mata. BAM

  15. Oh nice I have never seen a sushi made this way (that should take some pressure from me). I am not an expert in this field (way not!) but as you know nami I love sushi and I have most of the ingredients here. time for a new sushi session in goa. ^.^

    PS: I had heard about the movie a couple of months back, but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me!

  16. Yum Nami! This looks so deliciously fresh! Would love to win that sushi party set, but I’m in Australia! :(
    Going to check that documentary out now! x

    gemma @ andgeesaid.blogspot.com.au

  17. Hey Nami – this is a real temaki party here! So colorful and yummy looking. You got me all excited about throwing a sushi party at home. The documentary sounds like a perfect one to watch too after enjoying the sushi. What a fantastic idea!

  18. These are gorgeous!! You had so many fun stuff to add to it!! Great idea… This would be great for a small dinner party of 4 or 6 people.. Everyone makes their own handrolls!!

  19. Teresa

    I’m so happy I found you on Pinterest and now here! I’m a Mexican women married to a Japanese man! I love to cook and I grew up eating Japanese food but until now really never knew how to cook anything Japanese except rice!
    Thank you so much!

    Teresa Ramirez-Higashi

    • Hi Teresa! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind message. :) I’m so happy that you found my site, and welcome!

      Hope your Japanese husband will enjoy some home cooked Japanese dishes. If you can find condiments and some basic ingredients, it should be pretty simple and authentic. :) Enjoy!

  20. Hi Nami! Such a beautiful platter of sushi-truly special-a work of art!
    Love the cone shapes..all the better to eat the wonderful fresh fillings;-)

  21. Everything looks beautiful as usual, but that platter with everything on it is stunning! I’m still intimidated, so I’ll leave sushi-making to the experts — you and restaurants. :)

  22. Nami, of course, your Sushi Hand Rolls look unbelievably pretty and photogenic and of course I would do just about anything to have a taste or two but I am also totally thrilled by your picture of the assorted fresh ingredients that you assembled to make your sushi! Now all I want is temaki sushi hand rolls but unfortunately I do not think that I will be getting any as there is one more birthday party today and there is no sushi on the menue!
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Wish I could enter to win the sushi party pack. It’s got the works! Your temaki platter looks spectacular. I always thought you put rice in the centre of the seaweed, but your method looks more like it!
    I watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi too! :)

  24. Ohhh, Nami, now I’m quite hungry! Your photos are just stunning and sushi is our family’s favorite! Making hand rolls at home sounds so appealing.

  25. Nami, I am thrilled to learn you know Jiro Dreams About Sushi. I have been totally hypnotised during the whole film… I wish I could afford his restaurant one day… I wish I would be able to appreciate his efforts (now I think it would be a waste of money). I must go more often to Japan and learn to appreciate good sushi because even the cheapest nigiri I had in Tokyo was the best I have ever had in my life, so I have a long path in front of me before being able to appreciate Jiro’s art (and then start saving money to go there 😉 .
    Your temaki look fabulous. I want to grab one (or two) and devour it right now (and it’s midnigt here!). My other Japanese blogging friend keeps on talking about temaki sushi and I don’t know why I torture myself with maki sushi which are delicious but clumsy and difficult to prepare… I must make one day a temaki sushi self-service party for my Japanese cuisine loving friends 😉

  26. These are just gorgeous! Although I LOVE sushi, I’ve never considered making sushi with raw fish at home. I guess I’m weary about the claims of “sushi-grade.” Do you have any advice on what to look for when buying fish for sushi? These are just visually stunning Nami!

  27. I remember one of the first posts I saw of yours was one of your sushi cut rolls. I knew right then that I would be following you for a long time. Now you give us an equally as beautiful hand roll. Gorgeous and what fresh ingredients with a variety of textures – just as it should be. You’re amazing Nami!

  28. I am salivating already! We usually reserve sushi night for later in the week, but you have me wanting it today. :) Beautiful rolls Nami!

  29. Hi Nami, I tried making temaki once or twice… I can’t quite get the “cone” shape rolled very well. It always ends up being a bit of a mess, lol. They’re really fun to eat though, but I don’t have them often – they’re insanely expensive compared to “regular” maki here. You can get maybe 6 pieces of maki for about €5 here, with shrimp or whatever. They charge the same price for just ONE temaki, and it’s only about the size of two maki… so crazy!

  30. it’s been a really long since I had sushi. Never tried making it at home, very intimated but you do it so neatly and make it look so easy. :)

  31. Nami, this is such a neat way to enjoy sushi without the precision of years (and years and years!) of practice and dedication to the art. Thank you. (And thanks for the giveaway opportunity, too!)

    • P.S. Please relay my congratulations to Uoriki Fresh for attaining SQF 2000 Level 3 — as someone who used to work in the food industry, I understand how stringent and ardent that process can be.

      • Kim, thank you so much for your kind words! I’m happy to introduce this company to anyone who’s interested in sushi/sashimi grade fish as I believe their products is top quality and excellent! :) Thank you again!!

  32. Oh these look wonderful. I love experimenting with all sorts of cooking… European (my background), Asian… this is def something I am looking forward to :)

  33. These look wonderful Nami as nice as the ones we can get here at the sushi stores!!! :) Funny enough I ask my Japanese friends all the time if they make sushi at home and they also roll their eyes at me because it is considered a type of art and it’s quite hard to perfect ~ even though I think their sushi is amazing!

    I’d love to make these if it was easier to get these ingredients :)

  34. Wow, this is great Nami, Uoriki Fresh, I must look for it at the market…do this come frozen? This is something that I see myself buying and have it all the time, especially during summer…
    Looks beautiful your temaki sushi…they are my favorite ones.
    Thanks for all the information on your post and have a lovely week :)

  35. Cristina

    Nami – these hand rolled sushi are works of art. So beautiful and can’t imagine how tasty they are too. Have you considered having a workshop or making technique videos? A great giveaway you’re having!! 😉

  36. I must enter! I love my sushi and I find it is so hard and I always get anxious about whether or not the sushi grade fish I buy is really that fresh! I love this giveaway- you are just amazing my friend. Continue to inspire!

  37. This is a very easy way to prepare something as close to sushi as it can. I love sushi and recently so did my son. This way of wrapping them reminds me of Greek souvlaki haha. This is how we wrap the meat and everything that complements it!

  38. I just love this Nami…
    isnt it funny how much we get scared when we see those master chefs putting their best skills making sushi and then whatever we make at home looks like a big disaster.. But now I am sure there would be many many people who would not run to expensive sushi places when they would want to to enjoy beautiful and delicious sushi…
    I have to try this..
    B/w love ur morning routine.. god we are like same persons in different part of ca..LOl 😉

  39. I have that movie on dvd but have yet to watch it. Love the idea of everyone doing there own roll with a plate of ingredients to choose from. It is my least favorite ‘sushi’ though, a lot of nigiri for my taste. But could use alternatives :-)

  40. Ohh! I think hand rolls are so pretty. I never learned how to make sushi rice. When I was younger, I thought it was the same as regular rice! XD

  41. I adore sushi hand rolls and make them quite often at home too. But usually my fish were not cut as neatly as yours. 😛 I guess it has to do with the shape of the fillet that I got from the market.

  42. Kelly julie

    I am glad that I have found your blog. I am big fan of sushi. You have shared nice and easy sushi recipe. I loved it, must try it at home.

    • Thank you Nolwenn! I wish I can ship to everywhere, but it has to be delivered within 2 days, and shipping with dry ice can be quite costly. It’s too bad. :( Next time, reduce the amount of rice. It’ll be easier to roll AND you can eat more kinds of rolls without getting too full. :)